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temporary accountability partner/sponsor "light"

Ummm... I'm looking for an accountability partner or sponsor... well, maybe... and maybe just temporarily... and maybe the "light" version... or something... uh...

Ok, more clearly:
I've thought about looking for an accountability partner or a sponsor. But I'm not at all sure

  • if it will really help me and/or my accountability partner,
  • if contacting him/her regularly won't turn into yet another time-consuming task I'm unable to keep up with,
  • if, in case I'll find an accountability partner, it won't turn into something where I'm taking more than I'm giving, and where I'm not giving that person the attention, thought and feedback he/she deserves,
  • how often to contact each other, and if it should be at a scheduled time, and what to do if I just can't keep the scheduled time,
  • how to handle it technically (PA chat? email? maybe just posting regular comments to each other in a "special projects" thread or in the daily checkin threads? I haven't yet installed skype or anything, and I don't have a facebook account or similar yet),
  • if I can/need to find someone in my time zone (it wouldn't be necessary if contact is by email/posts, or if we have time simultaneously despite it being evening here and morning there),
  • etc.pp...

I think it might even be enough for me if I kept (or, rather, restarted) doing the daily PA check-ins, knowing that my accountability partner/sponsor will read them regularly (and possibly comment if it looks like I'm slacking).

With all those uncertainties, I'd like to maybe just try it for a week... and if that works well, maybe for a month. So, if it doesn't work well for one of us, both of us can just quit after a week (or any time later) without feeling like we're letting our accountability partner down.

So, if you have thought about getting an accountability partner/sponsee but had similar thoughts and doubts and questions, and you might like to try it BUT only for a test period, at first, and in a way that's not too time-consuming (maybe just reading each other's check-ins and posts, and giving each other feedback in chat once a week, or something) - this might be worth a try?

About me and my problems:

  • I'm currently in job training (though I'm not that young anymore) - mostly working, but interspersed with two-week blocks of school where I'm usually hectically pulling all-nighters to keep up with school projects and exams,
  • I'm living in a totally messy flat, trying hard to change it but with no, or extremely slow, progress,
  • I'm trying to do something useful practically all of the time, but somehow, it's never even remotely enough, and everything takes very long,
  • I'm overweight and should be working out more (actually, I'd love to, but don't find the time),
  • My filing and paperwork is a horrible mess, too.

You can read more about it here and find all my postings here.

I live in Germany. I get up very early (04:30 to 05:00), have time to contact people in the evening, and go to bed early (21:30 - 22:30 - ok, that's when I should go, often it gets later).
Feel free to ask about any other information you'd like to know first!

I'm looking forward to anyone wanting to try! Smile


I found someone willing to be my accountability partner. Smile