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tiptree weekend project

k, I haven't been checking much if at all, lately, so there's a lot on my plate that I'd like to wipe clean. By Monday, I will have gotten the following done:

1) multi dcm working in pub

2) import bug fixed and testable

3) house clean(ish) - office, kitchen, bedroom, and living room all up to a reasonable standard

4) practiced for 2 hrs - 1 hr for piano/1 hr for guitar

5) worked at least 2-3 hrs on wl pub issue

6) meditated

7) read 150 pp ( 90 pp in book I want to finish + 60 additional pages of probably work-related material

8) had at least 1 4 hr chunk of quality family time

9) exercised 45 minutes each day

10) fixed issue with mod. configuration

ok, just those 10 things would be great; anything beyond that would be gravy... maybe I'll go see a movie once they're all done.