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The Printable CEO by David Seah

This amazing series of articles by freelancer David Seah shows tools he's developed for himself that are excellent for me too.  Maybe even for you.

They include:

-A printable (or online) task list that focuses as much on what you've done and how valuable it is, as on what you have left to do!  The online version requires a free registration but makes an excellent home page.

-A printable to-do list that gives you credit for every 15 minutes of work you do towards your tasks
-An online flash-based "Emergent Tasks List" for when your work is too complicated to plan out in advance, but you still want to see afterwards what you did and how much time each thing took!  It also can beep at you every 15 minutes to help you chunk and record your time.

I am really enjoying these innovations,  as well as David Seah's musings about them, and hope you do too.

The Printable CEO

Thanks so much for the tip!

Printable CEO

It took awhile for me to grasp what the various lists he uses accomplished, but once I understood it, I'm excited to try it.  I can really relate to how To Do lists can bring about guilt which would cause some of us to become stalemated and revert to our distractions.  Instead he focuses on I Did graphical lists!  Wow!

I'm going to get started right away so I can reward myself right away!