Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday October 24, 2012


Tool Nine of PA:
Develop Routines: To help structure your day and make a habit of things you always need to do, develop routines for what you do when you wake up, regular tasks of your workday, and what you need to do before going to bed.

Have a great proactive day!


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clement ci - "humble enough to use the tools"


thanks for that vic. That's the big question / struggle for me.

this program works over a short time. weeks. months. But over several years, i can't stick with it.

I think as i recover, i start to believe i was never sick in the first place.

I know, however, that god can fix this in me. And i know it might mean hitting new lows to convince me. I dont want that to happen, but i am willing to accept it if God thinks that's what i need to draw me even closer to him.

I pray that god gives me the humility to use this recovery program and fellowship to do his will in my life.

so far, good morning. Altho i got interrupted onto an important task. It was MIT but it got me off plan. Now i'm drifting. So i have to refocus. God grant me the strength to pick myself up, and work my program, one hour at a time.

so i will:

:) 1:30 phone ckin
:) mail document
:) wko
:) work 0 - E
:-( surfed
:) quiet time
:-( plan, woops. kinda forgot
:) work 1
work 2
deferred - haircut

8:34pm i guess it's time to have my quiet time.

9:13pm i did a long lead time work thing first, to be efficient. now quiet time.

9:31pm i surfed instead of quiet time. But now i'm ready to do my quiet time.

10:52pm bed time. a struggle, always.

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb



Yep, I concur. HP has to find ways to keep pleople like me (keep it on myself) "on my knees", I am just grateful that my HP has not had to pull out worse stuff to do it, I have prayed, please HP, anything but don't let me go back to x,y or z, and so far HP has kept his word.

Dealing with the "human condition" is no easy matter. 

Vic October 24, 2012, Wednesday

  Show up (done), cal, exer. October 24, 2012, Wednesday

Great habit. Have been using more tools and hope to stay humble enough to use the tools that help.

kromer 10:20 CI

Today I need to:
*Email PS
*Email about baby shower
*Figure out what I'm going to do for halloween costume
*Make some quick slides for gc mtg
*Go to gc mtg
*Go to MU mtg

*Email DP with response
*Set up mtg w/ David
*Write 3 pages (did 1)
*Finish coat of paint in my room
*Organize career ideas so far, work 30 min on career plan

Right now, I will work on writing. in 30 min, I will transition to work on slides. 

tila - Wed

Yesterday was really difficult (health issues), but I managed to do the bare minimum for the exam. Plan for today: 

  • review problematic LR questions, make notes
  • LR – do at least 3 types of qs
  • LG – do 2 difficult ones (timed)
  • RC – start prep
  • pack summer clothes & put away (work in progress)
  • dishwasher
  • kitchen, dinner (cabbage), enter receipts
  • empty 2 boxes for OCC, sort cs
  • Ji, Sw, MT A 

Kodos check-in

Thanks, Lennon, 

My main goals today are to use the schedule/structure I've already established and to remember to give everything to God.

Okay, here are the things I need to get done:


Email E

Email K

Call D 


Talk to E-A

Make outline ex.

1/2 hr. on e-mail

Send card to MW and A 


either run or meet K

1/2 hour going through mail 

Jack's check-in for the day

My check-in for today.  (I prefer not to receive replies so can can keep editing and updating this list, but any kind thoughts, prayers or good wishes are  more than welcome.) 

1. breakfast

2. weekly planning 

3. make pomodoro log and content so that I know how I've spent my day  

4. check email - 1 x pomodoro

5. work on FT for >1 hour  - 2 x 'pomodoros' (0 down, 2 to go)

6. room tidy 25 mins x 1 pomos

7. lunch at 12:00pm,

8. shower

9. leave for DRK by 1:10pm

10. email friends, social events, EW,W-Y, StH, JS, LUM, BrY (optional) 
11. JP - show, Trist - show tbc, check GLA
12. apply for course 
13. read book ~ 1/2 hour

14. leave for UA by 5:15pm, be open to meeting a SP
15. to gently work through any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms from any increased productivity today Wednesday as I move to recovery from my debilitating addiction to procrastination & compulsive task avoidance to alacrity and task perseverance. Be clear with, loving and forgiving to myself. And when I am up to it to gently analyse how to describe this fear that grips me, to love the neglected baby in me, cherish him, and ask what he needs. And to be aware of my inner angel too.
16. start getting ready for bed at 11pm to wind down and develop bedtime anticrastination to be asleep by midnight. I fell off the sobriety wagon over this yesterday so need to be more aware tonight!

Calypso's check-in






Hypatia's check-in

I feel totally swamped by the amount of stuff  - yesterday I spent 1.5 hours progrmaming an Excel spreadsheet, which was a completely non-urgent task instead of doing the stuff that needs doing.  Today I have an unexpected free 40 mins at the start of the day and I'm staring at the pile on my desk unable to get started. And I'll feel so guilty if I don't make some good use of the time.

OK, baby steps, and off to the chatbox


jay's wednesday 24 oct

now brush teeth


have bath & wash hair

11.00 *bay, relpy to msgs and sort paypal

11.45 go through listings, inspect and check poatage & hang

2.00 eat

2.30 desk draw  30 mins

3.15 bb clothes-bag

4.00 1 hr living room organisation


kitchen floor

clear wood in hallway

at the end of today *bay and living room organised

have a good day everybodySmile

Making the most of what's left of today!

Thanks Lennon 


Well!  its 530pm on a Wednesday, my last day off before back to work and a long run at that!  I've had some very relaxing days and did a bit of study but not making the most of it.  As a consequence I've had a gnawing nausea in my tight knotted stomach as I dutifully avoid what is most important to do.

1/ presentation for tomorrow. not started.

2/ some study.

3/ exercise.

Plan of attack.

1730-1800 nap (sounds silly but I got up early in order to 'do things' and didnt so will need to stay awake late tonight...) 

1800-1830 read summaries of talk topic to get outline of lit out there

30mins research per question x5 equals 2-3hours.

around 1930 go for run as stress relief/wake up! leaving 30mins for shower and bite to eat

finish project 3hrs total.

30mins for editing on PPoint

rest of time left to 'start' study by revising old questions - pharm until bedtime at midnight.

Thanks for listening and hope everyone able to get on with their days!! 


Sooo -- got a bit done for the presentation but will be an early morning job.


Plan: finish ghost slides by midnight

0430 wake up and correlate articles

0500 wake up shower

5530 go to use work computers 

Maximo's check-in Wed 24 Oct

Thanks to Lennon for today's starter and best wishes to everyone here.

Today's list for me
1. ADT job - page 1
2. ADT job - page 2

3. ADT job - page 3
4. ADT job - page 4
5. Ring Y re WRVS
6. FH project - 10 mins
7. Exercise class Smile Done
8. WW
9. Prep slow cook meal Smile Done
10. Inc/exp spreadsheet - 10 mins
11. Order calendars
12. Declutter - 10 mins
13. Write to cottage owners

Amal's check-in

Thank you lennon, I always need to remind myself of this tool :D 

Alarm set 8:00am

Pro check-in


write-finish section 2 part b
, finish section 3, still working on section 2, i'll get there

bills, cleaning, laundry

log calories (diet)

walk (1 hour)


next day's list + Pro check-out


thanks lennon!


  • up early
  • tidy
  • laundry
  • write list landlord
  • readings
  • pool and gym rehab
  • go to hosp apt
  • return clothes
  • go to meeting
  • uni 8 journals
  • cancel c appt
  • ring sponsor
  • email t
  • email m and m
  • ring n re s card
  • dinner
  • do v f
  • bed


Salamander's check in - Weds 24 Oct '12

Thank you, lennon, for starting this thread. laughing

I'd prefer people not to offer comments here so that I can continue to edit the day as I go through my list. But if anyone has constructive feedback or encouragement to offer, please feel free to get in touch by private message.

