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Software recommendation

This is a great little tool for making lists and outlines.  I used it for a while for my GTD project lists and I'm going back to it now, because it really helped keep all my little lists organized and updated. 

It's also great for organizing written reports, and probably papers too for you college students.

It's not a free product but it's inexpensive and there is a free trial so check it out.  (in your free time, not NOW lol)


another tool

I haven't looked at this one yet, but I've used Pocket Thinker for years now. I think I was their first customer. It integrates with Outlook and I can replicated it on my PDA. It does lists and outlines - very flexible. I like it a lot.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

I use Backpack for my

I use Backpack for my organisational tools for its simplicity. Its basically paper, online with simple organising functions - it keeps me more concerned with the things I'm organising rather than the tools itself.