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Looking for a accountability partner...preferably UK with the time differences and all

Hello all,

I am new member here and have posted an introduction about myself and the issues that I have in the introductions section of the forum.

I am looking for an accountability partner...someone to check in with..someone to share issues with and generally feel like I am not facing this alone.

More information about me is in the introduction section but I am doing a phd part-time and then occassionally work.

 I have found in the past when I have studied or done big projects just knowing that there is someone else out there getting on with their work and life has made it easier for me to start and progress with my work.


What I would like to achieve....

 i) get into a habit of studing each day..not being frightened of it / bitter that I should have started earlier. Believing that it is better to do something now and forget the past

ii)Get a parttime job and not make the excuse that I won't get one or that I won't be able to study too. I make the excuse that it will all be too much for me. It won't I haven't done any studying in 3 weeks now, in fact I haven't done anything...I need to stop beating myself up about that and stop saying look you could have worked for those three weeks and studied now etc

Pref someone in the UK because of time differences but happy to chat with people from anywhere if you feel that you can get something out of chatting with me and me you

Happy to etc

 Many thanks 



Maybe we could work together

Hi macphd,

I'm also new and looking for an accountability partner. I'm in Europe, so just one hour time difference. Our issues are very similar. I work from home and have plenty of time to procrastinate. I also want to look for a part-time job but keep avoiding it.

Let me know if you're interested...


Macphd - Accountability Partner

Hi Mac,

I can relate to the study issue as I'm working full-time and signed up for the State Bar, which occurs in February. I'm having similar, if not identical issues.  I'm available for email and texts.  However, I'm in California. Although, I seem to be keeping all hours at this point.  If you're interested, let me know. My email is  



@ Chattydo

I sent you an email Chattydo. Maybe we can form a buddy-club?