Alarm set: 0800

  • Breakfast 
  • Shower and dress
  • GYM


  • Change cat trays/newspaper (15 mins)
  • Sweep kitchen floor (5 mins)
  • Scrub kitchen floor (30 mins)
  • Have healthy lunch (20 mins)
  • Admin at table (30 mins, inc bus pass & phone vision2learn)
  • Declutter in study (15 mins)
  • Washing up (30 mins)
  • Washing - in, on and put around to dry
  • Cook a nutritious dinner (30 mins)


"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." (Anais Nin)

ms wednesday

  • eat with kindness and compassion.
  • make some extra food for the week.
  • go to 11.00 meeting prepared, honest and open minded.
  • post rest of terms planning
  • reply to s and r re 1st
  • go to gym
  • post card
  • if I was paid pay water bill
  • nails as treat when done.
  • 1hr on march. 
  • email re 1st meeting on thursday

EleanorBE's Wednesday list

Hi everyone, hi Lennon, many thanks for the thread. I particularly need to do the before-bed thing. I'm trying to make myself make this list (it's Tuesday in the UK) and put out my stuff for the morning, every night. It really helps me sleep better. Regular tasks for the work day is harder as each one's different. I should really make myself have a proper lunch every day, at least. So, here's tomorrow - 

Get up early

Make sandwich, put in bag and....

Go Swimming. Eek. No, I really will. 

On train - finish rereading S.A.

Work 9-11 - do a bit of  TP form

Do a few La chapter refs- even if it's just a few! 

Ask J if you can have AV at 9 tomorrow

Confirm with ZS

Forward OG's email to M and suggest change to Pa wording accordingly. 

Send J's rev to KS

Copy ppt

Ring H re Gl payment - no time do to this

Ring AuAs and pay them - no time to do this

11-12 meet with SH

On way to meet SH, take ppt scan to PP

12-1 plan tomorrow's class

plan Friday's class if time, or start it. 

1-1.30 LUNCH

1.30-2 prep meeting with J

2-3/3.30 meet with J and KS

3/3.30 ish small office clear up

4.00 meet with JV 

Go to exhibition and talk 


Lavida Check-In


Thank you Lennon!


"Surrender and Take the Next Right Action"



Without these two TOGETHER you cannot really do anything else!

  • Writing 6
  • Sending job applications: 3 hours total daily (1/2 hr for every article written)

  • Exercising (aerobic, strength, stretch) best around 3/3:30pm
  • Meals B✔ L  D  / water✔  (supplements ✔, Rx)
  • Bible ✔
  • Recovery (✔UA meeting,   goals pages)

Small tasks (do not put emphasis on these, just take a small amount of time to get them done, and that's it): 

-home test

-call re: loan / Fri: cash out, deposit, then call in

-do skin /shower / teeth


this week:


-call local PO about key/forwarding

-return keys to stores


-cancel subscrip.

-inquire rates new car insurance/lower current ins.

-inquire letter for sec.

Mole's check in

Thank you Lennon for starting this thread. I 'twas a lovely surprise for me to find it here ready for me! And I am find that that rule works for me better than anything else.

Take out rubbish

Cafe text to L, have quick look at S's ethics assignment


9-12.30 write with pomodoro complete rough first ddraft prepare and eat healthy llunch

practice blue line 

1.30 walk to printers and get ms printed out

K&D for trowel

Pick up diary from tower and open sound control

3-4 appt with S

pick up watch.

Go to E for oats 

home 5 

cup of tea 

practice blue line 

Contact RM re CH

eat healthy meal

i am aware that my. Half hour declutter has lapsed. I won't do it today too much on but Thurs I must get back into the habit