Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Vali & Loi's Goal List

Vali's Monthly goal: Make a life list.

Vali's Daily Goals:

1. Prayers

2. Morning recitals

3. Do 1 lecture/assignment every weekday and 2 over the weekends

Loi's Month Goal: Make a life list.

 Loi's Daily Goals:

1. Exercise

2. Prayers

3. Not snack

I prayed

I prayed yesterday.

Yesterday was kinda tough.

Here's the tasks for tomorrow: 

1. Pray a lot

2. Eat only when hungry

3. Not think of my welfare

18 January 2010

Finished the stuff from yesterday except for reading that book. :/

So here are my tasks for tomorrow:

1. Call sis and ask for cross-streets of gym

2. Pray

3. Read the book: Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

Hopefully, I'll post tomorrow about this. 

17 January 2010

These are the 3 things I want to do before the end of today: 

1. Ask Marisa about gym

2. Read book: Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

3. Pray a ton 

Hopefully, I'll post tomorrow about how well I did on these things. 

Things to Do Today: 1. Drink

Things to Do Today:

1. Drink tons of water

2. Pray

3. Wii tennis 

I'll post tomorrow with follow-up.

I ate decently today, have

I ate decently today, have prayed.

So I'm going to my dad's tomorrow.  

I wanna keep posting but there will be no internet at my dad's so most likely posting will be even less frequent. :( I'm staying there for a month.  

Tomorrow's Tasks:

1. Eat healthy and less. (I want to fast starting Tuesday. I'll tell my dad tomorrow but I'm worried about his response. :S) 

2. Wash hair

3. Exercise  

Agh, forgot to make a list

Agh, forgot to make a list of stuff to do so weirdness again. >.O

Did well on the last 3 tasks I said I would do.


Walked :D

Ate healthy


1. Edit and give my resume to some places

2. Eat healthy

3. Exercise. 

20th December

Morning recitals - done.

Prayers - 3/5.
Walked almost a kilometer.


Yesterday, I did 3/5 prayers, & did my morning recitals. But I missed out on my lectures; I had plenty of time, but I was in a bad mood and therefore I spent all the time from 7pm till 1:15 am playing online games and reading comics online.(This is for tracking)

Props on the recitals. Why

Props on the recitals.

:( Why the bad mood?  

about the 18th

I spent it at my sister's and before that I was running errands for my Mom, Dad and aunt. :)

That's sweet of you.

:) That's sweet of you.

18 December


Ate pretty well. Ate a salad for lunch with some chips. T_T Not too many chips though and skipped the cake at the party. :D



Haven't posted recently :( 

No exercise :(

Had a dull time at the party. I don't really enjoy hanging out with my family. I mainly do it for my mom's sake.  

Didn't make a short to-do list so right now I have this weird "ugh, what have I forgotten to do" feeling 


1. Ask mom if I can visit my dad

2. Eat healthy

3. Call my dad confirming visit (if mom says yes).  

Keep going, you're doing okay.

Congrats on eating the salad.

And making to-do lists. I'll put that on my to-do list for the new year.

Nice of you to stick with your Mom, even if you forced yourself.


I usually post negatives of what i missed out of my 3 things to be tracked. Any other positives that i do are put up. :)

17th September


Prayers - 4/5. Used chatbox again to track last prayer.

Cleaned a small part of the room. Baby steps. Thanks, Lucky.



Morning recitals - did 'em at 11 pm!

Reading. :(


Congrats on doing your

Congrats on doing your morning recitals. :) Late is better than never.

:( Oh no, why no reading?

I was thinking. Baby steps seemed to work for you. Maybe you could read a smaller part rather than a larger part. Like a paragraph? :o Who knows? If you get started, you might just want to finish.

I used to finish a book a day by dividing the number of pages by the hours I wanted to finish it in. So if it was 200 pages, I'd read 20 pages an hour and have it it finished in 10 hours. :D 

16th Dec


Morning recitals - done


Big bummer:

Didn't do my night-time prayers even though I had plenty of time. A double shame because it was the night of Aashura, a big night for Muslims, and we have special prayers to do. Forget those, I didn't even do the regular prayers, even though I was wide awake and even unable to sleep till 12:30 am.

