Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Helpful Web Sites and Videos

This section is for posting links to helpful Web sites and videos about overcoming procrastination (third-party reviews, not self-promotion).

Procrastinators Anonymous is on Facebook now

I just created a page for Procrastinators Anonymous on Facebook. There's nothing on there yet - I only created it about 5 minutes ago. But you can go over there and "Like" it if you want, and write on the wall. Here's the link:

Find the Solution by Identifying the Problem

Has the dictum "Just do it!" ever worked with a procrastinator? Maybe once in while, but rarely. If we could "just do it", we wouldn't be procrastinators! Coach Bonnie Mincu says that there are reasons we don't just do it, mysterious though they seem. Her new method, called "Procrastination Transformation", is based on the idea that the key to moving forward is identifying what is holding you back. That's a simple idea, but she implements it in a systematic way that can yield useful solutions. Here's how it works.

Speed Trace technique

Speed Trace is a technique for eliminating negative feelings due to experiences in early childhood. The Web page looks hokey and the technique sounds impossible, but I tried it on feeling of resistance towards working, and it's weirdly effective.


Does anybody know of a good, preferably free, site?


I am not looking for a motivator - this site is great for that.  Rather, I would like to record my actions and see how I spend my time @ the end of a day, week month etc


Any help is greatly appreciated!!

P.A. Step Guide

I have uploaded a guide to working the steps in PA. You can find it here (also linked in the top left menu):

This guide (and discussion about the guide) is also in the PA Slack group, which has pretty much replaced the PA chatbox at this point as a co-working tool. Message me if you don't have access.


Slack and WhatsApp groups for PA

There is a chatbox for parallel working on the Procrastinators-Anonymous Web site (has been for years).

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AutoFocus Time Management System

Hello Friends,

Some of you have asked me about the Auto Focus System I'm currently using. Here is a link to the information:

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Potential Central (Hosts a Weekend Meeting)

The official Discord server of /r/GetDisciplined. Their meeting is a weekly accountability voice-chat on the Potential Central server. It's every Saturday at 14:00 UTC

It's not associated with Procrastinators Anonymous.

Dopamine Detox

At a recent Wednesday Zoom meeting, the topic of Dopamine Detox came up. It's a technique for retraining your brain so you can focus on what you should be doing. One person at the meeting had a YouTube playlist he wanted to share. I'll post that here.

I know of another video about this topic. That's here:

Havi Brooks: non-violently working through stuckness

Hi, All,

I just want to mention the work of Havi Brooks, who explores self-nourishing ways that we can teach ourselves to get "un-stuck." 

Havi Brooks' website/blog:

This is the time of year when Havi angles for financial support. If you're already familiar with her work and would like to support her and get valuable info &/or products in return, here's where to find her current offers, which are good through the end of this month:

Wait but why

I liked this website:


Good wishes everyone,


Latecomers Anonymous has become Procrastinators Anonymous ?

I was on one of the "Arts Anonymous" pages and they had a link to "Latecomers Anonymous" and guess where the link takes you? Here, that's where. LOL.

I guess, maybe LA is gone? It's not on nor on wikipedia anywehre, and hard to find on the first 3 pages of google DuckDuckGo

Simple "task timer" dings every 15 minutes

I'm sure there are lots of smart phone apps that do this, but I have a "dumb phone" so I was happy to discover this nice, FREE, desktop computer app. 

It's called "Task Timer by Clinton Begin" and has a very simple interface where it dings on the :00, :15, :30, and :45 minute mark of the hour.  

Soothing noises

First, thanks to Cal Frances who posted the link in chat.

The following links are noise generators for white noise, nature sounds (rain, brook, waves, wind, rustling leaves, birds, ...), and other background sounds.

I found them to be very helpful when the task I'm working on is scaring and stressful.

psychology of the to-do list

I found a really interesting article on the BBC Web site:

The Psychology of the To-Do List

It explains why they work - can help you move through blocks and stop procrastinating. Check it out!

iProcrastinate Podcast


everyone. I have been meaning to post this for a know what

Not a website as such, but a
very useful and enlightening podcast series by Dr. Timothy A. Pychyl, an
associate professor of psychology. From the website:

DayTimer Community article: "Manage Your Daily Traffic"

I just bought myself a refill calendar for my DayTimer and thought I'd check out the resources on their website.

This article looks interesting with its color-coded categories for tasks. 

Of course, I know procrastination is not really a time management problem when it's compulsive, but every little bit helps, right? :)

Manage Your Daily Traffic 

Internet Addiction short documentary now viewable online

Internet addiction will be discussed on television
Thursday, November 8, 2012
at 10pm eastern on "Rock Center with Brian Williams"
(NBC network).

Here is the article that goes with this episode of the show.

Ze Frank: An Invocation for Beginnings

If you're having a hard time getting started on something, this short video might make taking that first step a little easier:


Hi Guys,

I just started using RescueTime, which tracks everything you do on your computer and then sends you statistics of your progress, offering a % of productivity each day. You can notice how much time you spend on Facebook, email, etc, and try to get better every day and be more productive.

I have the free version and theres a payed version that even blocks some sites for certain amount of time so you can be more productive...

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