Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Seeking Sponsor and/or Accountability Partner!

Hello!! To get to the point, I am hopeless and have been trying to beat or at least substantially alleviate my procrastination for years and have progressively gotten worse. Sometimes it seems that defeating depression was easier than this (was depressed for a few years, defeated roughly 1-2 years ago), but I have a feeling that that just shows how disconnected I am from my former self... :-l I am becoming sicker more often and am missing more days of school this semester than I have in any other. I have spotted many of my quirks and what triggers me, yet I walk straight into every trap and have gotten to the point where I have — for a while now — been doing every action to either avoid projects or actually do them it seems. Eating and drinking, taking care of myself hygenically, anything but doing my work seems to be an open opportunity to evade my commitments and responsibilities in that I have no self-control and will often eat or drink to avoid rather than to satisfy any hunger or thirst.

I feel like those who I often turn to are getting sick of my constant complaints and seemingly no action, though I attempt everyday to overcome my procrastination — the whole constant defeat and no success thing ain't really helpin' my case!!!

I just don't have anywhere to turn these days and would really enjoy some kind of sponsor and also to be someone else's sponsor.

Well, hope you all are doing well, both emotionally and in terms of self-improvement!

• I have AIM, iMessage, Google+ Chat, e-mail, Skype, and probably many others I'm forgetting and can be contacted through any and all of them.

• I am in the Pacific Standard time zone.

- oroseira 

Hello oroseira, Im also

Hello oroseira,

Im also in Pacific Standard time, and I'm entering a really critical time in my school/career path (that is, the final month before I have officially REALLY fucked up and dont have anything to show for my upcoming post-graduation job search...).

I too have had very little success in controlling my procrastination, and it's completely ruining my life. I can completely identify with falling for different traps over and over again with no escape. I've been depressed in the past (about five years ago) as well.

I'm happy to use AIM, MSN or Skype: email is good too if neccessary. I like the idea of co-sponsoring each other and figuring out what works best to get us out of this rut.


Let me know if this sounds good,