Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday, 5th November, 2012


Monday, 5th November, 2012

  Came to believe that
  a power
  greater than ourselves
  could restore us
  to sanity.



Tired today and just eeking it out.

-4:45 work

4:45-5:15 commute

5:15-6:15 e-mail, to-dos  Frown gave this a half-baked effort. Boo me. (The opposite of yay me.)

6:15-7:30 make dinner, eat, clean, prep, vit

7:30-10 hl

10 shower 

WingArtist's Check-in (11/5/2012)

I am now in college just to let you know that. Here's my plan for today.



  • Anth 201: Lecture (HW: Ethnography Assignment by 11/30)
  • A/HI 230: Review for Exam on Wed.
  • Art 109: Review for Exam on Wed.
  • THTR 201: Midterm Paper by tomorrow


To do:


  • Art Advisor on next quarter's classes
  •  Read 7 Habits (Private Habits)
  • Study Exams for Wed.
  • Distance myself from distractions until Thanksgiving
  • Write Midterm Paper (started yesterday)
  • Reconnect with my inner faith in God and inner knowledge of the world functioning in my surroundings
It's been a long time. I still have that procrastination habit to deal with. Well I got plans hopefully. Wish me luck!


EleanorBE's Monday List

Thanks movingalong. I love candles. In fact I think I'll go and light one.

Well, I don't really have a list for today because I've just been ploughing ahead with the end of the book right through the weekend and today. But it's feeling like it's time to check in anyway. 

I started work at 6.30 today, did some writing before breakfast so that a chapter was ready to go to my partner for proofing. Then I ploughed through the next chapter all day long, and see that there's still a scary amount of work to do on the end of it. Will stop now and think about breaking it all down a bit for tomorrow. 


Tiptree CI

- fix customer bug
- fix issues w/ SSL feature
- review bug items
- work on case pub feature
- review int. materials
- interview


- get suit cleaned
- clean office
- practice piano
- fill out bnk form
- rehearsal
- read 50 pp.

Lucky's playlist

Ecard to mother :)
Work out
Bath :)
Sort clothes & contact lenses for tomorrow
Call parents :)
Meeting prep :)
Sort money for tomorrow
Set alarm
Early bed

Metaphor Mouse! Because playlists are more fun than tasklists.

clement ci

wow... what a burst of posts yesterday about bursting in the chat room ;^)

was that a distraction to read those? i didnt read all, read some and browsed.

everybody loves each other here, so we're gonna be fine! :D

personally i like separate chat rooms. but i can adapt to any of the suggestions, so it's a no-op for me personally. I am passionate about EVERYONE being able to recover here. Everyone!

i came to post something meaningful to me from my quiet time:

"For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh." - 2 Corinthians 10:3

this is a great reminder to me to depend on God, not my own abilities. But i am addicted to depending on my own abilities.

But here's another great one:

"For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds." - 2 Corinthians 10:4

Isn't that exactly why i'm in PA? To receive / lay claim to that divine power to demolish strongholds? My demand resistance and avoidance and escapism all sound like strongholds in my mind to me, and they need divine power to be demolished.

Just when, oh when, will i finally give up and really, truly, constantly depend on God?!

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


CI 11.5.12 Babarino

nine items for today's list. In bad mood today.


ended up with ten items on list. five done.


Setting timer to work on one. Feeling total hatred of task.


Ok-seven done. Heading out. finish one mroe tonight.

tila - Mon

Fell asleep at the desk yesterday. Feeling energized today. Plan: 

  • SP B - finish 4 qs (review)
  • SP C - complete /review (Tuesday morning)
  • Post office, library, RA, Ace ???
  • Dinner, laundry, vacuum  

kromer 10:20 CI

I am feeling kind of overwhelmed.

Today I will:
*Finish figure captions (need to write for figs 3-6 and figs. S1-S4. I left some documents at home, but I can do most of the work in lab without these documents, and then take about 30 min at home tonight to finish captions) *will do this soon)
*Work on figures:
->Get improved-resolution version of Russell figure (working on this now)
->Update the colored figure
->Update the model figure
*Make a step-by-step plan, find all documentation for improving counts. Do 1 hr focused work on this plan (will do this soon)
*Make a doctor's appt.
*Figure out how to vote
*Read paper and go to jc
*See bf!
*15 min work on tricky email to friend

Vic Nov.5, 2012 Monday

Show up (done), cal, exr

Thanks Moving for starter. For me, I believed Step 2 "before" I was in program, what happened in the rooms was I came to believe he could restore "me" to sanity, "AND WANTED TO"....THAT WAS MY HURDLE. I crossed after working the rest of the steps, and 10,11,12 one day at a time. Best cap rate ever- out of this world.!!!!

Wolke check in 5nov

Thank you for the beautiful opening, Moving.

Main tasks for me:

- Shorten methodology to max 1000w  [3 pomos]
    - highlight important bits, get rid of unnecessary blabbering in between them.
- Write about my conceptual framework [6 pomos]
    - Check if it would help my data analysis presentation [1 pomo]

- Get feedback on that from supervisor.  [1 pomo]

They usually end up taking longer, so will later write how long it actually took.

Good progress to all and solidarity.

You can do it, Yes you can!

Go for it!

Calypso's check-in

Good morning. Grateful you are all here. Today is the day it- this chapter- gets given in, hp willing, may I work today in service of hp, and do hp will, not mine.



