Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

UPDATED Nov.2012: How to use the PA Chatbox for check-ins

UPDATE November-December 2012
There are urgent technical issues with the webserver
and we must ADAPT our usage of the chatbox as follows

-- It is critical that we all read
and follow Pro's new instructions
at following link:

NOTE: We may use the ideas below, but, per the new situation,
we need to limit our participation to the way Pro has indicated above.

How to use the PA Chatbox for check-ins

Our chatbox has two tabs on its top.

One tab says "check-in" and that's the default location -- you are automatically placed into "check-in chat" when you enter the chatbox.

(The other tab says "meeting". The meeting tab is used only for a scheduled 12step meeting on Sunday.)

Checking In:

The "check-in" area is the main area of chat.

This is where we "check in" or "bookend" about whatever we are working on. It's not conversational. We just speak to the chatbox and to whoever is here (or ... to the universe/god/whomever) ... and say what we are doing and what we are stuck on.

Everyone talks simultaneously in the Check-in chat ... about what they are each working on ... it's almost like I'm talking myself through my task ... while someone else is talking himself/herself through his/her task.

For example:

I would type in: "I'm struggling with this phonecall. I'm going to take a deep breath and then make the call".  Meanwhile, someone else is typing about the paper they are writing.  And yet another person is typing about washing their dishes. 

After I type what I'm working on, I stay logged into chat, and go do my task, (or attempt it) -- and then come back and type in how it went.  I might check back in to say that I started the task but didn’t finish. I might report that I froze and ran away. I might report that I got it done.

Whatever happened, I say my truth without judging myself. I know that others are working on their own tasks simultaneously. Some are struggling. Some are victorious. We don’t judge each other. We feel in solidarity with each other.

Most of the time, you'll just see people working alone but simultaneously on their tasks. Some members prefer to quietly work at their own pace.

Even though this is a "chatbox", it's not for chatty conversation. It's more of a "WorkingRoom".

Some members type in their emotions about their task – but briefly. It’s not a place for long conversation.   Conversation is distracting to others who are trying to get work done.


Some members give each other brief words of encouragement.  Some members are happy to receive brief comments.

Some members prefer to work without receiving "cross-talk" (comments or advice).  Most will let you know if they prefer to receive no comments. If someone says they don't want comments, please respect that.

Sometimes, the best support you can give people is to quietly work alongside them.

Remember that you don't have to reply to people in chat.  You are free to just focus on your own tasks.

Microbursts of Activity:
Sometimes, one of us will break a big task down into smaller pieces, and set a timer to say "I'm going to work on my writing for 15 minutes as a "burst of activity". We call these short bits of action ...
"micro-bursts" of action or ... just "bursts".

Working together:
You might see someone type: "I'm going to do a burst for 15 minutes, and anyone else may join me". And then several people will all set their timers and each work on his/her own task for 15 minutes. We do that sometimes, but not always. You are not required to join in -- you are welcome to ignore others and continue working at your own pace on your own tasks.

Questions about PA:
The best place to ask questions about PA or procrastination ... is to post a message onto the "introductions and discussion" forum.

Technical display issues:
If you are having a TECHNICAL issue, especially if the words and names display strangely in the chatbox -- with things displaying in front of other things, so that you have trouble reading along -- then you might be experiencing a known problem with only SOME versions of certain browsers.   Chat usually functions fine in Firefox.

If You Need Conversation:

If you need to have a conversation with someone, or if you want to post a long rant about something, please don't do that in the main check-in chat, because that is distracting to others.

However, you CAN post a request in the check-in room that you want to discuss something in depth.  But you'll need to accept that others are there to do work, and therefore you might get zero replies.

If someone DOES reply that they are willing to discuss with you, then you can have them arrange to meet you in a "private chat".
UPDATE November-December 2012, due to the excess server load on the chatbox, please take private conversations OFFSITE to instant messenger or Skype or texting, etc.  Opening a private chat window on our chatbox might cause strain on the system.