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psychology of the to-do list

I found a really interesting article on the BBC Web site:

The Psychology of the To-Do List

It explains why they work - can help you move through blocks and stop procrastinating. Check it out!

Thank you Pro

A shame UK users can't access it though. I get this message:

We're sorry but this site is not accessible from the UK as it is part of our international service and is not funded by the licence fee. It is run commercially by BBC Worldwide, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BBC, the profits made from it go back to BBC programme-makers to help fund great new BBC programmes. You can find out more about BBC Worldwide and its digital activities at

I can't help thinking that's a bit unfair.... but oh well. Enjoy, my international friends!


Accessible-to-UK copy "psychology of to-do list"

Here is another copy of the same article posted by its author Tom Stafford onto
This should be viewable anywhere on the planet.

great info

Thanks for this helpful info. :)


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