Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Looking For Bookending Buddies To Check-In Or Co-Work With

I was looking through past posts & saw one that really spoke to me so I paraphrased & co-opted the title of it. A couple nights ago I had 3 wake up calls in two nights. Also, 4 in the last week. Then I got to really thinking about it & there have been 10 in the past seven months. Nothing earthshaking, but still significant. I will tell you about the last three.

#1) My washing machine starting leaking. I don't know where, I think it is just old. Of course, I'd neglected to do the washing in quite some time & the laundry needed doing ASAP.
#2) I discovered that my driver's license - which I had renewed three months late mind you, was temporary, issued for only a month & was also seven months expired (now eleven months total).
#3) My tooth, which intermittently had bothered me, hurt so bad I could barely carry on a conversation. I remember times where I would rub aspirin into my chipped crown, curl up into the fetal position while running a fever, and wonder if I would have to resort to "home dentistry".

Now, I know that all of these things even taken together are not on a level with say Hurricane Sandy, a cancer diagnosis, or being evicted. However, they are (along with many, many other things) starting to snowball on me. I would very much like to, actually, I desperately NEED to start taking care of these issues as they are making life much more difficult, expensive, & complicated (not to mention literally painful) by the day. Even if I can't fix them at least I would be in a better position to deal with them.

I said all that to say I think God is trying to wake me up. Certainly, waking up has got to be better than all these wake up calls, right? The only question is, which pill do I take - the red one or the blue one? I forgot which was which.

Anyway, I'm currently unemployed (partly due & not due to procrastination) so my schedule is pretty much wide open. Also, I'm flexible with frequency & manner of check-ins. FYI - I prefer more often & phone calls, but that is not absolutely necessary. I'm fairly new here so I'm still trying out all the tips, tools, & techniques. I would love to give accountability partnerships a try.

If not now, when?

I Need To Take This Down

I've recently suffered a terrible loss and don't think I would make a good accountability partner right now or ever, I don't know. I'm not procrastinating on taking this down. I guess I wanted a reminder that I did the best I could. I saw the warning signs that my procrastination needed to be addressed by more drastic measures than I had been employing up until then. I was taking seriously the many wake-up calls I'd been receiving & was taking steps toward more meaningful actions in taking care of the myriad problems that were piling up on me.

None of that really matters anymore to me. It seems like it was all for nothing. Maybe a better day will come. I don't know anymore. 



I hope you are doing ok.  If you ever want to do the accountability thing, let me know.

- SL 

Hey Spazz :)

I just replied to your email. Let me know if you didn't recieve it and I'll resend it. 

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Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson