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Question about Time Bingeing

I have many interests which require a lot of work to develop and I have very little time.

day I work till 18 o'clock, then I travel home for about 1.5 hour,
have a dinner, have a shower and as a result I can start working at
about 21 o'clock in the evening. In 23 o'clock I must go to bed if I
want to wake up without problems in the morning.

Now about my interests:

I like cyber sport. I play World of Warcraft for about a year and I
really like it. I want to achieve some titles in pvp (player versus
player) and pve (player versus environment)

pvp I must train a lot. About three battles on battlegrounds take these 2 hours that I have in the evening. If I not
train I will never achieve anything, because this is sport.

For pve
(player versus environment) there is no such training, but there is
nevertheless a lot of work. I play English Warcraft realm to learn
English.My native language realms exists, but I want to play English to
learn English. Therefore I translate every pve quest that I take. I copy
all unfamiliar words to the program in which I later can learn these
words. This requires a huge amount of time. There are totally about 3000
quests in World of Warcraft and I want to make them all. There is title
Loremaster when you do them all. And also there is a lot of fun and
relaxation. As a rule translating of 5-10 quests and making them can
take these 2 hours.

Also I have interests in my education. I am
system administrator and therefore to develop I must pass
certifications like Microsoft (my main) Cisco and Apple. For the last 3
years I cannot pass 1 Microsoft exam. And I need to pass a lot of these
exams to have some good title on work.

also requires a lot of time to work on it. It consumes a lot of time.
And I want to pass advanced level in Microsoft certification and entry
level in Cisco and Apple certification. So I have 3 branches of

Also I have interests of reading history of my country and worldwide history and studying English.

days I spent on reading the history of my country. I am on vacation now
and I can spend as much time as I need on it. So I read for about 4-6
hours a day. I made some progress.

So my question is: is it really
possible to achieve something if you have so little time and so many
interests that require a lot of time to develop?

Is it really possible to come at home at 21 o'clock, play for and
hour or 1h:15m
and then study for 30 minutes until I must go to bad. For the last week
when I was at vacation I read history for 5 days.In total I read for 25
hours. I almost read the book. If I read for 30 minutes a day I will
read the same amount in 50 days, which is almost 2 months. And during
these 2 moths I must read only history and forget about certification
and other interests. If we take all my other interests it will mean that
I will read the same amount of history in about 10 months.

Also I want to make some progress on some other games like Street
Fighter IV, Civilization V, Need for speed and other. I believe these are
one of the best games in the world and I want to make some progress on
them. I do not want to be advanced level on them. I want at medium

Besides very long progress on all this there is other problem. It can
take about 30 minutes to concentrate at the topic. And when you are
concentrate you need to immediately stop, because you do not have enough time. So it's really painful. It's very hard for
me to transition from 1 task to another. And it's very easy to work on
some task for 6 hours a day. When I work for 6 hours a day at some task I
feel progress. But when I work for 30 minutes I do not feel any

hi llinkk

nice to meet you. Yeah, it does sound like you have too much to do!

first, usually in this fellowship when we talk about "time bingeing" we are talking about doing one task for hours and hours, especially when we know that there are other things we should do. People often binge on internet sufring, gaming, TV. But people can also binge on work, when they should be making phone calls to banks or for taxes during the workday, even though those phone calls dont take a lot of time. The "binging" part usually means you're only thinking about one thing and forgetting about all the other parts of your life.

One thing i see in your post is that you do commit a lot of time to your work, and going to bed on time. These are very good things that i have a hard time with. So congratulations there.

Reading your story, i tend to agree with icemountainguy37 that getting those certifications is probably more important than the WOW achievements. If it were me, i would prioritize those.

I think it is ok to spend all 2hrs on a given day doing one thing. Maybe you should do something like Certifications 3 days a week, video games 1 day, and reading 1 day. Maybe you could add up all the time you have per week, or per month, and then make a list of all the things you want to do, perhaps ordered by most important to least, and then allocate a percentage to each one, then multiply it out and see how many hours that is.

Plus you have the weekends. To devote to things (i presume).

I think you are going about it in a healthy way, asking for advice. Hopefully others will give their opinions too.

Good luck, and hope to see you around here (altho i know that might be hard to fit into your schedule).

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fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb


Hi link interesting post, I

Hi link interesting post, I have some nice insight for you. I feel like you are an ambitious person with goals and interests and a good character. However, I feel like I had similar issues to yours throughout my life. They included trying to accomplish to much, and then not accomplishing much at all. Let me give you a brief history in college I would try to hang out with friends, go out, study, play a game, workout all in the same day. The problem was that I ended up procrastinating the most important component of my day: my studies. So fast forward now I'm in medical school and I'm a lot less ambitious and try to focus on a few important things a day. And I always try my best to prioritize. And I usually get all the important things done and have time to relax.

 I think what you are lacking is prioritization: an ability to do what's important first and give your peak energy to it. Because your energy levels fluctuate throughout the day and it's best to provide your productive hours to your school work. I say school work because yes playing video games is fun and there is nothing wrong with it, but, it wont pay your bills or advance your life in the real world. So I'd say cut back on the video games and invest that time into your studies, then maybe play 1 hr a day instead of 2. Also play the game last because it won't require as much thought and since you enjoy it alot it'll be easier to play even when you're tired. 

good luck just beleive it or not doing less, usually means doing more qaulity work.