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Tuesday, 10 October 2006

pro's last check-in - 11:25pm

You'd think that 32 hours after the onset of this illness I'd be feeling better, but I feel worse. This is the worst cold I've ever had in my life. I'm going to try to sleep now. With totally blocked sinuses that won't be very easy - not to mention clogged and itchy ears, sore, throat, cough, and breathing problems.

Is this a cold? Must be. I've never had a cold like this - never had a cold with a fever before.

Good night, everybody.

Hope you get better soon!

Have you got anything like Mentholatum, Vick's, even Ben Gay, or anything with strong menthol, phenol, or mint scent? You don't have to necessarily put it on you--you can put it on a washcloth, handkerchief, even just a paper towel and put it near your head to help unclog you. Some lip balms, or even tea tree oil products, have enough aromatic oils to help unclog. Lavendar essential oil can help, too. When I get clogged up, I reach for the Mentholatum or Vick's! Otherwise, I cannot sleep.

somehow missed this

I'm kind of spacey - somehow missed this message.

My main problem, as I said, isn't nasal congestion. I'm not actually that congested. My main problems right now are sore throat and chest congestion. I'm coughing up yellow stuff. I was told that if it turns green, I need to see a doctor immediately.

Forgot to mention eucalyptus

And some mouthwashes have enough mint to help. (I'm thinking last resort options here for somebody too sick to go out and pick up stuff and who desperately needs to breathe and sleep. And chicken soup--especially with garlic and onion in it--actually DOES help unstuff a clogged nose!) A study I read once said that drinking plain water helps unclog the nose--just the swallowing action helps. But it's even more effective when the fluid contains something aromatic. Not to mention that chicken soup is salty enough to soothe the throat as well. And don't forget the healing benefit of snorting good old salt water! It's horribly messy (I pour a smidgen in my palm and snort one side and then the other--hopefully without choking myself--then spit). Some people pour it into each nostril with various devices, with head tipped back (seems even more likely to cause choking, to me, though). Warm water, not TOO salty, works best. Mix it up fresh each time. I use tap water (but I also have really nice well water, no chlorine, etc.). Hope you get breathing and get some rest, pro.

thanks for the suggestions

I forgot about salt water. Gargling with warm salt water is good for a sore throat - I'll definitely do that. I never heard of snorting salt water, though I guess that's basically what sinus cleaners are. I don't have good water here. Probably snorting chlorine wouldn't be a good thing. I tried gargling with an anti-bacterial mouthwash I have here, but it didn't help.

Thanks for the suggestions.


I don't like the taste or smell, but I respect it and don't fear it in reasonable quantities. It would serve as an antimicrobial agent, after all! And you are breathing it every time you take a shower. People snort it unintentionally every time they swim in a public pool. I know that teenagers' skin improves after a dip in a chlorinated pool. However, some health-minded or ecology-minded people are really down on chlorine. I don't believe it would hurt you, myself, but my experience in using the tap water in most places is that it's more yucky.

Hope you are on the mend!

gargling, etc.

I just gargled with salt water. That might have helped a little - can't tell. I looked at my throat with a flashlight. It's bright red, and I see some white spots. I couldn't possibly have strep throat, could I? I thought only kids got that.

I put some drops in my ears. I don't know if they'll do anything, but they felt soothing.

I found some Chloraseptic sore throat spray and Sucrets sore throat lozenges in the bathroom cabinet. I looked for these yesterday, but didn't find them.

Sounds like strep

It's not JUST for kids (too bad). If it is strep, you might need some antibiotics, too. Especially if the fever keeps running high--I got up to 104 with it in college, and boy did that do a number on me. I was practically delerious. You got a friend who could take you to the doctor?

don't think it's strep

I just called my doctor (in NE - don't have one here in NYC). My fever has been hovering around 100, and with strep the fever is usually higher. Also, strep doesn't usually include other symptoms like breathing problems. I've been coughing up yellow stuff since I first got sick, so it's more likely to be acute bronchitis... or who knows?

It will probably get better on its own in a few days. If not, I'll need to see a doctor - a problem because I don't have a doctor in NYC.


I might try it, but right now the most uncomfortable parts of me are my ears and my throat. My nose isn't that congested right now.

I have ear aches in both ears, and my throat still hurts so much I don't want to talk. Have any home-cures for these problems? I have some ear drops for swimmer's ear (forget what's in there - peroxide, alcohol, and something else, I think). Probably wouldn't help. Probably what I need most is an expectorant and/or to continue drinking vast quantities of hot liquid.

Just took my temp - I still have a fever. This can't just be a cold. A cold doesn't give you a fever for 2+ days, does it?

Hi JestRight!

We were wondering where you went! Milo was talking about how she missed your humor. Glad to see you back!

Thanks, Pro - and a "shout-out" to all

Thanks to ALL of you. A couple of you wrote to me during my ruminating-in-the-cave period, and I DID appreciate that.
Slider said she missed Foghorn Leghorn - too funny.

