Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

if nobody seems to reply in chat ... don't worry! ...because ...

Just wanted to let you know that we use the chatbox for "checking-in" periodically while working on tasks.  We say what we're working on, then stay logged in while working on something for anywhere from 5-60 minutes or so.  Then check back in.

So if you enter the chatbox, and say hello, and nobody greets you, it's because everyone is working on tasks.

Don't run off right away, give us some time. Just wait a while and say hello again.  Eventually somebody will come back from working on a task, notice that you're there, and say hello.

Occasionally, some of us get very involved in a task, and don't return, and forget to log out of chat.  But usually there is somebody actually there!

Remember, if nobody greets you, it's because we're usually being productive, or occasionally being distracted elswhere.  But nobody is ignoring you.  Come back again!

There is usually someone in chat within a half-hour of you saying hello.

An alternative idea to pursue:  Some if us do the following, from time to time:  Type to yourself in the chatbox, talking yourself through the steps in a task, and then go off and work on it for a bit.

Welcome to PA.

(By the way, if the words display oddly in the chatbox, it might be your browser.  The chatbox displays best in Firefox). 

Edit to add:
If you type something in, if we have our computer speakers turned on, and if we have sound enabled in chat, we will hear beeps in the chatbox when you type.  If we are away working on tasks, and hear the beeps -- that's how we'll know somebody is there.  If you just sit there without speaking, we might not notice that anyone new has arrived in the chatbox.
[This doesn't always work, as some of us have nonfunctional speakers, or have them disabled or turned off.]

If you want to know how the check-in chatbox works, please read here:


 If you are looking for the chatbox meeting schedule, please read here:


If you are asking a question in the chatbox, please wait ...

Lately someone has been coming to chatbox and saying hello, but then logging out in two minutes, so we don't have a chance to reply.

Therefore, I am replying to this very old thread to once again let people know that we are often busy working on tasks, and please wait for us to return.

Thanks, movingalong!

This is really helpful and also a good reminder to me to make a point of logging out of chat when I'm leaving, which I often forget to do.

For newcomers re: chatbox

Welcome and please read above and below.

Use the chat even if no one replies

Even if no one replies for twenty minutes. Even if there is no one logged in for an hour (never happens since PA is international) just use the chatbox to log what you're going to do.


Planning things out is a great way to get started on things that you would otherwise procrastinate on doing.



I used to use the excuse that no one was replying in the chat to leave the chatbox and then I'd go procrastinate for the rest of the day. If you really don't want to feel like you wasted a day though, a quiet chatbox shouldn't deter you. Besides people usually do read and reply withing 30 minutes. 

chat is quiet cuz everybody's working...oh my

i was struck when i read this--are we really doing so well in our recovery that we're so appropriately focused on our tasks that people could actually believe we're ignoring them? Well, i guess the answer is YES! :D

What a great 'sign of recovery'

My hope and prayer is that the next new person will see no one respond to them, KNOW that we are all just as "sick" as they are, or at least we were, and think, Wow, these people are really recovering. I hope this can happen to me!

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


we really do care.

(see above)

what a thoughtful comment

Good consideration for those newer among us, and also a reminder to me to take time to say hi when I see an unfamiliar name logging into Chat. If I'm too busy to welcome a new PA member, I'm probably into my BIZ-ease instead of my recovery!

Thanks, movingalong. 

too busy to say hi?

oh, you're right agnus, and i'm convicted. If i am too busy to simply say, "hi, newname" then it is clearly the disease, cuz, what does that take? 5 sec? There's no way 5 sec is going to have any effect on my tasks.


the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb