Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

How to use the daily check-in board

Here are a few tips on how to post on the Daily check-in thread:

Begin by finding today's group check-in thread.
Go here:
and look for today's thread.
Please LOOK before starting a thread of your own. We do group check-in threads, inside of which you post your own list. Please look for the group thread for today, before posting.
What if I cannot find a check-in thread for today?
If there isn't one already there, then you may start one.
Please scroll down for directions on how to do that.
How to post your check-in on today's thread:

At the top of the page, you will see a greeting with a photo or a quote or a simple "welcome to today". That is the "thread-starter" which opens today's "meeting".

**** To make your post, look up to the "thread-starter" -- and at the bottom of the thread-starter, click on "Add new comment". This will open a box for you to make your check-in post.

You will need to give your post its own subject line. If you forget, your post will copy the first few words of the body of your post -- and it will automatically use that as your subject line.

It's helpful if you post your username as part of the subject line of your post, so that when people are reading the list of check-ins for the day, it's easier for each person to find his/her own post later in the day. For example: instead of saying "my day" or "my list", you could say "Username's day", or "Username's thoughts for today", or "Username is checking in". It's not required to use your username in the subject line of your post, but it does make it easier for everyone else who reading the page.


  • Some people post a list of everything they want to for the entire day.
    But that is not required!
  • You can simply briefly check in about what's going on for you for today, -- what is happening TODAY in your ongoing process of recovery from procrastination.  You don't have to mention any tasks at all!
  • Or you can just list one or two things that you are working on today.

Later in the day, if you want to, you can come back and edit your post, to say what you did, or to update your list.

Do not worry if you don't get all your tasks done today. Just accept where you are and know that eventually you will find more recovery. If you see people crossing off everything on their lists, it's because they have learned to make SMALL lists that are more manageable.

IMPORTANT: You can edit your own post, but only if it has received no replies. If you or anyone else replies to your post post on the daily check-in thread, then you cannot edit the post that has been replied to. (The only exception to this rule is that if you STARTED the entire daily thread, you can edit your own thread-starter, even if there are replies.)
If someone replies to your list and you can't edit: That's okay!  Just reply to your original list with a copy of your list, and then edit the copy.  That's just how it goes.  It will be okay.  :)

ON REPLYING: If you reply to members' check-in posts, then they cannot edit/update their own list. As a result, they have to post their list all over again, and then edit their new list for updates. This takes time.


*** Therefore .... if you want to make a comment to someone on the daily check-in thread, it's sometimes a courteous thing to go to the top of the page and click "Add a new comment" and then type a new post with the person's name in the subject --
"To ___, sending encouragement to you".
Later in the day, when the other person comes back to edit his/her original list, he/she will see your comment on the day's page, even if it's not next to the original post.

Clarification:  This is *not* a rule. Sometimes it's just fine to simply click on "reply" directly under a post.  If that's easier for you, then that's fine.  If you do this and then the person cannot edit, don't worry about it.  It will be okay.  They can reply to themselves with an updated list.

IMPORTANT Question: Do other people want comments?
Some members like encouragement, and others prefer to NOT receive replies. If someone says they don't want comments, please respect that. Sometimes it's nice to give replies, but you don't have to do that. Most of us have learned that it's easy to spend hours replying to posts, and this causes more procrastination. So sometimes it's enough to NOT reply and instead just imagine a feeling of hope going to everyone. We all accept the fact that everyone here has limited time!

What if I cannot find a check-in thread for today?

First, check here to see if there is one:
It's easier if there is only one thread for each day.

If there isn't one there, then you may start one.

How to start a daily check-in thread:
Go here
and then click on "Post new forum topic".

For the subject line, put today's weekday, date, and year.

For the body of the thread-starter, don't post your personal check-in or list.

The body of a thread-starter for
daily check-in should be
something simple that welcomes everyone to the day.

Think of yourself as the greeter at the doorway of a room.
You can simply say "Welcome to today" -- That's all you need.
Some people post a picture or an inspiring quote.
Don't overthink it.  Avoid perfectionism.
Then submit the post.
You've now created a thread for everyone to use today.

After you've created the thread-starter,
click on "Add comment" to post your personal check-in.

*** NOTE: Don't obsess about making a perfect thread-starter!
Here is another post
with more info on starting a thread in simple easy mediocre way-
so that the job gets done quickly and you can move on to your real tasks.)

For a Multi-Day Project or Ongoing List:
You could post pieces of your check-in -- a little bit each day --
one piece on today's check-in thread, another piece on tomorrow's check-in thread, etc.
~~ OR ~~
You can choose to create your own personal thread on the
"Special Projects and Master Lists" forum here: