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Sunday, March 14 2010

Prosick - Here I am

Been so busy. Busy missing this board. Completely run down, running myself ragged, doing too much. But of course it's still be a lot of doing the wrong things since I cannot seem to find a way to overcome the evil demand resitance.

So, at least I'm making a half attempt to check-in. Hope to continue this week.

A few goals tonight/tomorrow:

-Pay bills & update bill sheet
-Look for job
-Check actual websites
-Do anything else that might bring in money. Stupid demand resistance.


LookAtYourselfAndWhatYourDoin'RightNow-StandBackAMinuteJustToCheckYourselfOut-StraightenOutYourLifeAndHowYou'reLivin'EachDay-JustKeepYourEyesOnThePrizeAndYourFeetFlatOnTheGround-MJ's "Keep the Faith"

Prosick Check out

Thanks Huma!! I know it helps to come here, it's just overwhelming sometimes. I don't like to look at my long to-do list! Ick! I didn't even bother posting it today. heh.


-Pay bills & update bill sheet -- TRIED TO PAY ONE BUT SITE DOWN

-Look for job -- DONE


-Do anything else that might bring in money. --I THINK SPENDING HOURS TO APPLY FOR THE JOB I FOUND SHOULD COUNT.


Add to to-do list: order 4p for J.


LookAtYourselfAndWhatYourDoin'RightNow-StandBackAMinuteJustToCheckYourselfOut-StraightenOutYourLifeAndHowYou'reLivin'EachDay-JustKeepYourEyesOnThePrizeAndYourFeetFlatOnTheGround-MJ's "Keep the Faith"

You can do it Prosick!

We all go through it. The more often you come here, the better the results, I find.

Good luck, we're here for you! :)


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Request for help this evening

Hi - 

I am working on a document for a client tonight and have spent most of the day putting it off.

If anyone is available to offer support, strength, or hope, I am planning to  work in 15 minute blocks starting shortly. I would be happy to work in tandem with anyone via chatbox, e-mail, or phone line check in (we can use the number from the morning meeting).

I'll also be checking in every 15 minutes, starting around 5:30/5:45 I think. So take a look for "quarterly" reports! :)

Any and all support is totally appreciated.

Thanks so much!



If you are still...


 If you are still working I am here for about another 1 or so. I am also in chat.



I'm here for about another

I'm here for about another hour! *hugs* YOU CAN DO IT!

cl daily overcoming

thanks to all you folks who come here and share your stories.

and--this might sound odd--but thanks for your struggles, because i had a hard afternoon and coming here to see that others are struggling with what i'm struggling with--well it gave me great encouragement. i was hopeless, but now i'm hopeful.

I am very grateful to god for constructing the human psyche such that we have the ability to encourage each other so. During this time before paradise, this is a big booster.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

movingalong checks in

Hello all.

Although it's been a long time since I last posted here in the check-in forum, I have actually been working my P.A. program as best I can.

I've been doing the Sunday online meetings, and sometimes the daily phone meetings.

The Promises
help a lot.

I've also continuted to apply other 12-step literature from various sources ...
to working on recovery from my procrastination tendencies.

I am gradually experiencing a lessening of the "fear of moving forward".

Thank you, Higher Power.

-- movingalong

Thanks movingalong for your service!!

So glad to hear your progress!!!

♥"Prayers for my Yoffee's complete & speedy recovery and prayers for direction & clarity on how she can be healed.♥

AWESOME Ads! Thanks! JuleskCI


Did well this AM.  Went to church.  (Instead of sleeping in!  Yay!)

Went to an open house, briefly, and then to the fabric store where I ONLY gathered swatches for my project and then got out!

2 hours now of house tidying, with appropriate breaks, then taking the dog to get nails trimmed, then to my sister's for dinner and a movie.




hope4meandu check-in (1:50PM) I'm amazed at the starter LUCKY!!

Hi all,

Not as productive yet, as I like, but here's what I did so far:

-WW meeting
-made an amends that I've been wanting to make for years and years
-got a reply from making an amends to someone (thankfully they accepted it) I was so worried. Still haven't gotten a reply from my best friend growing up...
-answered emails.
-checked tdf for shows
-checked bank balance

It's so important to me to list the big and little things I do, I don't know why, but it is.

To do (know I won't get it all done today:
-take Yoffee for long walk (hopefully hubby will do this - as I always do)
-clean walls
-clean dishes in kitchen
-wash kitchen floors
-clean refrigerator
-clean bathroom
-clean bedrooms
-join an oa loop for help with 9th step

As usual don't know where to start, chatbox!!

I would like to contact my downstairs neighbors, as I see they are angry and find out what the problem is or are and try to correct it, if possible. Really scared because it most likely involves bringing our little roach pests into their home it means that I will have to get our exterminator here, but it also means - how do you apologize for this horrible thing? They have children and grandchildren and a small dog!! I will commit to bringing in the exerminator as often as they need. Also in yesterday's wind storm, the back tree fell down and would like to help them keep the tree.

♥"Prayers for my Yoffee's complete & speedy recovery and prayers for direction & clarity on how she can be healed.♥

hi hope4

way to go w/ that amends, hope4. That sounds like great progress.

re: downstairs neighbors--man i can feel the knot forming in my stomach if i had to deal w/ that. My policy on things like that is honesty and humility (often i have no choice ;) and know that god can make good come out of even bad situations. Sounds like a good time for the serenity prayer, which i feel has such wisdom in it.

praying for yorfee, too.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Dearest (((clement)))

Your words are so comforting to me, especially the prayers for my Yoffee. I humbly thank you.

