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Saturday, March 13 2010

kromer 10:30 CI

Slept in a bit this morning, now I'm ready to work.

Main tasks for the day are:
*GRADE EXAMS! (this will take a good chunk of the day)
*Fix WM bug
*Send out BrdU protocol
*Re-do sequencing

If I have time, I'd also like to:
*Call AG
*Do budgeting
*Do some cleaning

OK, grading now

kromer next day CO

Got mostly done grading, and re-did sequencing.

Also called dad to wish happy bday, went to brother's play, and called AG.

Didn't do any work on WM bug or BrdU protocol. 

update 3:40

I'm mostly done w/ the grading. I need to stop this for a little bit and re-start the sequencing, then once that's at a waiting step I'll finish grading.

Oh and two more things to add... I'm going to call my dad and wish him happy bday, and if I get a chance I'd like to go to my brother's play (but if I don't get to that it's no big deal, I can go next weekend.)

Journey 10 am &

Busy day . . .checking in to stay on track !  I did a gentle yoga routine this morning and got the guest bathroom cleaned - rather superficially, but it looks clean anyway - and now I'm making my todo list for the rest of the day.   After that, I'll make a grocery list and get on the road to visit mom and do food shopping.  The kids are coming for dinner, so when I get home from shopping I need to get right to work putting away the grcoeries, straighten the dining room and living room, clean up the kitchen, and make dinner.   After they leave I can good off as much as I want but before then I need to keep working . . . with reasonable breaks of course.

Have a productive and enjoyable day, y'all!

UPDATE Home from shopping and errands, took a 30 minute break, now to put away the groceries.  I have 2.5 hours to get the dining room and living room straightened and dusted (DH vacuumed!), put away the clean dishes, and cook dinner.   No problemo.  Here goes. 



"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel


Hi All

It's Saturday.  I work retail so off to work at 2.  But before that I have a PRG for myself and one for someone else (onther 12 step thing...) 

Some small prep for that, and 15 minutes of cleaning in the kitchen.

Have a great day!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Ok, didn't sleep too well last night, so I need to work a nap in here somewhere without wasting the day.

  • 1 hr web work in AM
  • post office
  • car payment
  • send emails out
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • car repair
  • 1 hour office sort by 4pm
  • 1 hr office sort by 7pm
  • 1 hour office sort by 10pm
  • clean downstairs bath

Rexroth Check In

Thanks for starting thread Lucky

Up check emails mail
10K walk
Flowers from Farmers market

Bath and wash hair
Reduce chicken stock and freeze - this is for chicken soup which is necessary at times
Put flowers in vase - difficult as I am male
Phone friend re meetup on Monday
Write journal

and then...

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Update

Above and also put on washing machine

Sort out wet washing
Wash up
Make and eat supper and clear up

Regards Rexroth

Lucky CI

Up by 8Smile
Check inSmile
Prayer/bible reading time - remember to pray for C, E & L & prayer diarySmile
Prayer & visualisation over my tasklistSmile
Creative writing time 9-11SmileSmileSmile!!!
To shop - 2 60w screw bulbs,Smile floss - MY VILLAGE FAILS DENTAL FLOSS.
Change bulbsSmile
Empty all binsSmile
Start room tidySmileSmileSmile!!!
D birthday - phone!Smile (Out, left message)
Charge phoneSmile
Check/fill bird feederSmile
Exercise I got enough doing my room!
Clear kitchenSmile
Tomorrow's listSmile
Wash face/brush teeth -  floss - clean contacts properlySmile We'll gloss over the attempt to floss with cotton...
Email reportSmile
Check inSmile
BED straight after check in!Smile