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"The Procrastinators Handbook" by Rita Emmett

I'm about halfway through this book, and so far I like it. It focuses on practical solutions, which is what I need. I've already analyzed the problem to death - I need ways to get myself to take ACTION. Simply understanding why I do what I do isn't enough. I think that's why "Procrastion" by Burka and Yuen didn't help me although I enjoyed it. It was mainly an analysis.

backtiming, dreadful memories & ONAP

I have this book from the library and have read a little at time and find it very useful. I am focused on the planning and list section now as I am at a crossroads in that area, I can go down the path I always do and rush around barely finishing and wearing myself out and ending up disatisfied OR I can seek out a new way.

One of the things that gives me hope is that coming here I now fully see the struggle and my problem of avoidance and because of that awareness I can finally learn a new way to live and work and try to end the cycle. This book doesn't have all the answers of course, but today here are a few ideas from it that I will use.

Back timing -

Like in video production. Set mini-deadlines back from the time a project is due. Some interesting ideas she shares with this are to use your imagination and visualize the project to see what is happening as you set these. She calls it setting artificial or target deadlines and doing it will eventually become a habit....a way to accentuate the positive of deadlines (which stop our procrastination, get adrenaline pumping) but eliminate the stress and anxiety associated with them.

 That got me thinking about GeorgeSmiley's post (see below) and that his plan was a great example of back timing and mini-deadlines... but there is still the issue of procrastinating those mini-deadlines!

Here is one idea she covers that I think might apply:

Dreadful Memories (and we all know a big part of our procrastination is avoidance of pain)

Once you repeatedly have a bad experience doing projects / meeting deadlines - that vicious cycle we all know, "you've developed a negative mind-set, so that every time you think about doing this project again, you delay starting it because you have so many dreadful memories of how long it took or how exasperating a chore it was to do"  OR how stressful the last minute pressure to complete it felt, feeling disatisfied with the results, and hard the recovery from it was!

Her solution is planning better. BUT, I dont know if that answers all of our issues in the post here are my thoughts on it.

If you have a good plan and it still is something you avoid, consider the above points about dread and decide to do one project faithfully according to plan. If you can start with an understanding that it is just a matter of renewing your mind and replacing bad memories with good ones, it seems like it would be easier to start. There would be a definite goal to achieve, and pay off for doing it. A new way to frame the issue in your mind. I hope this makes sense here as it does in my head! May have to explain better when I have more time.

Pockets of Time:

Set yourself up to look for and use those moments all day when you are waiting, it becomes a habit. Ex. Keep a book or article by the phone to read while on hold... Keep a project or task handy in the car for times when waiting to pick up someone.... The key I got from it: Learn to anticipate those times and be prepared ahead of tim to fill them productively.

ONAP - "OMIT - Not a Priority"

I like this acronym for working a list -put beside it and it shows you addressed it and chose to omit instead of just skip and then you can readd to another day if needed.

On order

OK it's on order as my reward for getting something done - Amazon say it'll take about six weeks to get here.

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Still waiting

Procrastination books haven't arrived yet....must be a procrastinator at the publishers (sigh).

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that's weirdly slow

Why is it taking so long to get the book to you? usually ships the same day. This isn't an unusual or out-of-print book.

It sometimes takes a while if they're waiting for a shipment from the US, so maybe that's it.

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Action versus Analysis

A certain amount of analysis is helpful, because if we do it well it can lead to a plan of action. But I do find that there's a tendency amongst procrastinators, procrastination websites, and procrastination books to analyse things to death, and not do anything about it.

I've heard this book referred to often (possibly here), and it's definitely on my wish list.

Maybe you could tell us about some of the things you've put into practice, and how well they've worked for you?
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