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Sunday November 4, 2012


Promise Seven of PA:

We will have more energy,  as we no longer burn it foolishly as we did when we procrastinated, negative emotions will no longer be the fuel that drives or stops our actions, when agitated or in doubt we instinctually pause... ask our higher power for devine guidance for the right thoughts or actions .

Have a great proactive day!


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Goodbye PA


Thank you to all who have been supportive of me. But I don't feel comfortable here anymore. I don't feel welcome and there's a level of distortion and intrusion that I can't deal with from some of the members. 

I'm going to focus on my other fellowship where I can get a sponsor as I don't feel I'm making progress here and if I say one sentence people distort and misunderstand it and I didn't do anything wrong. 

Read my reply to Chattydo to find out the "real" issue, and it only has to do with a few individuals. I wish I could feel comfortable here because the majority of you are great, but the few have overtaken and are so vocal that there's really no place for me here. Take care. 

Hi Lavida, Not very sure

Hi Lavida,

Not very sure whats going on exactly because I have not been completely following the conversation lately but it seemed to me that everyone's agreed that noone will be pressurising others and those who want to join in bursts can and those who work in a different way can do that as well. I think there is plenty of room for everyone.

And also some who might be a bit over the top pumped up are hanging out in a seperate room so as not to stress out others. Normal calm bursts are still going on in the main chatroom as well. I think most things are sorted out now and hope you will reconsider and stay on this site, especially if you think it has benefitted you in the past. 

Take care... In the mean time i hope your job hunt and writing goes well. 

wishing you well lavida!

lavida, was sorry to hear the chat box issues have put you off and that you are leaving. I have been away for a few days and am startled by all the debate, which I have not had time to read.

Just wanted to wish you well for the future!

tila- Sun

A super-late check-in. Had a busy and productive day, will be studiyng more tonight. 


  • 2 sections - review
  • Do 4 sections - timed. NO matter what.  
  • Dishwasher, laundry, tape the box. 


I had no idea anyone was uncomfortable in the chatbox, and I'm really sorry for the part I've played in that. I think separate rooms for bursting and non-bursting would definitely be the way to go - it's so important that everyone feels comfortable here.



Lucky, you've been nothing but kind and wonderful and have nothing to be sorry about. Thank you for your support of me. but I'm leaving this site. I wish you the best!





Update chatbox to kind Lucky&others

Hey there,

The Boss has just mentioned bursters are more than welcome in the main chatbox (check-in) so the plan to create others is kind of cancelled.

What we do learn from this is to not unwantedly invite others to join in bursts in the future.


Hi Just want to say I


Just want to say I have been working in a private room today with one or two PAers working with timers to do work and this is working fine. 



Thanks Wolke <3 roger that!

Thanks Wolke <3 roger that!

Kodos check-in

I've been trying to take Sundays easy and focus on catching up with friends and family and doing things I want to instead of things I have to do. (Believe it or not, cooking and cleaning are somewhat relaxing for me). So here's my plan for today:

6:30-8 relax 

8-9 write 

9:00-11:30 breakfast w/ T

11:30-1 cleaning and cooking for week

1-1:45 Skype with A

1:45-5 get-together at J's

5-7 dinner w/ W

7-8:30 church

8:30-10:30 read and prep for tomorrow 

Three Cheers for Jack for Creating A Solution- A Reflection Room

Three Cheers for Jack for being Solution-Focused, Awesome and Great!

Jack has ceated a Reflection Room.

Thank You Jack, Hip Hip Hooray for Jack!!!! 



reply ... to Calypso

A reflection room is one idea.
It might be a helpful idea for some.
I'm not sure it's the answer for this situation, though.
I replied further down the thread to another post here:

promises for recovery #2 - finding joy in doing routine tasks

I've been finding the PA Promises for Recovery here a useful guide to inform my reponse to the discussion in this thread:  

Promise for Recovery #2. We will find joy in doing routine tasks, knowing that we are doing God (HP)'s will making daily action plans, complete all tasks and meet deadlines on before they are due.
Thank you PA and my HP for the check-in chatroom and (following on from the discussion in this thread) for the temporary chatrooms that others and myself are now also creating to support our individual recoveries. Thank you HP for the joy we are finding in doing routine tasks, in the burst technique, in moments of reflection, in encouraging each other, in working alone etc etc. I look forward to continue sharing my recovery and joy in the PA chatbox and beyond.

about the chatbox


(disclaimer: I just woke up and haven't had a chance to thoroughly read every post regarding this issue, as I noticed some of them were long posts). In my original checkin post at the bottom of this thread, I was just expressing my wishes for myself, didn't expect a whole federal case to be made out of it ... I'm happy to step aside and let whoever wants use the chatbox however they want to ... I just won't use the chatbox if I feel it's not working for me. The tone of it has changed from what it used to be for me and I don't feel as comfortable there now. Wasn't intending to set off a whole firestorm. Since only one chatbox is allowed apparently,  though I'm not sure what pro thinks on this and she has her hands full enough this week with the storm so it's a bad time to present the issue to her, (and honestly I don't know what would be wrong with having separate ones for different styles of bursting) I'll just abstain from using it during the times of the day when others use it in a way that is much more intrusive and aggressive these days than I feel comfortable with. I'm used to being forced aside to do things the way others want, it's the story of my life :) No worries! I've got my timer and check-in thread posts so I can fend for myself if need be, lol. Did not expect methods to be changed around just for me if majority rules, again, just expressing my opinion and not sure if anyone else feels as I do. 


I hope you keep coming back. I hope you can still use this fellowship to aid your recovery. And your presence here helps my recovery. Feel free to contact me by clicking on my name if you think that would help you.

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


Response to Chatbox Issue...

With all due respect, the idea that we should be conscious of anyone using the chatbox is absurd. The whole point of the box (as I understood it) was anonymity - to use it to check in, being accountable to one's self, and being productive without any commitment to anyone else or obligation to anyone else.  To now suggest that my bursting or being overly productive is harmful, hurtful, or damaging to another PA member because they can't keep up is well....absurd. To bring it up as an issue, somehow suggests that I now have to worry about how my productivity might affect other people using the chatbox.  On it's face, that's absurd. The point is to be more productive, not to "slow it down." I'm looking to go forward, not have someone hold my hand while I stand in one place or go backwards. I'm all for support. Truly. I like it myself.  I just have no interest in being responsible for other people's feelings and how my productivity makes them feel while using the chatbox.That's a weight around my neck that I don't need.  I doubt anyone else does either.   Just keeping it real.



RE: Response to Chatbox Issue...


Chattydo, you totally misunderstood what I wrote. I NEVER suggested that
anyone being "overly productive" was a problem or even that "bursting"
was as we all do that in the chatbox.   And frankly, I think there wasn't an ounce of "respect" in your post.

Well then I'll keep it real too. This post is not addressed only to you, but in general. The issue is more one of intrusiveness -- of people who feel the need to make commentary on others' posts in the chatbox, constantly disrupting others' own thought processes as they try to burst too in their own way. In other words, it's called "crosstalk" -- trying to chat up every single person that comes in the room, commenting on their experience unsolicited, etc.  If a person wants to go in their chatbox and post away they can do it whatever pace they want. The issue is when they start interfering in others' lives, asking them questions about their personal lives, trying to get them to join in bursts at the same time even when clearly many people are not up for that. The level of codependency in the chatbox is frankly irritating and people need to learn about the concept of boundaries. In other words, leave people be unless they ask otherwise! 


I don't need you asking me intrusive questions about what I do for a living and making judgments about my experience or my life, no matter WHAT I share in the chatbox, which is part of my "bursting" -- so I think it's absurd that anyone thinks it's okay to intrude on someone in the chatbox that way. There I said it, since you want to keep it REAL! 


Most people in the chatbox are respectful, but there's a select few individuals who feel the need to take the whole space over and intrude on others -- and I think that's RUDE. 




re: chatbox issue:

With all due respect, everyone here is different, and nobody's opinion is absurd.

Each person here can speak only for himself/herself.

I just replied to a completely different post -- with a slightly different tangent, but similar.
Here is my reply.

Rexroth Check In

Friends I'm back after a long time and at the moment just for today want to get on so here is my list.

Up prayer and reflection
Check emails
Washup and tidy kitchen including cleaning cooker and floor
Take rubbish out
Found this site again and checked in

x Plan week - a bit difficult as I'm not very well at the moment but it is better for me to have some plan than no plan
x Some admin - I have a lot to do but the sooner I do some the sooner it will be finished - I have done some but not much but I have found a document I had lost and found that a letter I had written and not posted was written in error and things feel a bit of a muddle
x Shower and get clean - I've been lying in bed for the last few days
X Put on washing machine and when finished hang clothes to dry
Write journal
x Watch one specific programme on the web
Overall take it easy and rest - it is better to complete one task than to start several and leave myself in a mess
There is much else I could (and maybe should) do but this is sufficient for the moment

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Late check out as I went to sleep last night.

Prayers for people concerned about the chat room.

Thank you for being here friends.


Rexroth, welcome back!

Have not posted here for a while myself, and have been away for a few days, but your name caught my eye.

Good to have you here again :)

Thank you findingaway

Thank you findingaway. I am so far very glad to be back.

Regards Rexroth

Mole's check in

Thanks lennon - may those thoughts inspire me!

8 walk to town


veg market

9 ringing

10 Fs with visitors

11 finish digging patch and plant seedlings

12.30 healthy lunch

2-4.30 sort books

4.30 walk with B 

blue line 

6.30 food shop and drop off books to C

eat healthy meal 

plan tasks for week.


bed at  11 


Edge's CI

Flu's been getting worse. Boss told me to take tomorrow off (no complaints here!) so I'm going to rest for the rest of the evening and catch up on my to-dos tomorrow.
x Set to-dos
x Work
x Call back J about presentation and posters
x Tidy room

Left for tomorrow.
- Do dishes
- Fill out old HW into new format to finish part 1 of Psych HW
- Project P deadline #1 due
- Send Al feedback on chapter skeleton
- Blog post
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 5:45 a.m. telephone ACA meeting

2. Go to the 6:45 a.m. telephone OA meeting

3. Go to the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

4. Go to the 8 a.m. telephone OA meeting

5. Eat breakfast

6. Take shower

7. Get dressed

8. Go to the Buddhist meeting at 10 a.m.

9. Go to Kroger to get money orders

10. Eat lunch

11. Go to the business meeting at 1 p.m.

12. Eat dinner

13. Write three questions for tonight's meeting

14. Go to the 7 p.m. online EA meeting

15. Go to the 8 p.m. telephone CLA meeting

16. Go to the PA workshop at 9 p.m.

17. Read the EA reflection for today

Thanks for letting me share

jay's sunday 4th nov






Salamander's check in - Sun 4 Nov 2012

Thank you, lennon, for starting the thread. Smile

I would appreciate it if anyone who feels moved to comment on my post here would write to me privately rather than post in reply to this post - so I can still edit this post here. Thank you!

Alarm set: 0800

  • Breakfast
  • Follow Morning Routine


  • Washing - in, on and put around to dry
  • Scoop cat trays (inc Lily's)
  • Weekly Focus (Kitchen): Scrub kitchen floor (30 mins)
  • Declutter Study (1 x 15 mins)
  • Admin at table (30 mins) inc bus pass
  • vision2learn week 1
  • update diary
  • Diary for holidays
  • BYY charts - print out tables/charts/lists
  • Back up data to hard drive inc emails


  • Clean bath with microfibre cloth
  • Ring DN re birthday
  • Sort out handbag
  • Tidy up inside car/bring in rubbish
  • Test smoke alarms
  • Cook spag bol
  • Attend PA meeting 1930 UK time
  • Follow Bedtime Routine


"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." (Anais Nin)


Dear All,

Progress is being made. By tomorrow I need to have this book chapter done.I have never done a book chapter before. I have been calling on hp to allow me to do HP will. I have no excuse not to do this, I have paid for a coach, which was quite expensive, an academic coach to advise. I have not gone to social appointments, I have worked a lot. So the conditions are there for getting it done.  Now how about just getting it done, and giving it in tomorrow, wouldn't that be great?



