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Friday, March 12 2010


Didn't mean to post here.

Falcon CI Friday eve.

To do tonight:

  • Make & eat dinner
  • Run through music
  • Tidy apartment
  • Clean kitchen
  • Pay bills
  • Call J.?


Falcon CO Friday

Well!  I ate dinner, did some tidying in the kitchen, and then ended up working on a different project altogether.  But that's o.k. - it was a project I'd been meaning to work on, so that was satisfying.


Drew #3 - 4:30 PM

 UPDATE: Ok, it's 6:20, and I still haven't completed anything yet!! It's time for me to get on it!!

Okay, so last night was a nightmare... didn't get any of it done... I fell into a "denial procrastination" mode. It's funny how if you're a frequent procrastinator, you come to distinguish between the different types of it... just like the different types of snow: light, slushy, etc. Luckily, we only did peer reviews today, so I wasn't penalized... it's really due next friday.

I did work on it after class, though, and I got about 1 page of the lit review done (out of 4). And whatever parts of it I completed, I did it very well. So that's pretty good. 

Today, my weekend begins. Now I've got lots of time (6.5 hours to be exact) ... it can be a great opportunity, or a great - well, just like every other friday!

My priorities have shuffled around.

1. English honours response by 5:30

2. Puzzle by 6:00

3.Opinions article by 7:30


- 15 pages of ESS notes 

- Update Facebook group

- Complete ISS Research Proposal

a. Problem statement

b. literature review

1. 3-5 themes 2. arguments 3. methodology 4. results 5. gaps/weaknesses 6. inconsistencies

c. method plan: (by 3:30) 
by 8:45

1. intro 2. method 3. sampling 4. strengths/weaknesses5. ethics 6. analysis

d. consent form

e. survey template

hi from Agnus

Hi, friends. I have not shared here in a long time and may not be ready to resume regular sharing yet, but I did want you to know that my Dad passed away peacefully this morning. Some of you have been such a blessing to me the last few years, when my fear of losing him, Mom and J all at once had me just frozen into immobility. Mom, now 86, still lives with her brain tumor, diabetes and dementia, and recently added leukemia to her diagnoses. She is not surprised but still hurting about Dad's death - 59 years of marriage!  J has been more stable since I surrendered more to my caregiving role here. Now I manage his 13 Rx and his food, although he still has problems when I travel for work and it takes awhile to get him stable again on his 4 daily insulin shots, his heart meds, psych meds and cirrhosis meds.

We will will fly to the DC area tonight or tomorrow to help my sister, who has borne the load, make arrangements and stay through the week.  Thanks again for all the prayers and encouragement. Hope to be a more regular contributor here again soon.

Prayers ((((Agnus))))

Wishing you and your family prayers and healing. Also looking forward to seeing you back here soon...

♥"Prayers for my Yoffee's complete & speedy recovery and prayers for direction & clarity on how she can be healed.♥

((((Agnus)))) wishing you


wishing you strength


I'm so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you, and hope to see you back here soon.

For Agnus

Agnus, thank you for letting us know.  I'm sorry for your loss; our thoughts will be with you.


Sympathy Agnus

I've been missing you Ag and I'm sorry to hear about your Dad.   I lost my Dad a year ago and I know it's hard, especially with all the other stuff you are dealing with.  Sending prayers your way.  Take care of yourself too. 


"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

(((Agnus))) I'm so sorry to

(((Agnus))) I'm so sorry to hear this. It sounds as if you're being a great support to your family in a terrible bunch of circumstances. Much love and prayers coming your way.

cl daily overcoming

i love reading everyone's posts. People post in pain and misery, but please know that when we share our stories, they really truly encourage us all. Our story, no matter how bad, has redeeming value--it helps others!

they sure help me! Thank you all. I feel so fortunate to have you all.

so, on with my day. God give me strength.

10min ci :D
10min emerg email only / ck mtgs
30min quiet time
60min wko
15min rdy
10min dailies
10min work plan
work hard.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

re: sharing our stories

Amen Clem!  

"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

hope4meandu check-in (10:25AM)

Last night was a better night all around, thankfully, but I'm still feeling self-hate, worried I'll be fired, worried about all the mistakes I'm making at work (people mistakes), wanting to know what is the borderline for being perfect and being human? Can't help but feel, no matter how hard I try, that everywhere I go I will be hated. Thankfully, I'm still here & at work and showing up.

