Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

just joined

i m very xited about joining p.a.  :-)

hope it will help me to recover from this killer habit.i m addicted to procrastination to the extent that it has ruined my life.i ve nothing left in my life except regrets. :(

no motiational books or articles vve been able to help me.yeah of course they do invogorates me 4 a while but soo it will while away.i m not able 2 resist d temptation f anythng tempting,tv serials,movies,internet anything.and no matr how guilty i feel afterwards i still do these things.and such worthless thngs though give momentary pleasure ,taake away all my energy with only guilt left with me..

 i kno m doing wrong , and that these thngs ve spoiled my life but i still do it.

once a topper in 10th grade,i ve bcom a worthless person now.i ve got nothin now  in the name of career,physical attributes,health... .my parents are unhappy with me.

i am not able to cope with my worthlessness nor m i able to cure it.

and i ve 1 last chance to prove myself... n i kno i can do dat only if i stop procrastinting.i ve to clear MEDICAL ENTRANCE TEST 2011 otherwise i will lose all my  respect at home forever. this will be my 3rd and last attempt.

and i hope p.a. members will  help and support me in accomplishing my lifetime's mission.

best place to be for support

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good luck with the test

plan how you are going to get through this test, envision the end result and do it for prove to yourself you ARE very capable.  I become bored very easily and found i must always have a mental challenge in front of me. mental boredom has also contributed to my procrastination.  i daresay your entry test will be a challenge and more to come.  Life is interesting when I challenge my brain.  What has annoyed me about myself is seeing friends succeed and i have helped them achieve - the difference, they have submitted work and moved along to achieve and i have procrastinated.  go for it, you are worth it.