Bursting in the chatbox and how it makes members feel?

Dear Lavida and other chatbox users,

NB. Lavida, I'm not replying to your message so you can keep editing your to-do-list. :)

Just wanted to say, I completely understand what you are saying about the check in chatbox, just want you to know that I have absolutely no objections to two chatboxes, or other ideas that might make a place to go for every PA-er whatever they need at that moment. I don't want anyone to feel too much pressure because of bursting of some people, including me as I'm quickly approaching my final deadline.

If anyone knows how to, I'd be open to working on another screen but also dont want to exclude anyone from joining... so private chat doesnt really work in that way (only possible between 2 members right?)

Maybe for others the 'go-go-going' and bursts are also either too much pressure or the opposite; encouraging. Curious to hear opinions, feel free to comment on this post whatever your opinion is! EmbarassedCryCoolYellLaughing

Best wishes to all, Wolke 

how I personally feel about the check-in chat

You asked how people feel when there is a "go go go" bursting in the chatbox.

I can say only how *I* feel.

I feel comfortable when a person says "I'm going to burst.  Others are welcome to join in." and then the person just does their bursting thing.   They don't check up on others if they are joining in or not.  They don't ask others if their bursts were successful.  They just burst alone if needed or alongside others if needed. But they don't prod others.  I'm fine if the person is enthusiastic about themselves but having no expectations of others.

I feel very uncomfortable if the burster is actively trying to pass enthusiasm on to others.  There is a way that some bursters present their enthusiasm that feels like a passive-aggressive prodding. (NOTE: that's how it *feels* to *me*.)  I feel pressured and judged.  This makes me feel very demand resistant, and I tend to stop participating in chat at that point.  Sometimes I log out, or sometimes I stay logged into chat but go to other tabs on my browser.

There have been individuals who have implied that if I am in the chatbox admitting that I feel stuck, then that would be like drinking at an AA meeting.  Well, I disagree!

The check-in chatbox is called "Check-in".  That means that you go there to check in, and say briefly what's happening with your recovery or lack thereof.  Having the bravery to come to the PA chatbox to admit that you're stuck -- is a brave act of intention for recovery.

There have been individuals who have implied that if I say anything at all negative about my experiences, then I must be self-sabotaging and therefore I'm losing recovery, and that I should say only positive things in the chatroom and not bring any negative vibes there. Well, I disagree!

For those who are not familiar with "bookending" -- here is my understanding of the concept:
In the old days of AA (before internet), bookending was done via telephone.  You would phone a 12step buddy, and say what you're going to do.  Then you would hang up the phone, and attempt to go do it.  Later in the day or week, you would call the buddy back to say how it went or how it's going.  Sometimes you would report that you felt defiance or resistance or avoidance, and got nothing done.  Sometimes you would report that you got part of the task done.  Sometimes you would report that you got the entire task done.    Your buddy would listen without judgment.   Then you would say what you're going to do next (either restart the task, or try another task).  You have prearranged with your buddy how often you can phone them and how long each phonecall will last.

In modern times, 12step bookending is often done with leaving voicemails, texts, or emails for your buddy.  You might not actually speak with your buddy, but you know that your buddy is listening to -- or reading -- your messages.   You prearrange with your buddy how often you can check in and how long a message is appropriate.

This is called "bookending" a task.  Why?  Because "bookends" are two solid objects on either end of a row of books -- The bookends support the books.

Bookending phonecalls/messages are like that.  The phonecalls/messages before and after the attempt at the task ... are like bookends that "support" your process of recovery.  Somehow, just having someone listen -- is a support, that gives you confidence and safety.  Also, having the freedom (within prearranged limit) to express your process, helps you, because just saying aloud to someone that you're stuck, often helps you see for yourself how you got stuck, and what can be done about it.  You can discover these insights especially if your buddy isn't interrupting.

My personal understanding (note that this is just "me") -- my personal understanding -- is that that historically, the check-in chatbox and the daily check-in forums ... were created for a similar purpose as bookending -- checking in before and after doing tasks.

