Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Help entering "meetings chatbox"

Two chat rooms are created automatically when you enter the chatbox:

  • meeting
  • check-in

By default, you start off in the check-in room, which is the second tab of the chatbox. The check-in room is for talking yourself through tasks, and for brief check-ins with others. The main check-in room can be used 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The first tab is the meeting room. That is where we hold our online 12-step meetings. It is used for no other purpose. Please don't use this room except during meeting time.

How to enter the Meeting Room:

  1. Log into PA website. Only registered members of Procrastinators Anonymous have access to our 12-step meetings.
  2. Click on the "Chatbox" button at top of page. Don't type anything else!
  3. Wait for the chatbox to load. It may take a minute or two, so be patient. Don't try to find the meeting room until the chatbox has fully loaded.
  4. If the chatbox looks funny to you after it has fully loaded, it may not be compatible with your browser. It works with all versions of Mozilla Firefox, which is a free download. So if you have compatibility problems, try that:
  5. Once the chatbox has loaded and you're in the check-in room, you can test your access by typing "hello" or "test" or whatever, where I have indicated below:

    Then click the "Send" button to the right. If that works, you'll see what you typed inside the chat room.

  6. Now you're ready to go to the meeting room. To find the meeting room, look at the top of the chatbox itself, for the tabs. You will see this:

    Click on the word "meeting" and be careful not to hit the red "x".

  7. Once you've clicked on the meeting tab, you'll be in the meeting room.

NOTE: If you try to enter the meeting room before the chatbox is fully loaded, the chatbox may hang. So wait until chatbox has fully loaded before you click on the meeting tab. Do a test post in the check-in room first. If that works, then the chatbox is fully loaded and you can click on meeting tab.

Privacy issue:

After the meeting is over, we type a single character, followed by enter key, over and over as follows:


We do this continuously for several minutes so that anybody entering after the meeting cannot read what was said, thus protecting the anonymity of those participating.

Hello! I joined last week

I'm enquiring how this group works. What am I supposed to do? 


I'm a newcomer too.

Welcome InnerTruth!

Good to see you made it to the meeting this morning (well, it was morning in my time zone). It was my first
meeting too, although I have been using the site for a while. Usually I
post in the daily forums (look under dates on right hand side of page)
and sometimes use the chat box - these have both helped start me towards

Often when new people join they post their story (maybe
the one written in order to register on the site) as a new forum topic -
then members can respond to you with welcomes and comments.

All the best, ask more questions if you need to. You are in good company here!

Is this the online 12-step

Is this the online 12-step meeting of Procrastinators Anonymous that meets Sundays 7:30pm GMT?

@DonnaMay re: finding the online meeting

Donna May,
this page is the directions for finding the meeting.


This page is not the meeting itself.

To find the meeting room, read the instructions on this page carefully.

One step you missed was clicking on the word "chatbox" at the top of your screen.

Inside the chatbox is where the meetings happen.

I didn't notice your posts here ... until after the meeting was over. Had I known you were trying to find us, I would've come here to help.

By the way, you can practice entering the areas of chatbox at any time.

Hope to see you at the actual meeting the next time we have one!

Welcome to PA!

Is this the Sunday

Is this the Sunday 7:30-8:30pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) meeting?

Difference between a user and a guest?

I see that "There are currently 17 users and 4 guests online" What is the difference?

@DonnaMay re: numbers of guests and users online

Both numbers refer to who is reading anywhere on the website --
and most of them are probably not at the 12step meeting.

The number of USERS refers to the number of registered members
who are currently logged in -- reading anywhere on the website

The number of GUESTS refers to
the count of all of the people who are reading
anywhere on the website -- without logging in
These could be members who are not logged in.
Or they could be nonmembers.

These do not indicate the 12step meeting chatroom.

Hope this helps to answer your questions.

Again, welcome to PA!