Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wait but why

Thanks, Hooch!

Thanks for posting the what-but-why link about procrastination, Hooch!

I think I got at least three excellent things:

  1. Nicely constructive and visualizable and credible brick-laying metaphor for taking each step.
  2. From the comments: if the instant gratification monkey is a nihilist (nothing matters!), would I rather have the conversation with the monkey in the happy playground or the guilty one?
  3. Excellent description of the procrastination experience that I can point people to rather than trying to verbalize it, myself.

Much appreciated!

one warning:

Something about being connected to that what-but-why website seemed to make my browser session eat more and more memory until I closed the what-but-why tabs. Did anyone else see that?

Yes, now that you say that...

I had similar problems.

Me too!

Maybe it was instant gratification monkey antics!!! Haha

wait... but... why.... (slow website)

Yes, I also found it was slow. I thought it was just my bad internet connection in the clinic. I guess it could be because of all the graphics? Or Katia11 may be right and it is the bloody IGM putting a spanner in the works as per usual. It did not seem to cause any long term computer problems tho (as far as I know), so hopefully the website is kosher.


good stuff

I just saw this a few days ago from another site (*coughcoughreddit*) and have been thinking a lot about it.  It has to be the best description of procrastination I've ever seen.  The author's story rang true to me, especially the downward spiral that hits you when you get to college.  And I do know what it's like when the Panic Monster doesn't scare you any more, and your brain shuts down.  I remember literally hiding under the covers in my bed in the dorm while deadlines passed by.

 So then the question is, how do I apply this now to my work?  I need to change my "storyline", as the article says.   

Instant gratification monkey

"And these are the lucky procrastinators—there are some who don’t even respond to the Panic Monster, and in the most desperate moments they end up running up the tree with the monkey, entering a state of self-annihilating shutdown."

oh yeah, been in that place. 

@hooch @knitfisher

Indeed :-( I used to be able to scare myself into action like that (pull all-nighters and the like), but not anymore. I just give up and hide these days. Thanks for the post, Hooch. I have printed out the dark playground signpost...

Up that tree right there with you

Oh yeah, it gets quite crowded up here at times.




Thank- you Hooch!!

Thank you superstar Hooch. These are fantastic articles and have so many great points! THANK YOU!!Smilexo


These two posts are really good. The second one has some really good tips! 

thanks hooch

oh how true it is.

good stuff :)

Thanks Hooch, 

from the dark playground... got to get into those dark woods myself, dragging my monkey kicking and screaming along behind me. Oh to get to that point where we're a happy, successful team with our deserved leisure in the happy playground!!! I think this particular procrastinator is destined for the mixed feelings park today though, as a result of a procrastinatory xmas holiday.  Price to pay :( ...

It's an inside job...

Thanks Hooch!

I really enjoyed these posts, laughed a lot. Only time will tell what difference it makes, but thanks!