Also that HP makes bad out of good, gives me the strength to face them and my mistakes...

Blessings to you Clement!!

♥"Prayers for my Yoffee's complete & speedy recovery and prayers for direction & clarity on how she can be healed.♥


first time posting here, I want to learn how to honor my commitments.



4pm appt 

study micro for 1 hour (broken up into 30 minute sessions if necessary)

1 hour to work on history assignment

1 hour for photo assignment


30 minutes of quiet time

bed by 11

hi doit2day

> I want to learn how to honor my commitments.

amen. you and me both. welcome and i wish you recovery here. with a dash of HP sauce.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Welcome (((doit2day))), so glad you are here with us!!!

♥"Prayers for my Yoffee's complete & speedy recovery and prayers for direction & clarity on how she can be healed.♥

kromer 12:35 CI

Argh time change! (almost forgot, but luckily someone posted a sign on the lab door late last night)

Dragged myself out of bed and went to church.

Now I'm in lab. There's a lot of stuff that I would like to get done, so I need to prioritize.

*Email BrdU protocol
*Finish grading, double check points addition, enter grades, email other TAs
*Start IHC

Other tasks:
*Go over physiology lesson
*Shop + cook
*Clean up giant piles of papers
*Make schedule for next week.

OK, going to finish grading now...should be able to get it done in an hour or so. (Then I still need to check/enter pts. )

huma check-in!

Ok, feeling great. Had an excellent Saturday - looking to follow it up with an excellent Sunday. :) Got up late but that's only because I stayed up so late determined to finish Sat. tasks.

  • car appt
  • send emails
  • envelope receipts
  • finish bath cleanup
  • toss recyclable bottles
  • email Sears
  • 1 hour office cleanup by 4pm
  • 1 hour office cleanup by 6pm
  • 1 hour office cleanup by 8pm
  • 1 hour office cleanup by 10pm

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smiling at "HP" thread starter ...

Yes, everything does go better with a dash of

H.P. (Higher Power) added!


Journey 11 am time change! &

Daylight Savings Time here, I dislike it when the time changes but what can ya do lol?  I'll adjust.   Today is housework day.   I'm sorting the laundry, then I'll have a break and a snack and another checkin.

UPDATE 3 pm laundry is sorted, second load in the wash, and a load folded, cat litter changed.   Now to mop the upstairs hall (where the cat litter is located!) and more folding, then check back.



"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

Helen's Check-in

Today I feel a lot better. Hurray. Having said that I think I will ease in gradually. I have a 9 hour of productive work plan but I will start tomorrow. I tell you  this so I don't say "I will start tomorrow" tomorrow.

Tasks for today 

Eat breakfast 

Clean teeth (2 minutes)

EFT tapping 

 All the washing up.

 Read more of "An ode less travelled" by Stephen Fry 

Clean kitchen surfaces

Inexpertly mop kitchen floor. (Any housework is good housework. Does not have to be perfect)

Watch more episodes of Jonathan Creek.


Listen Hypnosis MP3 (anti procrastination)

Tidy living room 

Study plan

Plant rose bush

Sow seeds


Feel better Helen!

Take it slow today, rest up. Get a few crucial things done, but get your sleep and go at 'em hard tomorrow if you feel up to it!

Have a good day! :)

Rexroth Check In

Tum is unsettled and I'm not going to church. I've made myself a list of every small thing that I need to tidy up to move on. I'm posting all of them and getting on to see how far I get so:

Write journal X
Wash sheets X - dry and remake bed
Phone two people re arrangements for next weekend X neither in!- one away but have answer to what I wanted to ask
Washup and sort out stuff in kitchen X
Dry clothes and put away
Sort out what to do re claims on four defective goods I need to resolve X
Sort out BT file and try to finish X
Sew up trousers X
Vacuum and wet wipe through flat X
Check food delivery order X
Write todo list for week X

That will do for now

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Update

I've done most things and need to wait till sheets and clothes are dry to make bed etc.

Above when ready
Some cooking and cleaning up in kitchen
Check a few bits on the web

That's it Folks


Rexroth Check Out

All done. I've spent a bit of time on the web too. It is nearly 10.00 in London town and it will soon be my bedtime. I did not believe I could get so much done today and I did not want to committ to doing it but I could and I have and I did. So giving thanks to everyone here and starting a new week with some clarity and space.

Night Folks


Rexroth, WELL DONE!

Rexroth, WELL DONE! Wonderful to hear :)

Lucky CI

Check inSmile
Prayer/bible reading time - remember to pray for C, E & L & prayer diarySmile
Prayer & visualisation over my tasklistSmile
Finish room tidy
Buy/make cardSmile (found one while tidying!)
Make gift for CSmile
Pack small bottle of moisturiser for workSmile
Wash work trousersSmile
Charge phoneSmile
Check/fill bird feederSmile
Exercise again, what was I thinking?
Clear kitchenSmile
Tomorrow's list
Wash face/brush teeth -  floss - clean contacts properlySmile
Email reportSmile
Check inSmile
BED straight after check in!Smile