Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Procrastination Books

This board is for book reviews. Put the book name in the Subject, then say what you think of it in the body of the message. Others can add comments if they've read the book, too.

The Printable CEO by David Seah

This amazing series of articles by freelancer David Seah shows tools he's developed for himself that are excellent for me too.  Maybe even for you.

They include:

-A printable (or online) task list that focuses as much on what you've done and how valuable it is, as on what you have left to do!  The online version requires a free registration but makes an excellent home page.


A couple of articles I found beneficial.  Now, this is not meant to trigger you guys into procrastinating by reading these websites, so DO NOT click on these links unless you are on a designated break.  ::evil::


"Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway," Susan Jeffers, PhD

"Does fear keep you from experiencing and accepting life?" 

My father gave me this book, about the same time as he gave me "How to Win Friends and Influence People", but this is the one that spoke to me. This book is the antidote to Learned Helplessness. Once you know that trap exists, read this book to get some practical positive steps to take to shift your behavior around from being stuck in useless painful patterns to being a vital living human being.
I post this because I'm now really recalling how much this book influenced me. Just caught Suze Orman and her Woman and Money show and she had something to say about Courage too. It's a hugely important component of making the changes you want to see in yourself and bringing you closer to a life with the destiny you want. 

Learned Helplessness

I read this book a while ago. The author is Martin Seligman. The book describes psychology experiments involving learned helplessness. I don't know if this book can help explain procrastination but surely it's a completely different perspective. The same author also written Learned Optimism, but due to procrastination I didn't read that follow-up book.
Learned helpless is defined as a psychological condition in which a human or animal has learned to believe that it is helpless. It thinks that it has no control over its situation and that whatever it does is futile. As a result it will stay passive when the situation is unpleasant or harmful and damaging.

The Lifelong Activist: How to Change the World Without Losing Your Way by Hillary Rettig

I just started reading this book yesterday and am really liking it. As the title indicates, the book is geared toward activists (progressive ones in particular), though much of what I've read so far could be applied by anyone. It is broken up into five parts: Managing your Mission, Managing your Time, Managing your Fears, Managing your Relationship with Self, Managing your Relationship with Others. It is the section on Fear (100 pages of this 400+ page book) that is all about procrastination. Rettig recommends initially a behavioral fix and then looks more deeply at the fears that cause procrastination and specifically what to do about them.

Procrastination, deadlines, and performance

This isn't a book, but is a journal article. It was mentioned on the blog Cognitive Daily today. The researchers studied three different kinds of deadlines, and which worked the best for beating procrastination.

"... the most interesting result of the study is that self-imposed deadlines don't appear to help procrastinators [as much as external deadlines]: they need rigid, externally-imposed deadlines in order to get the job done. And as Sebastian Bauhoff points out in his summary, even then they don't like it."

Here is a link to the blog entry:

Getting Things Done

Has anyone read Getting Things Done? Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

First Things First

Can anyone tell me what they thought of First Things First? Also, any other of Covey's books?

I didn't used to be a procrastinator, until I had two back to back life altering events, that sadly took place in the workplace I loved. I am trying to get my vision back.


Audio Books

I have several audio books that I got from the library and downloaded. Is it legal to share these w/this site?

Organizing from the Inside Out
7 Habits
How to win People…

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

OK, I know it's not a 'procrastination book' but contrary to my expectations it has already helped me with several major anticrastination projects at work and I'm only on Chapter 2!

"Eat that frog" by Brian Tracey

Has anyone read this? I was thinking of buying it. Have heard great things about it and was wondering if anyone here has it...?

"Isn't It About Time?: How to Overcome Procrastination and Get on with Your Life" Andrea Perry

I've just ordered this one as well as the Rita Emmett - it looks good.

Here's the address (sorry - forgotten how to do links). I had a look inside and it rings all my procrastination bells - putting off completion (I do the classic 98% and stop thing), time bingeing (by a different name), finding other things that 'need' doing etc etc. I like the format as well - clearly laid out and simply stated, without being simplistic.

"Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston

This isn't just about cluttered homes and offices. The subtitle is "Free yourself from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter forever." I've skimmed the book but haven't read it. It looks interesting, and does address procrastination.

If you've read this book, please add a comment!

"The Procrastinators Handbook" by Rita Emmett

I'm about halfway through this book, and so far I like it. It focuses on practical solutions, which is what I need. I've already analyzed the problem to death - I need ways to get myself to take ACTION. Simply understanding why I do what I do isn't enough. I think that's why "Procrastion" by Burka and Yuen didn't help me although I enjoyed it. It was mainly an analysis.

"Do It Now" by William Knaus

This is another procrastination classic based on Cognitive Psychology. Knaus co-authored the book "Overcoming Procrastination" with Albert Ellis (founder of Cognitive Psychology). I bought this book but didn't read it - I think because the Cognitive Psychology approach wasn't working for me. (See my post about "Overcoming Procrastination" for more info.)

If you've read this book, please add a comment.

"Overcoming Procrastination" by Albert Ellis and William Knaus

This is a classic in the procrastination field. It's based on Cognitive Psychology - a school of psychology which Albert Ellis founded. I never read it, but I have an idea of the approach because I used to go up to the Albert Ellis Institute on Fridays for the public demonstration.

I have a cassette tape of a mini-session I had with Albert Ellis himself (96 years old at the time) talking about my procrastination problem.

I cherish the tape, but the session didn't change my procrastination. Maybe I wasn't trying.

"Living Without Procrastination" by M. Susan Roberts

I bought it and never read it. This is because I bought it from an alternative seller on who advertised it as "new", but someone had already filled in the questionnaires in ink. This made me so angry that I couldn't open the book. It's supposed to be good, though. Maybe I'll get past the "not new" thing at some point.

Has anyone read this book? It's supposed to have a lot of scientific research in it.

"Procrastination" by Burka and Yuen

I really enjoyed this book. I felt the authors really understood what this problem was about, and some of their descriptions were hilarious.

I can't say, however, that it did anything to change my procrastination - it didn't. I just enjoyed it. But maybe the problem was me - maybe I wasn't ready to change when I read it. Maybe I'll take another look at it.

"The Now Habit" by Neil Fiore

I have this book but haven't looked at it recently. I'm not sure I ever actually read it - perhaps I just skimmed it. If you've read this book and have an opinion on it, please add a comment.

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