To do:
-my first p.t. today
-balance checkbook
-get s&l
-get stuff ready for my boss's return
-need to find help for doing the 9th step
-DA meeting

-go through pile

Last night I did:
-finished sweeping

This a.m.
-shopped & took Y on a walk

♥"Prayers for my Yoffee's complete & speedy recovery and prayers for direction & clarity on how she can be healed.♥

Oh, Hope.  *massive hugs*

Oh, Hope.  *massive hugs* I  love you!

I can relate to what you're saying - I have a lot of problems with self-hate as well (to the point of now and then muttering 'I hate you' or 'You disgust me' out loud in the street and then worrying that some poor passer-by thought I meant them!) But my HP has really been pushing me recently to learn to love myself and I honestly, truly think it's a sacred duty. 'Love your neighbour as yourself' goes both ways. :)

you're loved here

well, youre certainly not hated here! I know that i benefit from hearing your story here. We love you here! I hope you know that. And god loves everyone, infinitely and individually. Have you ever read the poem "the touch of the master's hand"? (it's in my sig.) This poem gives me enormous hope when i get down on myself. I got it from someone here.

i read ur post yesterday, and ikhyf. i've been there. I agree with everyone's responses. I am sooooo thankful that we get to go thru this, to fight this, together.

take heart fellow soldier! We've got ur back!

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

(((Blessings)))), ((((HUGS)))) & THANKS - ((((Clement)))))

I will look at the poem on Sunday, thanks so much for making me feel so much better, really appreciate your's and everyone's support!!

♥"Prayers for my Yoffee's complete & speedy recovery and prayers for direction & clarity on how she can be healed.♥

re: you are loved here

Another amen to Clem.  You can always come here.  Just keep showing up at work and do your best!   You may not have buddies at work, but you'll always have buddies here.


"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel


So glad to know I have buddies here!!! Love your new "tag." Gives me hope!!! (((Blessings)))

♥"Prayers for my Yoffee's complete & speedy recovery and prayers for direction & clarity on how she can be healed.♥

kromer 9:30 CI

Today I have a meeting at 1. This type of meeting is not one that I *have* to present at, so I've been in the habit of almost never presenting my work. So, I've set a goal for myself to start presenting.

That means I want to have some slides doesn't have to be much, and I don't have to think it's good, but I need to have something.(Done, and it was pretty good, though I didn't actually get a chance to present it...I'll try to get feedback from another couple of lab members next week and

Then, I have a bunch of scheduled stuff:
*Lunch w/ speaker 12-1
*Mtg 1-3
*Youth group 4ish-9ish (heading to this now)
*Exercise 9-10 (will do this straight after youth group)

Finally, I have some smaller tasks to get done:
*Send out BrdU protocol (will try to get this done after exercise)
*Drop off exams, check over answer key
*Send out email to schedule committee mtg


Journey 9:15 &

Good morning!  Yesterday was an ok day.  I feel really good about getting right back on the wagon after having a bad day Tuesday.  Those bad days used to send me into the spiral of procrastinating, hating myself for procrastinating, etc. for days and weeks.  Thanks to this fellowship!   (((((group hug))))))

I'm glad it's Friday, and I have the weekend off for a change.   I plan to have the kids over for dinner Saturday, so I gotta catch up on the housework.  DH vacuumed yesterday, so at least the floors look good!  

I have another busy day with meetings, one this morning and a LONG one this afternoon but they are both easy, and I should be able to get project work done also.  Going to get a cup of coffee then make my todo list. 

UPDATE 11:30 coffee has been drunk, todo list and schedule made, attended easy meeting, did my status reports for the week, and took care of a couple of routine tasks.   Now I'm going to work on Project V for 30 minutes. 

UPDATE 3:45 I did work on Project V, then had a quick lunch and headed to another long meeting at 1:00 which just ended.   taking a short break, then gonna do some quick Toastmasters admin, then back to Project V until the end of the work day. 

Then I'll pick up some salads from Quiznos on the way home and and have a relaxing Friday night.   *whew* I'm glad it's Friday.





"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

8:15 ci for Lark

Yesterday didn't turn out as I'd planned, but it wasn't all my doing, or all that bad. There'll be some catch-up playing today, along with some high priority stuff. I hope you all do well today.
To do:
morning things
spiritual (not me) time
return keys
finish work project A
do first part of project B
return stuff to library
work on table pile
check in this afternoon

Rexroth Check In

Up early and with energy and feeling tense. I know what I need to do, I know what is in my interests to do, I know..etc etc. which does not make it easy to do.