The check-in chatbox and the daily check-in forums are part of the "PeerSupport" aspect of the website, and therefore not subject to 12stepguidelines.

The check-in aspect of the website is owned and managed by Pro.

There is no current "rule" that we can or cannot express our emotions as part of our check-in.

At this point, the only "rule" that Pro has written is ... what it says above the chatbox:  "The chatbox is for meetings or check-ins, not for procrastination! If you are not even trying to get something done, please do not hang out in the chatbox and attempt to divert others who are trying to work. This is really important. Thank you for cooperating."

Therefore, my conclusion is that checking in with our emotions is fine, provided that it's part of our process of getting things done, and we don't ramble on for five minutes to the point of distracting others.

There is no rule that says we are forbidden from mentioning stuckness or negativity.

Sometimes my "check-in" is to briefly say "I'm feeling fear because my friend is angry and I can't find my eyeglasses and I feel lost and hopeless.  Due to these emotions, I'm having trouble getting started today."   I think that's okay when it's about my ATTEMPT to get STARTED.  I'm just checking in -- and I'm not trying to start a conversation or elicit sympathy.  I'm just stating where I'm at.  By stating this in front of witnesses, I am able to see more clearly what is going on within myself, and this helps me to release and move forward.

If nobody replies, I feel safe and accepted.  I then post into chatbox that I'm going to try again, or take a break, or say a prayer, or whatever.  If nobody replies, I feel safe.

But when people try to "fix" me, or tell me to "be positive", I feel attacked.  (Again, let me emphasize that this is just *me*.  I'm not speaking for anyone else).  I know intellectually that the other people "mean well" but my gut reaction is that the others are judging me or shaming me (even though I know intellectually that they intend kindness).  I realize that my feelings aren't always logical, but nevertheless, they are there.  I feel defiance and dejection and want to run away.

Historically, the check-in chat was for brief check-ins.  People usually stayed logged in while working on tasks.  Sometimes people stay logged in all day but don't post -- just having the window open is a reminder to stay on task.

The concept of bursting with others evolved later.

For a long time, there was a tolerance of some people doing simultaneous bursting, while others were doing more reflective check-ins.  Everyone worked in harmony.

It's only been in the past few months that there has been more aggressive bursting to the point of bursters active prodding others to get busy, and being intolerant of those doing a more reflective check-in.  For me, this has felt very intimidating, and I feel unsafe in chat now.

What really upsets me is that some persons have implied that chatters should already be nonprocrastinators and be easily able to start tasks and continue tasks.   My response to that is that I'm still a procrastinator and I still need the chatbox.   Are these members saying that only "cured" procrastinators can come to chat?  I hope not.

In AA meetings, you cannot bring a bottle of whiskey to the meeting. But you can admit that you went off the wagon, and you are totally accepted for honesty and the bravery for coming to the meeting.

I would hope that in PA chatbox, we don't do the equivalent of "bringing whiskey":  Intentionally trying to distract others.  (I've never seen anyone do this).  But I hope that we can feel safe for bravely honestly admitting our stuckness and our emotional process of getting unstuck.


I know you're trying to get your thesis done, and I appreciate your dedication, enthusiasm, and need for support.  This is vital to your goals and your recovery!  I applaud that.   But I hope you recognize that each of us is working at our own pace.  In my personal opinion, it seems unreasonable to expect everyone to be as devoted to constant bursting as you are.

I know that I always feel support for your process even when I'm not joining in.

Why not just state your intention to burst, and trust that others are silently supporting your burst, even if they don't join in?

To everyone:

Please recognize that we all have different styles and perspectives.  Some want feedback and some don't want feedback.  And both styles are acceptable.

  • Therefore, if a member says "I'm just stating my thoughts and I don't want a reply"  Then please don't reply -- not even to say "okay".  Trust their process.
  • If I've requested "no feedback" and someone ignores me and gives feedback anyhow, then it's my responsibility to say:  "I get more recovery -- and thus more accomplished -- if I don't get feedback. Please don't reply to me. "
  • I also recognize that I cannot reasonably expect everyone to remember my preferences.  Therefore, every time I want "no feedback", it's my responsibility to say so.
  • If you need encouragement, it's okay to say so.  I will give encouragement if I'm actually reading chat at that moment and happen to see your request for it.
  • Sometimes, I find myself becoming distracted when I'm giving encouragement to others.  If this happens, then I have to curb myself and then ... I won't type anything into chat, but I will continue to 'silently' support everyone.

