Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday December 4, 2012


Tool Six of PA:
Use Small Blocks of Time: Procrastinators often have trouble doing tasks in incremental steps, and wait for big blocks of time that never come. When you have small blocks of time, use them to work on the task at hand.

Have a great proactive day!


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DonnaMay Tue 12/4/12 Completed the following task so far today

Paid telephone bill and Mortgage

Went to DMV and registered car

Read chapter 3 of "The Procrastination Equation". Chapters 1 and 2 were very helpful. Bored with chapter 3, not interested in the history of procrastination.  

Piqued's check-in

Lennon, thanks for getting today's thread started. That's just the message I needed today. Smile

And would you look at that! Today's check-in at 3:50 PM is an improvement over yesterday's at 4:24 PM.

1) Get assistance with the CQ I was testing yesterday
2) Briefly test new feature (2 hours?)
3) Tackle the connection-lost CQ
4) Review install doc

EOD thoughts: Fairly unproductive day. Moving #2, #3, #4 to Thursday list so they won't get lost.

Tuesday - Tabula Rasa

1. Clean litter box
2. Breakfast
3. Forward report to boss
4. Call w/Designer
5. Touch base w/client re overdue deliverables 

6. Work on print order
7. Work on WP project
8. Summarize problems w/website
9. Find wallet 

Hamlet's checkin

1. FoY exercise

2. DD Nichols

3. call Street

4. pick up Study

5. OR organizational Research

6. Gardening Blog

7. cook Veggies

8. Mail

9. Water plants

10 meditate

elvira's evening

Very tired today.

I will 


  • eat
  • do a bit more tidying the landing
  • go to bed by 10.30 


So far today, I have been

So far today, I have been to 3 hours of meetings, seen friends, and checked my email

During the rest of the day, I need to plow through a bunch of small tasks:
Brainstorm titles
Update bolded material
Update intro outline
Message SH
Email IA
Email RH
Order backpack
Email about committee
Do laundry, bleach white clothes
Cook pasta
Go to bible study
Go to seminar
Go square dancing

Email TE about slides

movingalong's tuesday thoughts


  • My *name* is movingalong.
  • My *identity* is a living loving being that is part of higherpower.
  • My *experience* is addiction to avoiding commitment.

Because I am willing to work in harmony with a greater wisdom, I *can* be restored to sanity, one minute at a time.

Will i love myself and honor myself KINDLY -- by lovingly keeping a commitment to myself, one minute at a time?

With help from a Greater Wisdom, I can.

So for the next minute, I will make a commitment and KEEP the commitment.

Welcome to all the newcomers!


DonnaMay Check-in Tue 12/4/12

Pay some bills (Telephone, Medical, Water, Mortgage)

Read chapter 3 of "The Procrastination Equation" 

musti's c/i 12/4/12

Thanks for the start, lennon...and for tomorrow's as well, I see. I believe I need to list these tools and post them where I can see them!

Appt. with therapist at 8am. Done . And more productive than usual, I believe.

It's nearly 11am now and I've pissed away an hour goofing online. But, here I am at a new beginning.

Yesterday was productive, insofar as completing the minimal tasks I set for myself, but inerestingly, I have no positive feelings about that. And  I need want to remind myself that most of the issues I struggle with live in that lizard-brain that also happens to be in charge of feelings. As I saw Sat. morning, feeling good sometimes (and for now, often) means I'm acting in the interest of feelings; reactively rather than proactively. It's the addict that acts to produce a feeling; I believe the steps and fellowship are about acting with intent and awareness to simply respond to the needs of the moment in the moment, within my purpose and whatever higher purpose I've chosen to act within; feel what, if anything, I feel, and continue. It'll be some time and take quite a bit of work and practice to get to a point of integration where feelings are happening in real time and are to be trusted enough to help guide me.

11:30    begin 3 (25/5) periods of work, taking up where I left off yesterday in the shop.

Remove clutter I tagged

Set up de-rust tank

Begin milling & cutlist for bookcase

Knock apart first of CH's chairs

Back here to report and plan on when 3 periods complete.

Or not...three hours to execute three 1/2 hour work periods, of which I did one. Kind of. Boy, when I lose focus and embrace discouragement I end up wandering about, looking at my shoes and slumping, slumping, slumping. So why should it matter what a slug like me fills time with? 

Amazing, how subtle the poison. 

So, I'm here to reset...start with posture! Quit yer slouchin'! Breathe into your center. Quiet the mind...let go of thoughts (which helped put me here)...Pick up the list and execute...let action have free rein to create feeling and attitude.

3ish...once again 3 (25/5)....use the timer .

aaaahh...much better. Productive and painless hour and a half. I could do with more of those! I did find myself having to adjust to life a bit...client coming by and I had to wanted to prep a few things. But also removed tagged clutter so I can continue a bit later.

Relax until B arrives.


andy check in 12/4

wake up/clean up 
prep food
drive to work
punch in
pa check in
change C for ASLI

straighten desk
Prep for L meeting
File notes from old meetings
Reschedule appointment

clement ci - day 27 attempting abstinence

saturday, 12/8, will be my 1-month anniversary. I need to put on my plan to write a retrospective.