Since you last heard from me, as was recommended, I joined Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, and Codependents Anonymous, and swore off short-term dating, and am leaving my real estate office to work from home, and have done 2 TV interview shows for a political campaign (and got great reviews ;-) ), assisted with 2 campaign events, and have done 1 voiceover, started back into acting class, and just began courting a 22 year old (with her mother's encouragement).

So you can see I have been BUSY.

Though as usual, not earning any MONEY.

But just when I thought God was leading me to be a cradle-robbing, political-rabble-rousing TV host (with no money), a lady whom I respect greatly told me today that God wants me to get back together with Lily... and most shocking, open a BOOKKEEPING business.

Foghorn Leghorn, BOOKKEEPER.

And the really weird thing is I am going to try doing both. Lily and the bookeeping biz, I mean. Kind of test both things out, see if it feels right.

And I thought my head was spinning BEFORE!!

Anyway, I wanted you all to know that I DO follow suggestions, even when I grumble about it. And you all from Procrastinators Anonymous are the folks who gave this rollercoaster a push to get it started.

Grumbling and AMAZED,

welcome back!

We missed you around here. Sounds like you're really moving forward in several areas of your life.

(I will observe that in the same post you talk about joining SLAA, you mention not one but two women in a romantic context.)

to say or not to say

Hi JestRight - I wasn't sure whether I should say anything, but I can't help myself. Usually it's suggested that people just starting in SLAA not date for a while - moratorium until you get yourself straightened out. That certainly would de-complicate your life and let you focus more fully on the new business, which seems like it would be a good thing, no?


(I've never heard a rooster that says anything like cock-a-doodle-doo!) Glad to have you back--and great to hear your have taken beginning steps for dealing with codependency and relationship problems. Though your head must be spinning right now from all the tugs in various directions! Hang in there!

scarlett CI 9:30 pm

Okay, off to shower, and then I may watch some more TV before bed. Oh, how I love my DVR.

Target bed time: 10:15 pm

Already Done:
feed cats
prep dance bag
scoop pan
make/eat dinner
watch tv?
refill pill box


Blown off for reasons of exhaustion:
8 pm meeting or 7:30 pm yoga


Do you give rehab, or take it?

i do it.

or rather, don't do it. i have a minor injury and some exercises to do, that i haven't been doing. i WANT to be able to dance, and the exercises will help me dance, so i WANT to build it into my daily routine.

U girlz r 2 much

Ah, I've been away MUCH too long!

pro's CI - 9:15pm

The shower is wearing off. I'm having breathing problems again. I just remembered I have a humidifier - duh. I think I'll turn it on.

cold from hell

Now my nose is completely plugged. That doesn't happen with the flu, so this must be the cold from hell. My throat hurts, my ears are bothering me, my lungs are congested, and I can't breathe. I'm not a happy camper. :(

Sounds darned uncomfortable

Hope you feel better.

A decongestant might be in order? If you can have a friend make a run to the drugstore? Anyway, good luck, hopetomorrow is better.

no filter

I don't have a filter for the dehumidifier, so I can't use it. ::sob::

I'm going to try HR's idea of boiling water.


Sitting in a steamy bathroom for a while helped, and I have water boiling on the hot plate now.

I slowed down on my tea drinking. I think I'll pour some more down me - moisture on the inside is supposed to help, too.

1Focus 8:08

Went to part I of training seminar. I was pretty disappointed, terrible speaker... disorganized, no concrete examples. His background in the field is from the Federal regulatory side of things, I don't think he has any experience actually running a department. I usually look forward to this kind of thing, but I would rather go to work tomorrow. Oh well, maybe I'll learn at least one new thing...

Just kind of blowing off the whole day. (It is Tuesday after all :P

that's a drag

That's too bad. I hope that at least he isn't boring - to me, that's the worst.

Housereclaimer Days first check in

Was out all day helping my aunt. We got a lot done.

Pro/Rex hope you all are feeling better!
Pro try boiling a large pot of water it will help clear the congestion. If you peppermint tea open a tea bag in the water, if not just water is ok.
Sorry about the end tag and forgetting to log off

wash/teeth/hair [done]
breakfast [done]
meds and vitamins [done]
meet aunt [done]
dinner with aunt [done]

to dos major focus:fridge
Wash dishes
Wipe down freezer
Clean off fridge
Clean fridge 1st shelf
Clean fridge 2nd shelf
Clean fridge 3rdshelf
Clean fridge side shelf
Clean fridge 1st crisper shelf
Clean fridge 2nd crisper shelf

Call sister #1
errand with aunt
deliver package to niece
pick up laptop
take bottles to recycling center


I only have a hotplate here - no stove. I put two shallow pans with water on the hotplate. That will take a long time to boil, so I'm also running the hot water in the shower. I can just sit in a steamy bathroom for a while. That's as good as taking a shower.