You asked for feedback.  I hope this gives some clarity.  Again, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.
With respect and encouragement,
-- movingalong


Fascinating Insight

Movingalong, thank you for providing such a thoughtful piece giving insight into your feelings about the chatbox.

I am one of those who is "guilty" of coming in with a more chatty style than others. I realise now that perhaps that style isn't appropriate to the chatbox. Perhaps I need to rethink how I am using PA.

I would like just to say that if anyone has felt crowded out or harrassed or uncomfortable in any way because of something that I have said, I am sincerely sorry. I've never been part of a fellowship of this type and while I avoid crosstalk in PA meetings, I hadn't viewed the Chatbox as being something quite as formal as the meetings. Hence my chattier language. I am responsible with help from my HP for using the chatbox as a tool to support my recovery, but if I have a few moments spare to ask someone else if s/he would like some support when they express a feeling of being e.g. overwhelmed, I had thought that was a legitimate use of the chatbox. I'm not interested in passing judgement on others, I have too much of my own that needs working on. But if a couple of words of encouragement  ("Good job!" or similar) might make a person feel challenged or unsafe, this disturbs me.

I mean no criticism of you, Movingalong, or of any of the people in the Chatbox who appear to have had a difference of opinion. Working this 12 Step programme is very different from anything else and I am taking time to adjust. I just hope I don't have to moderate my behaviour *very* much because that would be such hard work it might become another excuse to procrastinate for me, LOL! The battle is neverending!

Best, Sal


"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." (Anais Nin)

Summary "I'm going to burst. Others are welcome to join."

Hi movingalong (and Edge, Chattydo and all others who contributed their view so nicely),

"Tolerance of those with different struggles", as jack beautifully quoted from the CoDA serenity prayer.

Thank you all for sharing your sentiments and struggles! I know you did not intend to cause any debate, Lavida, but ethically it's important to me that I don't hamper anyone else's progress by doing something that works for me (bursting). Apparently this was a little latent conflict, and even though intensifying it by bringing it to the surface isn't always nice, it means we can improve our ways of working and continue to be a welcoming pleasant environment for all. So this is an opportunity really :)

I see now that at least 2 of our fellow PA-er felt uncomfortable at times, and it's good to be addressed to avoid it in the future.

Moving, what I learn from your story, is that a "precondition" to feel comfortable for you is to not be personally commented on/asked to burst. Now i know, i can respect your preference better. :) Thank you.

I would like you to know that, as a frequent burster, I really do not judge people in different phases. I don't expect others to burst, but I can imagine that I have tried at times to encourage someone to do a burst, because I wish the best for someone and have seen how their anxiety grows without action. I will refrain from commenting as much on other people's process.

So, solution focussed:
I think those who like microbursts should be able to continue with enthusiasm, just as others in reflection should continue to reflect. Perhaps we  should just all tolerate different styles, and only invite in an open manner as in the title of this post.

If the bursting is intense and involves lots of typing between only two or three members, thanks to this discussion we've found out that we can make our own little group for that "burst session". This way we don't overwhelm a chatbox intended for bookending and we can be as giddy and loud as works for us to get ourselves going and pumped up to finish our tasks.

Peace and love, folks!! ((Wink)) Solidarity to all, wherever your struggles lie.


Beautifully put, Wolke :)

I completely agree with your input :) Shall I take it that when I feel like robust bursting ("bursting" is such a funny term) I should type in /join burst session (all small letters), or if no one has initiated it yet that day that I should start a chat room with that name where others can later join?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Yep. /join burst or pomo or /join PassiveAggressiveEnthusiasm!

Thank you Edge :)

We should probably agree on a common name, haha, but any name works!

Burst sounds a bit odd maybe but is simplest. If you are the first, you create the chatroom by putting "/join" followed by the name for the chat room in the chat text by itself, and pressing enter. If there are already people in there (provided we agree on a chatbox name) they will automatically show up. 