8:45am : action commitments

:) rdy
:) quiet time
:) sort tasks
:) do tasks.
:) sort tasks 2
:) do tasks
:) replan tasks
:) do more tasks
:) plan tmrw

10:35pm : it's been 1 min since i last went off plan. I wasted abt 1hr 50 min. New beginning? hard to fight the guilt. Lord, i need your help. You promised you would help. I believe you. You are my strength.

10:39am : it's been 5 min since i last went off plan. I do have a new beginning. And this 26 day habit of staying on plan--GETTING back on plan--is now kicking in. So God did answer my prayer, and i trust he will guide me going forward. But now that's it 10 not 8, i better check my tasks for anything time sensitive.

11:51am : it's been 25 min since i last went off plan. That's ok. God has brought me back and i trust him for the future. I trust him and not me.

12:04pm : it's been 38 min since i last went off plan.

3:16pm : it's been about 30 min since i last went off plan. TV on in the room when i walked thru. Again. But i've sorted my tasks, again, 2nd time today, and i know what i should do. Woops, again, i forgot to ask god. So i ask now, God what would have me do? Please show me. I trust you.

8:18 pm : Gosh, helped son with homework problem he was stuck on. But that wasnt planned. But it took the place of an activity that was canceled. It's close, but i'm going to call that planned. So it's been 33min since i last went off plan. The way i went of plan ( before the homework thing ) was continuing, really binging, on a planned activity. I did have to do the work i did. It didnt take longer than it should have. It just wasn't planned for that long at that time. When the task started taking longer, i should have broken it off, looked at my task list and DECIDED whether or not to continue. Impulsively, compulsively continuing is slavery to procrastination. Not binging, working on a plan, that is chosen, is FREEDOM.

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


Journey 8 am

First up - 20 minutes of exercise then get ready to take dog to vet.   

Back later with todo list for rest of day 

Update 10:30 - Back from vet, a little poorer but with healthy doggies.   Now I am hungry and I'm going to eat something healthy before I start snacking on unhealthy stuff.    Then todo list for the rest of the day.  


Let your purpose rule your day - Steve Chandler

Knitfisher's checkin Tues 4th Nov

My Monday/Tuesday work is causing me pain at the moment. There are several massively aversive tasks there and to top it off too much gossip and politics.

I have procrastinated today, like i did yesterday with busy-work that could be deemed useful an productive, but is no way my priority. It's time to suck it up and get brave. I just need to make some headway on this stuff, don't ignore it don't feel awful about it. Just do your best. Make good notes and return to it often so people can see progress.

Today I WILL:


Save down the holiday list and email everyone who needs it

Explain we will contact everyone about untaken  holiday in the new year

Update the debtors, and call the 5 most worrying ones.

Update the notes for any letters sent or calls made 

Create a rough draft of a procedure to categorise and follow up debtors.

Then and only then, update banking and enter invoices. 


nevermind tuesday check-in

Not a busy day today but i will be doing alot of studying today.


1. 1 hour study

1/2 hour break 

2. 3/4 hour study

3. 1/2 hour study

4. 1 hour study

these are not to be done one directly after the other, preferably with at most a 30 min rest gap between them 

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 5:45 a.m. telephone ACA meeting

2. Go to the 6:45 a.m. telephone OA meeting

3. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

4. Test blood sugar twice

5. Eat breakfast

6. Go to the 8:30 a.m. telephone PA meeting

7. Go to the 9 a.m. telephone ACA meeting

8. Prayer and meditation morning and evening

9. Read the meditations

10. Do Step Four in DA

11. Do Step Six in NA

12. Go to the 12 noon telephone ACA meeting

13. Go to the 1 p.m. telephone CLA activity line

14. Cook and eat lunch

15. Go to the 3 p.m. telephone DA meeting

16. If weather permits, go to do errands for my mother.

17. Warm up and cook and eat dinner

18. Go to the 9 p.m. telephone OA meeting

19. Go to the 9 p.m. online EA meeting

20. Go to the 9:30 telephone CLA activity line

21. Take shower

22. Get dressed

Thanks for letting me share

Rexroth Check In 10/39

Woke late fed up with myself for allowing a friend to waste a lot of my time yesterday.

Up prayer and reflection
Checked emails and copied email to professional
Checked posts
Prepared for engineers who arrived early and found fault in entry system and will be back when they have located a part
Washed up while they were here - new behaviour generally I hang around doing nothing while people are working here

x Think and make plan as to how to deal with disruption from friend
x Finish putting some expedition kit away - would have done it yesterday
x Finish finances and put file away - again would have done it yesterday
x Put dry clothes away
x Vaccuum up
x Email another friend

All done and I feel more fed up than satisfied and now I suppose I should/could get on with my life? 14.32

Feel free to reply Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out 23.23

Have rested most of the rest of the day and done a little more clearing up. All of my expediton stuff is away except for my hat which is drying. An email says that new sheets are on the way so I shall need to stay in to get them.

Ive written my journal, prayed and reflected and am now in bed and I hope I shall soon be asleep.

