Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 4th September 2013

tiptree CI

- review open issues - come up w/ 5 top next action candidates
- attend screening
- complete required training
- work on vit. goal
- read 50 pp
- exercise/walk
- work through some more items in diac. todo list
- clean office

movingalong's Wednesday

hoping for a better day.

releasing all my thoughts to my higherpower.

Vic 9/4/13

 Show up(done), basics, set goals. thx

"We can help give our lives direction by setting goals.

Today, I will pay attention to setting a course of action for my life, rather than letting others control my life and affairs."
From The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie

jays wednesday 4 september

people say motivation won't last. neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily

zig ziglar

thank you jalla.

very tired today, having been sleeping much and perfectionism hindering me

today will be basics anything extra is bonus, just got up and longing for an early night, procrastation at bedtime wrecking me

wash up kitchen

make smoothie

paper list for week/countdown

email sol

KF Check in 4th Sept 08:40

Early start for me today. Woke early with some anxiety about a task for a client. (different from the big problem) Have decided my way forward (really the only one available) so I just need to get on with it. And try and keep calm and smile.

Today I have already: 

  • Had a good breakfast
  • Written most of my to do list
  • Hd a shower
  • Listened to some great podcasts  

Today I will: 

  • Work on SD 8 poms done 10/8
  • **invoicing** 2 poms max
  • book holiday money
  • Check enough food for dinner
  • If no - walk to shop in the sunshine
  • have a good LUNCH
  • Wash up
  • Put washing on
  • Hang washing
  • Tidy kitchen
  • Smile :-) just try...


Thanks for the thread.

I have one task for the daty and that to work on this Report I've been procrasting over and not getting started.

Just for today, I'll work on the report chapter by chapter and try to get it done before next week. Today I will work on one chapter.

After that hopefully head out to dinner with a friend

 Home and 10th step.

Not a very specific plan but its what I'm doing today. 

clement ci - day 299 attempting abstinence, 219 from self

Abstinence from unplanned time.

  • The one thing, the only thing, i can do impulsively is write something on my todo list.
  • The one thing, the only thing, i can do off plan is recovery, something to maintain my sobriety, when tempted. I have come to believe that it is more important to maintain sobriety than to get things done.

Abstinence from relying on self. AA Big Book says to rely on God. Quoted in my bookmarks : scroll down to "AA Big Book on fears : relying on God not self-reliance:"

  • I have come to believe that it is more important to maintain sobriety of relying on God than to get things done.
    • "15 Points" point 5 says:
      5. Develop and rehearse a daily plan of thinking and acting by which you will live that day relying on God, regardless of what may upset you or how hard the old urge to rely on self may hit you.

      My Plan is this:

      1. read "15 Points"
      2. Meditate for 5 min on the attributes of God

start timers
v task
time log
quiet time
r task
s task
t task
11am pa phone mtg
sort tasks
j task
do tasks
put away clothes
abstinence day counts
pre-plan tmrw

When we retire at night, we constructively review our day (BB).
  • Were we resentful, selfish, dishonest or afraid?
  • Do we owe an apology?
  • Have we kept something to ourselves which should be discussed with another person at once?
  • Were we kind and loving toward all?
  • What could we have done better?
  • Were we thinking of ourselves most of the time?
  • Or, were we thinking of what we could do for others, of what we could pack into the stream of life?

THINGS I AM GRATEFUL FOR (everything i "did well" comes from god, either thru gifts he's given me or the way he's transformed me)

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


Mole's check in

Thank you Jalla - what an up cheering (graphics) and grounding (content) thread-starter to greet my tardy self this treacle-wading day.

i was so tired yesterday I had to cry off doing something I usually love and energises me, and was barely able to eat and roll myself into bed, let alone do any of the prep work for a meeting this morning- nor could I bring myself to get up early to do it. I am not berating myself. this is just how it is, and because I am a procrastinator I sometimes find it difficult to differentiate between not doing something because I am physically unable to and not doing something because I am procrastinating.

it is lunchtime. I don't really have any food in the house. Not sure what to do about it.

i have an appointment at three, so need to allow half an hour to walk there, and should by some groceries on the way - add half an hour, and go to the phone company - add another half hour. So leave here at 1.30. It is 12.30 now. I think I will leave in half an hour and eat out.

i will be back about 5

unpack ggroceries

email ringers re Sat 

cook a simple easy meal.

plan Thurs to Sun ( when to do Cv, write to A, talk to M, card to B)


wash up

check in





Finding a double decker bus parked at the end of my drive (we don't have them here)

picking up pieces of newspapers being blown down the street together with a builder 

C for gentleness

S for understanding

T for coming back

the helpful woman in the phone shop 

morning chorus


a cool change coming 

The courage to change the things I can...

Thanks for the thread!

 Hard to believe but its been a week since I posted - part of that was planned long weekend holiday but part of it not planned - same old story.

 But thank you for posting the serenity prayer - I am definitely missing that at the moment as I beat myself up for "falling off the wagon" - again, especially with regards to time.

Instead -

I admit that I am powerless over my procrastination and debt and that my life had become unmanageable.  I came to believe that a Power greater than myself could restore me to sanity and I made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God.

 "Its not about the tasks - its about listening to the moment and going with the flow of the spirit.

Its not about the money, its about listening to the simplicity of need and contentment.

I had a win yesterday with some decent study.  But this morning has been good intentions and bascially internet surfing.  O God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (time gone) and the courage to change the things I can (the rest of today) and the wisdom to know the difference (it is unrealistic and self-punishment to expect to catch up on 2/3/4/etc days work today.  Aim for today only - that is the difference.


washing and healthy b'fast - done

tfer money - done

rsvp - done

For the rest of today:

small but important jobs - go in and sign contract


start new online learning profile - 15mins

baby sitting from 4 - don't be late!

My main goal for today - keep working through past questions - 3 pages of physiology, 1 page pharmacology, 1 anatomy podcast before bed. 20minx2 timers, 20min 'pottering'.

either pilates or run around block.

healthy lunch. 

 My encouragement to everyone for today! 


duplicate post, ignore

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.'

I want to thank jalla for starting this trend.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 5:45 a.m. telephone ACA meeting

2. Go to the 6:45 a.m. telephone OA meeting

3. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

4. Take shower

5. Go to the 8:30 a.m. telephone UA meeting

6. Go to the 9 a.m. telephone ACA meeting

7. Go to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA activity line

8. Cook and eat breakfast

9. Go to the 11 a.m. telephone PA meeting

10. Prayer and meditation morning and evening

11. Go to the 12 noon telephone Al-Anon meeting

12. Go to the 1:30 p.m. telephone PA meeting

13. Fix and eat dinner

14. Go to the 3 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

15. Get dressed

16. Go to CVS and get over the counter medication

17. Go to the bank and exchange money

18. Go to work at 5:30 p.m.

19. Go to the 9 p.m. telephone OA meeting

20. Go to the 9 p.m. online EA meeting

21. Go to the 9:50 p.m. telephone UA meeting

Thanks for letting me share