Just make sure you post the link to the check in, sometimes, in case others who want to burst come in the chatbox. 

hugs and good progress! :) 

Creating a "Bursting" Chatroom

I agree with movingalong - pro already has a lot to deal with. But the temp chatroom is a great idea :) If we set a standard, unchanging name then we won't need to invite people every time we start the channel.
How about calling it /join Burst or /join Bursting?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

re: Creating a "Bursting" Chatroom


I think this is a good idea, Edge, either one for bursting or one for slower pace and/or reflection/processing thoughts while working on tasks. I don't see how this would be a bad thing in any way, just different rooms for different types of activity and that would allow better focus for each type. People could switch rooms according to need. For me, the distraction comes from pressure to join with others at the same exact time, and having back and forth questioning or commentary on what people are writing when they just might be trying to get something done through typing it out as a bookend sort of thing.

tolerance for all using the chatbox and check-in chatroom

Wolke, yes opening a private chat by clicking on a username on the right and choosing this option only allows communication between two people. But temporary chatrooms can be opened up as and when members need as described in the instructions that are above the chatrooms and also by movingalong below, where more than two people can go and join in a new room.

I've been following the instructions on"How to use the PA chatbox for check-ins" and using microbursts for the past few weeks, and it has transformed my procrasination from being a compusively task avoidant zombie to finally being partially able to get tasks done albeit in fits and starts. And may I thank every PA member who has generously encouraged and supported me in there, especially during my darker moments.  

Edge, are you finding people using bursts a distraction when using the check-in chatroom?  I think suggesting burst users exclude themselves from this chatroom and go elsewhere is a pretty major, is there an alternative solution? 

From my perspective the majority of the check-in chatroom users are using bursts (indivudually or working together) to get stuff done and to deal with their compulsive task avoidance as outlined in the instructions here  And it is great to see the energy in there of those battling in their recovery, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. For me I often find the buzz of this chatroom very inspiring.  I think we might be throwing the baby out the the bathwater if those using bursts are now being asked to leave the check-in chatroom. (May I also point out more generally that we may have to be aware that there might be resistance from some procrastinators unintentionally sabotaging those at different points in their recovery, much like an alcoholic as they work through their own demons thinking about tempting an alcoholic in recovery with one more drink. Though I have to say every single person I've come across in PA seems to be very brave in getting on with their indivual recovery and supportive of others.)

As lavida (whom I've found very honest and courageous) has kindly pointed out, some PA users may prefer to use slower, more thought-out processing to deal with their procrastination in the chatbox. So may I suggest for a trial period that one creates a temporary chatroom when needed, titled something like 'reflection-room', anouncing this in the chatbox and seeing how this goes - rather than suggesting we eject those using the check-in chatroom currently to buzz away with bursts? 

Just to note, some bursters I suspect may have taken many years (decades in my case) to be able to get to this point in their recovery from this awful disease. It's almost a miracle that some as procrastinators are discovering the energy and able to recover one burst at a time, so from my perspective long may the check-in chatroom continue to support this.  

But when I trust my higher power, I can also see there is of course abundant room (indeed chatrooms) for different ways of working, and that I may myself need to move  to a more reflective pace and space from time to time as I continue in my recovery. I look forward to seeing a win-win solution emerge.

May I finish with the CoDA serenity prayer:

God (HP)

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

The courage to change the things I can

And the wisdom to know the difference

Grant me patience with the changes that take time

Appreciation of all that I have

Tolerance of those with different struggles

And the strength to get up and try again

One day at a time 

Re: <Jack> and <movingalong>

Hi Jack :)

To answer your question, nope, I don't find bursts a distraction (mostly because I'm a burster myself). But now that you mention it, I see how it might have been brash for me to suggest (on behalf of other bursters) that we move our conversation to a different chat room. It seemed like a quick and easy solution when I proposed it, but I now I realize that others might find it inconvenient.