Progress report

HI All


It is now 19:08. I have done 10 x 25 mins of intensive work. still plenty more to do. Iam behind - the deadline was yesterday- but I believe if I keep on going I can have it done tonight. If not tomorow midday is my ultimate deadline. Still have diagrams to do do, and lots to write. I think I need to have a breakthrough, to stop working the way I am, and start working another way, maybe, I am not connecting well with hp and not having right motivation. i am worried that my work will be too . rough.. whatvcan I do about it.. well there is something I want to express through this writing, and if i allow myelf to express it in service of hp.. maybe it will be worth expressing.. I hope so.. my motivation is that this work will make a difference .. right motivatin is important for me otherwise what is the point of being here.. away from family.. in this far away country... for years.. time for me to be very active and responsible and focused and trusting in my abilities and in hp abilities.. hp will be done not mine. 



Go Calypso!

You're doing really well. Good attitude. Steam on!

ps. Sorry I'm kinda late, couldnt sleep for a long while.

Jack's check-in for the day

1. contact SJ
2. OR x3
3. read 12 12
4. print promises 
5. create pomo log 
6. detailed weekly planning
7. email R
8. check email and reply
9. look at BB & UV tickets 
10. FT  x 1 pomo planning, x 6 pomos wrirting and accounts
11. lunch
12. aft, resume pomos
13. email IR, GD, ACE 
14. run at 4:30pm
15. leave 5:30pm for EC 
16. write up for SL
17. watch HC & X 
18. in bed by 11pm, asleep by midnight

ms monday

the specifics

  • go to work: listening and compassion.
  • gym
  • cut out
  • place
  • transfer
  • edges.
  • buy engagement card.

 the constants

  • eat with self care and kindness.
  • no napping.
  • be careful with money.

Maximo's check-in Mon 5 Nov

Thanks to movingalong for starting this thread and best wishes for a good day to everyone here.

My list today
1. dentist
2. shopping for lunch stuff
3. take back videos
4. get cash out
5. update diary with appointments
6. pay cred card bill Smile done
7. Start L's job
8. Prep for Skype tomorrow
9. Competition entry
10. E-mail DT
11. E-mail PL
12. Ring J. re FH proj.

Rexroth Check In

Up prayer and reflection
Post this
Checked emails

x Washup and tidy kitchen
Read demand resistance on this site and otherwise
x Post cheque
x Check and if necessary rewrite letter - it wasn't and I have posted the original
File papers in order in new file with todo list
Finish financial accounts as far as possible
Email friend
Exercise - even if a little
Study camera controls
Craft work - even if a little
Write journal
Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

Regards Rexroth

So glad to be back

Rexroth continuing on

x Washup and tidy kitchen
x Read demand resistance on this site and otherwise - done and I felt guilty doing it as I felt it was only reading and I should be doing something else - there is plenty I have not yet read
x Post cheque
x Check and if necessary rewrite letter - it wasn't and I have posted the original
x File papers in order in new file with todo list - I can't decide how to order them but I have done a bit - more importantly I have written two additional letters and am close to finishing it all
x Finish financial accounts as far as possible
x Email friend
Exercise - even if a little
x Study camera controls
Craft work - even if a little
x Write journal
x Prayer and reflection
x Bed and sleep

Rexroth Check Out

Went to sleep and have just woken up and need to go to sleep again.

I am happy with what I have done today. I have not done any exercise or craft work but have done a lot of admin which I am glad is out of the way. I have not felt troubled with demand resistance and am grateful for that.

Night Everyone


Welcome back Rexroth


Thanks movingalong

Thanks movingalong I'm glad to be back.

Regards Rexroth

Edge's CI

Boss gave me the day off :D Want to use it wisely for a change. Temptation to start it off playing PC games was strong, but I think I'm out of the danger zone now :)
x Tidy room
x Prep to-do
x Scoop litter
x Wash dishes
- Bathe cat
- Tweet Twitter story
- Check Project P emails
- Send Al feedback on Chapter 2
- Wash litter box
- Fill out old HW into new format to finish part 1 of Psych HW
- Work on Project P proposal
- Blog post
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

My Day Today

I want to thank my Higher Power for this program, this website, the telephone and online meetings, and my life.

I want to thank movingalong for starting this trend.

Things I will do today

1. Go to the 5:45 a.m. telephone ACA meeting

2. Go to part of the 7 a.m. telephone DA meeting

3. Eat breakfast

4. Go to the doctor's appointment at 9 a.m.

5. Pick up medicine from the pharmacy

6. Cook and eat lunch

7. Take shower

8. Get dressed

9. Read the EA reflection for today

10. Wash dishes

11. Read the meditation

12. Fix dinner

13. Go to work at 5:30 p.m.

Thanks for letting me share

Mole's check in

thank you movingalong - much appreciate you starting the thread - I have a sore arm.

this morning 9-12.30 worked on new scene  

healthy lunch  

card and flowers to L

intray 1 pom

J F re AGwalk

text R re GL wwalk 1 pom

email E and J re Tues and next week  1 pom

ring doctor

blue line PB and G 1 pom

email C and J re Fr llesson 1 pom

 clear food stuffs from cupboard 2 poms


early meal

7-9 ringing  

Hamlet's checkin

MA, thanks for getting us started.

The focus of this day will be unfinished family business:

1. dry clean Earl's suit(DONE)

2. Book airplane tickets

3. Wellesley Taxes(DONE)

4. parking ticket(DONE)

In addition, 

5. meditation

6. 3 healthy snacks

7. resume gardening blog

8. pickup study

9. IRS request

10. target mail(Done)

11. Qigong before bed