Out for food shopping - eating properly and losing and maintaning weight loss is a priority for me.
Home and put stuff away - this is good normally I leave things around for a while.
Made one new list - I have many lists.

Sort out stuff regarding old legal/business files - the papers are all in one place but is a bit of a mess. Nothing remotely like the position last year but I still need to deal with them.
Write holding letter to insurance company
Go through papers for meeting with solicitor for next Tuesday including checking statement and making notes for meeting.

This is not what I want to do but it is what I need to do to get on with my life.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Update

Taken all files from the cupboard wet wiped them and the shelves sorted and put back in order.
Letter written to insurance company
Read papers for meeting with solicitor there are a few matters which I need to search further in the files for info.
Cooked lunch and food for freezer
Ordered food online

Take insurance letter to the Post Office
Finish off food for freezer
Write journal

I feel horrible and the reason I was putting off the legal stuff is clear. I feel like I did last year when I was starting it yet circumstances are very different. the answer I know is to keep going and finish it for good.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Update

Insurance letter posted
Food finished - well almost
Journal written
Needs and wants summary finished
Washed up once

Finish clearing in kitchen
Rest and whatever...

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Almost finished cleaning in kitchen
Cleared almost everything in bedsit
Rested and spent time on web - some constructively

Night Folks


(Rex) You can do it.

(Rex) You can do it.


Thanks Lucky I'm sort of sure you're right and I really don't feel it at the moment.


huma CI

Ok, I can feel a good day coming. Up early and ready. Smile

  • change ED banner 
  • AM find ck
  • cover WF payment
  • email BSSB
  • call re SF prop
  • call re MS prop
  • 1 hr CC uploading
  • call or email OMF
  • 1 hr web
  • PM 1 hr paperwork
  • empty trash
  • sort laundry
  • dishes
  • add BB bonus
  • add WG bonus


Helen's checkin

Well I am feeling much better today but wondering how to spend this time. I have thinking about procrastination. I thought I was addicted to doing little but actually I have realised that I might be addicted to the consequences of doing little. 

It feels normal and comfortable not to care for myself, to live somewhere undecorated, it accept chaos. Changing that takes me out of my comfort zone. I deserve to be healthy and eat wholesome nutritious food.

I think I might make the day about food. I don't cook for myself often and so eat poorly. The kitchen and bath are full of washing up. So time to change that. 

1. Washing up in 15 minute shifts

2. Clean kitchen surfaces

3. Clean kitchen floor

4. Clean loo

5. Brush teeth

6. Find recipe planner

7. Plan week's food

8. Go to library

9. Post book

 10. Buy food for weekend.

11. Cook a nutritious evening meal

12. Slow-cook some soup.


I can identify

Sometimes the rewards of doing very little or putting things off can be quite high. Seems with my work (I'm self-employed.), the dollar per hour is good to that point, and then it starts to fall off. If I procrastinate or just stop, I have my clients "under my spell" for a while, and my ego likes that. I live and work alone, so food is a factor also. It's too easy to grab junkfood. I pulled out my crock pot, which is neat to use when it's cold outside. I often make baked potatoes, and they taste like real soft, oven-baked ones. Then I can microwave them for the next few days. Also, those pop-open tube biscuits do well in the crock pot too. Good luck Helen.

'Addicted to the

'Addicted to the consequences of doing little' - YES, I really identify with what you've said! Alcoholics are said to 'drink for the hangover' - I think we 'procrastinate for the chaos'.

This is a wonderful post to read and I wish you the very best of luck with the food day. You *totally* deserve to be healthy and better eating will give you more energy to fight procrastination too. :)

Lucky CI

I'm really tempted to schedule more than this, but resisting!

Before work:
Up by 6.30Smile
Check inSmile
Prayer/bible reading time - remember to pray for C, E & LSmile
Prayer & visualisation over my tasklistSmile
Dress smartlySmile
Straighten hairSmile
Got Everything Check: Phone, book, makeup, wash stuff, contacts, keysSmile

Full makeupSmile
Read some of new bookSmile
Do some of creative writing bookSmile

Backlog - In progress
Tasks - In progress
Contracts - In progress
Tidy deskSmile
Got Everything Check: PhoneSmile

Start proofingSmile

After work:
Carrier bag clearoutSmile
Sitting room lightsSmile (well, had a look and determined that I need to buy bulbs!)
Email creditorsSmile
Check/fill bird feederSmile
Clear kitchenSmile
Tomorrow's listSmile
Wash face/brush teeth -  floss - clean contacts properlySmile
Email reportSmile
Check inSmile
BED straight after check in!Smile