Also missed:

Reading. It's like I shouldn't even bother writing it now. It's a given. Though I read on the 15th, when iwas using the chatbox.

Oh hon! Until I read this

Oh hon! Until I read this thread just now I never THOUGHT about how hard it must be for Muslim procrastinators. I have enough trouble managing ONE prayer time a day, never mind five!

I'm sure your HP is proud of you for keeping on trying, and understands how hard it is for you, and that when you don't manage it it's not because you don't care. :smile:

Thanks, Lucky.

You're a very sweet person.

I got the Bible and got a

I got the Bible and got a good 8 mile walk while doing it. 


Haven't called my dad. :/

Eaten kinda good though I ate a choco taco. T_T For breakfast of all meals.

I thought I was only gonna eat the chocolate but I realized my mom would be mad if I only ate part of the food.

I ate bran with it too, which is good but a horrible combo! I've got gas and my stomach hurt afterwards. :(

Now I'm going to a chinese restaurant to eat some veggies which is kickass.

I drank 3 coffee samples at the Sprouts but I've gotta stop doing that. :( The samples are for people who actually might buy coffee, not for kids who are too cheap to buy a starbucks. T_T 

Congrats on the 8 mile walk.

And also on the free bible.

And don't be so hard on yourself for drinking those free samples. I mean, they're free, right? Anybody can have 'em. And I wouldn't pay for a coffee from Starbucks. Too expensive for me. I'd rather make a whole batch of coffee at home with the same money. I'm not cheap, I'm frugal. :)

And I'll go overboard and suggest this site to you:

Have fun!

As it turns out, listing the

As it turns out, listing the stuff I want to do on a day is a big help. :D I did way better on that day than on the others.

My eating habits still suck. T_T I eat less than I used to but mainly junk. I still eat stuff with dairy and sometimes (though less so) stuff that doesn't have whole grains. T_T

Still, the main problem is more me eating dairy. :( I don't know why I do that. I have perfectly good soup in the house.

Today was pretty much a waste of a day. T_T My throat hurt tremendously yesterday so I just gave up on eating and drinking till it felt better (which didn't happen till about 9 tonight). Really, it was a waste. I just hung out at the bookstore today and read a mediocre true crime book. About half-way through I realized I wasn't enjoying the book as much as trying to take my mind off the pain. So I read some awesome Christian books.

Though I started feeling super weak. :( Which I think was more dehydration than hunger. 

Then I came home and ate mashed potatoes and some pastry square for dinner. T_T

I'm hoping this was just because I was hungry and not due to some actual weakness. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. 

Here's the stuff I want to do tomorrow:

1. Get a free Bible from the church. 

2. Call Dad.

3. Actually eat healthy. 

15th Dec


Morning recitals - done

Prayers - 4/5. Used the chatbox for tracking the last prayer.

Walked(just a little bit)



Reading those notes(sigh).

Hey, it looks like you did

:D Hey, it looks like you did more prayers. Congrats.

Used a chatbox? o.O 

Btw, why does it say 4/5 rather than 4/4 today? 

The chatbox at PA.

And that's because there are 5 prayers/day. I would post at 9 - 9:30 pm so I'd write 3/4, because I thought I'd do the last one before I'd sleep. But I normally missed out on it.



Played an educational game I'd been meaning to play for sometime.


Hey Loi, check out and play the game there. It's free. And have some patience, coz people kick you out of their games or quit themselves :P


Yeh, I got kicked out last

Yeh, I got kicked out last time. :/ 

I'll have to try again sometime. 


maybe we'll play sometime, just the two of us....

14th Dec


Morning recitals - done

Prayers - 3/4



Reading from MIT. Although I read a lot of unrelated but interesting stuff on the Net.

Morning Prayer.

Prayer - final count

Final prayer count for the day  - 3/5. Sat on the PC and read articles of interest and saw two episodes of an animated series online. Then went to sleep. My bro reminded me several times to do my nigh-time prayer, but I told the poor dear to leave me alone and mind his own business.


Aw... why didn't you do it?

:( Aw... why didn't you do it? Do you guys have a kinda antagonistic relationship?