I personally don't have a problem with using/starting a separate chat window to keep that energy you mentioned going strong. I also don't see it as being excluded; to me, it's just a reasonable solution and it wouldn't take too much effort or time to set up. I find it motivating when others get all excited and egg each other on to burst together :) But I also understand how it can feel counterproductive as well - sometimes all I want is a quiet nook where I can check-in but have others checking-in with me for that feeling of camaraderie.

However, since setting up a temp chat room wasn't well received, then maybe the best solution for now is sticking to our current chat room and just following the guidelines that movingalong mentioned above (all of which are very considerate).

I know that I personally have broken some of those guidelines unintentionally :blush: Now that I know better, I'll be sure to follow them closely. I really do hope that everyone can feel comfortable in the chat room, and I'm all for supporting whatever solution (or compromise) that everyone comes to.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

thanks jack


Thanks for your helpful ideas. Regarding the idea of people being "ejected"... I would prefer to not look at it that way. Either way one type of burster or another is getting "ejected" to use that terminology. Those who are slower or more reflective are *still* working and bursting.  So if we get the temporary room, we're the ones being "ejected." I'd prefer to see it as a need for two separate but equal rooms for different styles of working/bursting so everyone can be happy. I'm not trying to "eject" anyone and I don't think Edge was either, as I don't think the more chatty and fast bursters think they are "ejecting" those with my different style of working. Let's not use terms like that because I don't think anyone's trying to do that on purpose. Peace and harmony to all :)

double posting

please ignore this

FYI: to agree on a temp chatroom name, capitalization matters

I just tested one name
by testing it once Capitalized and once all lower case --
and got two separate rooms

So if you want a consistent name, decide if you want it capitalized or not.

Re: FYI: to agree on a temp chatroom name, capitalization matter

Thanks for testing it, moving :) Will keep it in mind <3

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Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

How to create a temporary extra chatbox room & invite others

You asked if a third group chatbox could be created?

The answer is "yes"; but only temporarily.

Here is how:
You just type the following -- all by itself on one line:

/join NameOfExtraChatbox

ForwardSlash (no space) join (space) NameOfExtraChatbox
substituting the name you choose for "NameOfExtraChatbox".

This will create a third chatbox tab, but only YOU can see it, at first.

For others to see it, they will each need to manually type the same thing all by itself on one line:
/join NameOfExtraChatbox
Whoever wants to join that room -- can do so.  There is no limit to number of people.

This extra chatbox "room" will exist until everyone leaves it, and then it will vanish.  If you want to re-create it, someone has to type in the same thing and then again invite others.

Note: This is the same procedure that we follow when we want to create a special conversation room after the Sunday 12step chatbox meeting.

Regarding the "official" chatbox rooms that permanently exist: I think it's best to have ONLY the existing two permanent rooms (check-in and meeting) -- because we don't want to ask the website owner Pro to do any more work at this time.   Keeping it simple is best for all (in my opinion).


Chatbox 12step mtg: NEW TIME Sun. 2:30pm NewYork StandardTime

All welcome!

Chatbox PA 12step meeting

Global Meeting Time -- Year Round:
UTC/GMT Standard Time Year Round
Sundays 19:30 (7:30 PM)

  • New York -- Effective Today Nov 4, 2012
    Sunday 2:30PM EasternUSA Standard Time
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    Sunday 7:30PM British Standard Time
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    Sunday 1:30PM Central Standard Time
  • Sydney -- EasternAustralia DaylightTime:
    Monday 6:30AM

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For chatbox meeting info, including format, see this link:

Lavida CI


Thanks lennon. I like this promise 7, I've been depending more and more on my HP for right thoughts and actions. 

I think I will be relying more on checkin posts and my 10-minute bursts on phone timer, since chatbox doesn't seem to be working for me lately. If I feel too much pressure around me with others go-go-go-ing all the time (hehe), it doesn't match the pace and mental processing that I need to overcome my demand resistance so I think processing my thoughts here might work better. I still need support but have to go at my own pace without commentary. Wish we could have 2 chatboxes, one for go-go-ing and another for slower, more thought-out processing. 

Anyway, here's my list for Sat. and Sun:



-call friend

-read bible

-attend mtgs/church

-Sun. prep printouts