Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Morning Phone Bridge Promises for Recovery in Procrastinators Anonymous

These are available to whomever may find them useful  

Procrastinators Anonymous Promises of Recovery-Morning Phone Bridge Version

1.       We will release the need for perfectionism, and be willing to begin imperfectly trusting our Higher Power will reveal to us our enormous potential thus enabling us to trust our actions are good enough.     

2.       We will find joy and serenity in doing routine tasks, making daily action plans, and completing all tasks and meet deadlines on before they are due.

3.       As we learn to commit each task to our Higher Power for divine ideas and guidance, confidence will replace fear, enthusiasm will replace dread and self esteem will replace self loathing; we will take the next right action,  as they are required easily and effortlessly.

4.        Well planned and completed actions will be our new way of life, organizing will become a second nature.  The desire to daydream, task avoidance and the dread of actions will disappear, as we find pleasure and spiritual fulfillment in completing the task before us.

5.       We will arrive at our appointments on time, prepared–and organized, our lives will be less stressful, clarity will replace confusion, and details will be easy to see.

6.       We will enjoy a life of greater prosperity as opportunities nourished by actions will thrive and grow; money lost for late fees and penalties are now available to enjoy long postponed vacations and self care.

7.       We do not tire so easily, for we are not burning up energy foolishly we did when we procrastinated, negative emotions will no longer will no longer be the fuel that drives or stops our actions, when agitated or in doubt we pause when agitated or doubtful and ask our higher power for the right thought or action.

8.       As procrastinators we were undisciplined, now our actions are planned efficient, leaving us with time to do more than we ever imagined.

9.       The backlog of tasks and projects will disappear and new projects, planned and organized become a pleasure to manage and complete.

10.   We will meet the new day and new responsibilities with a joy, enthusiasm, vigor and excitement we never thought possible.

11.   Living inside a structured life will no longer frighten or threaten us; rather we will make friends with Time, Embrace Structure, Enjoy Planning and Trust our Abilities.

12.   Each action completed will bring the desire to take another action; each success will bring the desire for more success until one day without realizing it we are living the life of our dreams and these promises.  

Promises for Recovery in Procrastinators Anonymous

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