Stuff I Want To Do Today: 1.

Stuff I Want To Do Today:

1. Finish Catcher in the Rye.

2. Workout- Aerobics

3. Workout- Calisthenics 

4. Return library books 

I made this list of stuff I want to do last night and chose 4 to make a priority today. So I'll try to get some more stuff done on the list after I do that stuff. I'll try to post later tonight about what I actually did. 

13th Dec


Morning recitals - done.

Prayers - 3/4.

Walked a little less than a kilometre.

12th Dec


3/4 namaaz

Atejunk food. But I walked a bit.


Missed my morning recitals

Reading and lectures


Did my last namaaz

That's 4/5 on namaaz.

11th Dec


Morning recitals - done

Prayers - 2/4. Plan on doing the last one now. Also, i got a push from my brother on making up for a prayer I missed - the one before sunrise.



I didn't read or listen to any lectures.

I missed my afternoon prayers. Cause: I knew I had to leave and thus better do my prayers early, but I kept post-poning till it was time to leave.


Good luck to all. :)


Didn't do the last prayer that I intended to.

Summary of past 3-4 days


Morning recitals - done

Prayers - Mostly 3 times a day. 4 times on the 9th and 10th.

Been walking at least a km. I miss out on some days.



All this week and before too: Reading and lectures. I don't feel motivated. "Action provides motivation." But I didn't take the action.

 Also didn't feel like posting on PA. I've been online twice since morning and PA is my homepage. But I still skipped posting. Why? I knew I could. I just didn't wanna do it then. I wanted to do it later. Why?


Positives: Drank 2 cups of

Positives: Drank 2 cups of water today 

Missed: Eaten super unhealthy today :(

 I still have to drink some more water and get exercise.

I haven't implemented my life list. :/

I might post later. 

2nd Dec


Morning recitals - done

Prayers - 3/4

Walked for 30+ mins continuously.



Reading a page. Cause: Working late. Came home late. Can't stay up too late. 

Yay on doing more prayers.

Yay on doing more prayers. ^_^

 I was wondering. I remember you said you were slacking off a work. Why are you doing that?

Yesterday I did good on

Yesterday I did good on everything except I only drank 4 glasses of water. I was out almost all day so I got a headache. ): 

I woke up at 7:30 totally awake without even trying. ^_^

As for today, I'm gonna try to eat a salad for dinner, drink more water, and clean the house. I'm really hoping the postman will come by early and drop off Adam's package so I can head out and start working out at the gym.

Pats from me!

Good job!


1st Dec


Morning recitals- done

Prayers - 3/4

Walked a km



My night-time prayer.

Read more than a page, and practised a few lines of code...


Yay! Seems like you're

Yay! :)

Seems like you're getting harder working. 

I read somewhere that when a person changes their eating habits, they'll have about 11-12 lapses before they can do it perfectly (or at least, near-perfectly). So maybe that applies to any change. ^_^

Thanks, Loi.

I can count on you to cheer me up. :)

Yeah, that explains some things...Logical too - refining process; iterations - failure and success. I'll remember that.

I've got this book today: I'm OK - You're OK by Thomas A. Harris, M.D.

Will tell you how it is...I'd attended a training session where this technique was discussed and it was useful.

How are you?



Exercised and applied for a

Exercised and applied for a credit card. ^_^  

On the bad side, I overslept and accidentally ditched my friend. T_T Nothing against him, but I'm just not in a social mood today. He's called a few times and I haven't answered, which I feel bad about, but it'll be embarrassing to explain to him. :blush:

I haven't eaten any not-whole grains. :grin: And I've drank 3 cups of water, so I'll work on that.

Actually, today's been pretty lame. ): I've felt sorta depressed for most of it.

For the rest of the day, I'm just gonna focus on finishing this book my friend leant to me and getting some prayer in. 

Go on Loi...

You're doing better. Not eating any "non-whole grains" is a step up from before. Keep stepping. Give yourself time.


 Get a bottle of water and keep it with yourselfas much as possible. Drink often.


Pat on the back from me for the step-up.

Nov 30th


Morning recitals - done

Prayers - 3/4