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Accountability Partner using MS Outlook Tasks.

Hi, I am looking for an accountability partner  through MS Outlook

We would send each other our Daily Task List and then send a completed report, therby maintaining accountablity for our Tasks.

I am on EST and my day is usually from 4 am to 8 pm but open to any TimeZones as am looking more for maintaining accountablity rather than live support.

Please feel free to post here or send me a message if you are interested.

Accountability partner

My sympatico account now works with Outlook; however, I'm relatively new to this version of Outlook.

I am willing to be your accountability partner, if you're stil looking. 

I live in Toronto (I see you live in Ottawa) and work part-time outside my home (15 to 20 hours a week) and also am trying to build a business from home and look for more permanent work.

Unlike you, I'm not a morning person. I can't post when I'm at work and I don't have a mobile device or laptop that would allow me to post when I'm not at home. Occasionally, I go to the library to use the Internet when I have a few hours to kill between work and my Tuesday and Thursday evening classes.

My hours would be more like 9 am to midnight. I could post my task list for what I've done for the day and what I plan to do the next day before I tunr off the computer for the night.

Would you like to be my accountability partner?





Hi InnerTruth,

I am still looking and am really glad that you responded.

Timings are not quite important as what is required is accountability for tasks done for the day, rather than exact timings. Given that you will send me your report for the day at midnight, I will go through them the next day.

I am currently on OUtlook 2007 and versions of Outlook dont really matter as most versions are compatiable . How about you?

I am sending you a private message with my email address so that you can reply and we can start .

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Hi - I'd be happy to do

Hi -

I'd be happy to do this with you but I am much more of a phone person.

The Outlook/e-mail structure you suggest just wouldn't work for me.

If you could see yourself doing something like this with a phone check-in, feel free to let me know!

However, I know this is not what you asked for. So, if my counter-proposal doesn't work for you, no worries, and my apologies for the distraction! :)



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hi MC

Thanks for the offer but it would be tough for me to do it over the phone, but messaging over blackberry Messanger is something that I could consider.