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I came to a realization today.

I'm a college student... a graphic design major. This means I get a lot of big, long-term projects. I often have 4-5 weeks, or even more, to work on things. This should be plenty of time, if I pace myself right. But, of course, I do little to nothing until the last minute.... usually (ok, ALWAYS) staying up all night the day before a project is due. 

The reason I don't start sooner is that I get really anxious about the projects... And not starting them means (temporarily) that I don't have to deal with that anxiety.

 I start projects when the anxiety of possibly missing the deadline and failing the task (and possibly the class!) becomes larger than the anxiety related to starting the project.


Anyone else have this same experience? 


I've been thinking of talking to my doctor about anxiety meds.... any thoughts/suggestions/insight?


I think it is always beneficial to see a therapist.   The therapist will recommend some things to do, which may include medications if they are indicated.   I've been taking zoloft for ages, although I'm on a very low dose now, but it made a great deal of difference for me.  

 Be confident.  Stay focused.   One thing at a time.

thanks, Journey

Thanks for the encouraging words. :-)