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Mental Breakdown

I am literally frozen in fright, I am so overwhelm, I don't know how to even start!I been like this for the past 2-3 days now.... I thought "Oh I can do it"

not in 6 hours!

This is my situation. I was suppose to take a math test  last week (self-pace class). I have not gone to class since before Spring Break. I was studying for economics... and class is tomorrow. I can either skip it or take the test. If I take the test, I know for a fact I will fail, and I will lose 1 chance to redo it. If I skip... I don't know if the the teacher will administer withdraw me. I doubt it though, since I am already been in it for a few months. She will probably just send me an email saying, "I hope you come to class Monday... you're going to get behind."

I can study intensely for both tests, and take on Monday and Wednesday.

I told her last week I have family situation going, and she said that's great that I contact her. Well that's last week. 


It's just so much.... I have stuff to do in my Lit class, and my economic class. I have all this fear... I got to get too it! 

What would you do?

A: Take the test, knowingly you will fail, but just go to class just to show up. It's embarassing because.... I had 3 weeks to study! So what's the deal? 

B: Study, take it when you're ready. Risk having the teacher telling you that you might get withdraw. This will be embarassing but not as much, but the risk are higher (if she withdraws me)


Am I stressing too much??? 


After May, I won't see her again. She isn't teaching me, I have to teach myself, it's a self-pace class.

to mesmer

You are not the first one to come here in dire need. Many have. I have some Hope to give you: For almost everyone the situation works out better than they feared.

I think that lucky's suggestion is a really good one. Most of us find that the people around us are more understanding, forgiving of us than we are of ourselves. Not surprising i guess.

The second thing i think you should do is what people here call "showing up". Meaning make sure you post here once a day, even if all you can do is create a post that says only "showing up". that's it. nothing more. Vic here is the one that makes best use of that. What that does is it never lets you fall below a certain level. and that's really helpful. Of course, hopefully, some days you can come here and work on your issues and getting your work done. Chat is really good for that, for me at least.

Also i want you to know that i have wasted the last 3 hours. I am doing well in my recovery, but this morning has been one of my not-so-good mornings. But i know because i've been doing this for 4 years that the day is not over. I can still make "the best catch-up plan" and i still have the opportunity to make the best use of the hours i have left. I know the tools i've learned on this site, and the support i get here, and with the help and inspirtaion of my Higher Power, i have a very good chance of turning today around.

And i will pray that you will recieve the same Hope.

the touch of the master's hand:

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


@ mesmer

Mesmer, I replied to your other thread at

I'm glad to see you're still posting for help.
That means you are still with us!
We really DO care about you.

Please know that there is HOPE.
Regardless of how things turn out with this class,
know that we CAN get better and that many of us
have found amazing recovery here.

Sending serenity your way,

encouragement to Mesmer

thinking of you.

Oh, Mesmer. That sounds

Oh, Mesmer. That sounds REALLY HARD and I've been in so many panics like that in my life. So much love.

My mother and grandfather were both teachers and I work as a school adminstrator at the moment, so I know a bit about this from the other side as well. Here's what I'd do:

Contact the teacher. Today. Tell her that because of your family stuff, you're very unprepared for the test, and certain you'll fail. I'm 99.99999999% certain that she'll understand and won't be angry. Ask her what your options are. Ask if you can postpone the test without being withdrawn. Don't just skip it and hope.

Please feel free to drop by the chatbox for help with contacting her. We ALL UNDERSTAND this stuff. Wishing you all the best of everything. xxxx

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