Night Rexroth

hugs to rexroth

Perhaps have one item on your daily list be
"experience joy for a few minutes"
I've found that I can do it for at least one minute,
even when I'm generally feeling down or feeling blah.

Edit to clarify:
It's sometimes difficult and I have to try things ...
-- pray, meditate, tell a joke, dance,
move about in a silly way,
remember something joyful, etc.
The paradox is that I cannot force it,
but I *can* be "actively open" to experience it.

Thanks movingalong 23.28

Thanks movingalong

I need to make the effort to do things that in the past have given me joy. In fairness to me this has been difficult as I have had bronchitis off and on for several weeks and now seem to be getting better for the second time.

I'm not sure what to do. I feel secure and content that I have my place clean and tidy with all my admin done. But I also feel so angry and frustrated that I have not got on with my life's work.

So more prayers and sleep.

Night and thanks again Rexroth

Blue-eyes Tuesday check-in

Thank you, Lennon, for starting today. 

It's incredible: I'm sitting here with four to-do lists in front of me and I start a 5th, trying to consolidate them all and prioritize for today. Maybe it's just time to get started!!!

I do like spending the first part of the morning on little tasks and tying up a lot of loose ends because then I don't have to write it on my list. But how to keep that from turning into a day of procrastination? Time limit?

So, here are my priorities for today:

1. Finish translation and send off. max. 1 hr

2. Holiday shopping 1 hr

3. Grocery shopping 1 hr

4. Email to A&O 15 min

5. Call M. 5 min

6. Laundry throughout 15 min.

Hang in there, everyone!

ms tuesday

the deadline is tomorrow and I will have something to submit I need to make sure that it is the best it can possibly be.



  • 2x15 bursts
  • send off writng
  • go to work, listen and respond from the heart.
  • upload vs
  • partners finnished (tally)
  • details finished (tally)
  • edit main again, 1
  • no napping
  • no internet tv (you can tomorrow)
  • eat with kindness
  • be careful with money



Salamander's check in - Tues 4 Dec 2012

Thank you, pro, for maintaining these boards for the fellowship. Thank you also to you, lennon, for starting the thread - another good reminder!

Major thanks to the Mole for kindly suggesting a "Not allowed to touch kitchen floor day". I remain grateful for her advice and anyone else's who has something to suggest that I can use to help myself move forward when I am currently stuck.

I would appreciate it if anyone who feels moved to comment on my post here would write to me privately rather than post in reply to this post - so I can still edit this post here. Thank you!

  • Follow Morning Routine
  • Put washing in, take it out, put it around to dry
  • Washing and drying up (1 hour)


  • Sweep kitchen floor (5 mins)
  • Scrub the 2nd quarter of kitchen floor (10 mins)
  • Change cat trays (15 mins)
  • Wash cat trays (10 mins)
  • Phone MH (1 hour)
  • Living Room: Clear altar and coffee table (15 mins)
  • Clear bedroom hotspot (15 mins)
  • Clear bedroom nightstand (10 mins)
  • Clean up Lily's bedroom floor (30 mins)
  • NHS job application (deadline: Thu 6 Dec)
  • Tidy up inside car/bring in rubbish (15 mins)
  • Admin at table inc bus pass & update diary (1 hour)
  • Follow Bedtime Routine

Best wishes to my fellow procrastinators with your day ahead.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." (Anais Nin)


  • readings

  • HIO

  • tidy

  • go to gym and pool

  • go to meeting (be there 1015)

  • write journal

  • banking

  • go to U
  • email m
  • let go of g

  • accounts

  • continue down list of refs for journals

  • widen search

  • start formulating list

  • put rest of posters up

  • jws

  • print
  • aim for draft of final three and database
  • evening meeting if you are finished 7pm
  • dinner
  • rehab excercises

suppenkasper - Tuesday

Thanks lennon for opening the thread. Reading "Tool Six of PA" i felt caught...

Short list for Tuesday

folders ready

2000 preps for wednesday at gbg

2030 M11Kl

2200 markings?

Now that i plan my stuff with more care, i often get intimidated by the mess i left behind the days before.... vicious circle....

conclusion for today: things take more time than expected...

Good night everyone.



Mole's check in

Thank you lennon  - I posted a whole commentary on yesterday's thread starter (it was very pertinent - as is this ) but lost it and check in while submitting. :-(

today 9-12.30 focus back on new chapter. Don't get sidetracked. Be strict with pomodoros. Use Dragon whenever possible..

eat healthy lunch.

get back to A re catching up 

CC report

write to Si

ring Su

clarify programme  with cathedral

3.30-6.30 with L and co

Put out rubbish


bed at  11 

EleanorBE's Tuesday List

Thanks for starting, Lennon.

Tuesday goes

Do regs 

If you have time between jobs - do some more Lo refs

Go through stuff for IP meeting

Go to R re random emails 

Draft IP schedule

As re dates for IP Ps 

Get GA contacts

Send survey to GA contacts

Find diary, find time for Alex

Read and comment on PH contract 

Have library meeting

Meet W before IP meeting

Have IP meeting

Go through diary, plan rest of week.