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Getting Things Done

Has anyone read Getting Things Done? Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

David Allen - Getting Things Done

Yes - I like this very much. He suggests "emptying your head" by getting all those thoughts down on paper, thus freeing up your head for creative thought. Very 12Step

The Stiff Folders with labels is such a simple change, but brilliant 

If you live in a block of flats, how about cardboard boxes instead of a filing cabinet? 

Getting Things Done

I actually just posted about this book. It teaches you how to organize your tasks and like the other poster said it is oriented for business minded individuals, but can easily be adapted to anyone with alot of tasks to do (probably all of us). The gist of it is that you first organize your tasks by either, putting them on a list, deferring them to someone else, or doing them right then and there if it is a task that takes less than two minutes to complete. It was very helpful after I read the book and was motivated to keep up with the system. As of late I have been slacking on using this system and it has shown. Maybe I need to read the book again lol...


re: GTD and ZTD

I also recommend Leo Babauta's Zen to Done, which is a simplified version of GTD, and also includes some advice about how to actually DO the stuff that's on your list.  He has an easy to use e-book for something like 8 bucks.   


'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

"Getting Things Done" by David Allen

I'm not familiar with the book by Edwin Bliss. I've been reading "Getting Things Done" ( by David Allen. I'd like to get organized to a point where I could implement his system. But first I have to clean my apartment and designate office space. That is quite a mountain to climb! Also, he tells people to get at least 4 drawers worth of filing cabinets to store info and projects in. I live on the third floor of a building with no elevator, so I'm not sure how I'd do that. His target audience is business executives. He helps them get their offices set up for max efficiency.

I like the idea of having one folder for each active project. I always lose things on paper. The other important thing is having the master list of projects handy, to work on during un-scheduled time.I started to do one on my computer yesterday, but got tired looking at it.

It's fab!

No time to post a detailed reply now, but I found it really helpful - especially in helping me overcome feelings of being overwhelmed that were stopping me making progress on anything (of course you've still got to implement the techniques!).

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Edwin Bliss?

Do you mean Getting Things Done by Edwin C. Bliss?

I have it, it's really good.  His writing is firm and terse, as are his ideas.  Very simple elegant stuff.

As with everything, the challenge for me is in actually following the advice

Some excerpts are here:!chhtime.html 

Getting Things Done

Is this the best book of

Is this the best book of all?

no such thing

There's no such thing as "best book of all". It addresses some things well, but not others. It really doesn't deal with procrastination at all. It's about how to use time efficiently. There is an extensive summary of it somewhere on the forum.

I'll post more of a review when I'm more awake (just woke up).

Best book

The best book for you won't necessarily be the best book for me, and the best book for you now won't necessarily be the best book for you next week. You just have to go with what you're drawn to. I have to disagree with pro who says this book doesn't address procrastination - I can go with 'it didn't help pro address procrastion', but it does help many people with it, including me.

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You just like disagreeing with me. ;)

Ooh - I don't know about that

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