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm very uncomfortable. :(

Hi HR!

Nice to meet you!

unclosed tag alert

Hi HR - please check for unclosed font tags. I'll fix this one.

Your mentioning boiling water (good idea!) reminded me that I have a humidifier here that I'm not using. Duh. I'll get that going right now! I've been drinking Mu tea all day. It doesn't seem to help, but maybe I'd be even worse without it.

I'm going to see if I have any Benedryl. That may not help the congestion in my lungs, but at least it will help me to sleep. I slept very badly last night.

Purple font tag

Cool! I wasn't sure I could fix it that way!

didn't look fixed to me!

Good try, though. Must have looked fixed to you at one point, though, or you wouldn't have said it was fixed. :? Anyway, I fixed it, and removed the closing font tag from your message in case it caused unforeseen troubles.

scarlett CI 7:25 pm

I walked home (about 1/2 hr) so I got a little exercise, but that's about it. I think I need to ratchet down my expectations for the evening - I'm still too pooped from my trip.

Target bed time: 10:15 pm

Already Done:
feed cats

make/eat dinner
refill pill box
prep dance bag
scoop pan
watch tv?

Blown off for reasons of exhaustion:
8 pm meeting or 7:30 pm yoga

food has been prepped

and will be eaten while i watch tv.

to-do tonight

I was going to study the Mac today, but I didn't have the concentration. I think I'll watch a Harry Potter movie I recorded a while ago.

pro's CI - 7pm

I took my midday pills. Late, but early enough to still take the evening dose later.

My lungs are very congested. I'm thinking of sitting under a steamy shower for a while, but the light in the bathroom burned out this afternoon and I don't feel like standing on a chair to replace it. :?


I changed the light in the bathroom. I'm shakey on my feet from the fever. It's down, though. I just took my temperature. I stil have a fever, but less.

I wish I had some cough syrup. Maybe my asthma inhaler would help? I feel like I can't breathe. My lungs are very congested. I should go sit in the shower. It's boring there, though. :P

minor should alert...

I want to sit in the shower because I think it will make me feel better. (or something)


Actually, what I want to do is take a full breath without wheezing and coughing. If a steamy shower would help, then I want to take a shower! Jumping in shower now...

what about candles?

All this summer I took showers by candlelight, and really enjoyed it. Helped me get into sleep mode and made the bathroom seem less hot.

oops - cross-posted

We posted our messages at the same time. I did change the bulb, but I had to hold onto the wall to not fall off the step stool - not my usual condition.

I'll go get under the shower now - it's seems like a bother to get wet, but anything that can help me breathe right now is a good thing.

and keep doing it!

crossposting all over the place. oh well. glad you changed the lightbulb successfully, and I hope your shower helps.

breathing easier

The shower helped my breathing - it still feels a little weird to take a full breath, but I can do it now. I briefly considered sleeping in the tub tonight, but my new mattress is more comfortable. :P

shower is running, and...

...I just tried my asthma inhaler and that helped. I think my bronchitis (whatever else I have, my bronchia is definitely inflamed) is triggering my asthma.

scarlett CI 5:25 pm

Once again I bit off more than I could chew. I am really learning how unreasonable my expectations of myself are. Not a bad day, overall - slowly getting back into the swing.

Already done:
Eat breakfast
Take pills
Two meetings
Update to do list
Process emails (10 min)
check flex acct (this was a BIG frog)
request duplicate receipt
file photos
find photos for report
update $$ on each tab in spreadsheet

rolloff pickup times
review weight tix
fill out survey
slate – what happened?
process emails (15 min)
Wilson – windows? Call K.
update start/finish grid
Frog (do I need to do this or can I let it slide?)

8 pm meeting or 7:30 pm yoga
make/eat dinner
refill pill box
feed cats/scoop pan


You're not the only one. I am constantly finding that I can't really accomplish as much as I think I should in any given length of time.

If it seems like I should always be able to do more in the future than what I've actually been able to do in the past, then "now" must be the point at which time compresses from "future time" into "past time" and... oh I give up. Maybe we should just set more reasonable expectations than rationalize with metaphysical explanations. ;)


Your metaphysical musings crack me up. :D

I am a slow learner on this stuff, but I think it's finally sinking in.

same here

I've reached the same conclusion about myself. My expectations about what I can accomplish in a given time period are unreasonable. I pile too much on myself, don't give myself proper breaks, and never feel good about how much I accomplished. No matter how much I do, I feel like it should have been more. I'm always beating myself up - or that has been my pattern. I'm starting to not do this anymore.

bookending is really helping.

I look at what I wanted to do, and what I got done, and think about how steadily I worked, and then I just shrug and say, "Oh well!"

This is radical.

it really helps me, too

In fact, it helps me more than anything else I've ever tried. It works best when others are here, too, but it even helps when no one else is here (as is often the case on weekends. Bookending is such a simple tool, yet so effective!

Congratulations on a productive day!