Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Vali & Loi's Goal List

Vali's Monthly goal: Make a life list.

Vali's Daily Goals:

1. Prayers

2. Morning recitals

3. Do 1 lecture/assignment every weekday and 2 over the weekends

Loi's Month Goal: Make a life list.

 Loi's Daily Goals:

1. Exercise

2. Prayers

3. Not snack



Night-time prayer.



More prayers than yesterday.

More prayers than yesterday. ^_^ 

Nov 29th


* Morning recitals - done.

* Prayers - 2/4.

* Walked almost a mile today. (I've got a paunch I gotta lose. A paunch on a thin guy doesn't look good.)


Read more than a page

So, that's another positive. :)


Congrats! :-)


The night-time prayer. Cause: TV & then sitting on the PC, surfing, listening to some music, reading.

Summary of these past days

I feel stupid posting this...

Didn't do my night-time prayers all of this week, nor ever before, except those 3-4 days...

Morning recitals are good...

Haven't read, done assignments or lectures...

Been reading some other books while travelling, like i always do...

The recitals take 5 mins & I procrastinate on those too...Though i do them regularly on weekdays, when i'm going to work.

I guess I procrastinate the most when I'm at home. I'm also lagging at work. It's spreading to that area of my life too. I don't put off work(because i can't!) but i am very slow in doing it....Wasting time by the mins; doing in a min what should be done in 20 secs....

Some things that we do to ourselves are bad for us, viz. being too hard on ourselves and beingsoft on ourselves...Sometimes, I wish there was someone who'd kick me into doing my work properly...

(Sigh) Wisdom and will... that's what I can't find, or haven't taken, from the books I read...When I talk, people say I should be a philosopher...Words, without action...

Wish that someone I don't know would come out and say "I'm taking charge of you, now! You do what I say, when I say and you do it damn right!" Right now I think I might appreciate that...I know it'll be superficial, that I should have my own will. But at least it'll be a start, and maybe I'll develop what I think are good habits...(Sigh)

At least you're doing your

At least you're doing your recitals. Smile

It seemed like you were doing pretty well for a while. What changed? 

I wish it was easier to find a medium between the two (being too hard or soft on ourselves). I just switch between the 2 extremes. T_T I find that I start being too soft on myself when I don't see the purpose of a given task or goal. Not sure if that's what's happening with you.

How'd you not get wisdom? You seem to be of at least above average wise-ness. 

I know the feeling about lacking will. Frown

Kinky.Tongue out XD I think people have that sometimes. Like, I've heard of fitness boot camps.  I'm not sure how you could get that for personal productivity. 

Public Forum Alert!

Hey, this is a public forum, Loi. Embarassed Watch what you post.

I don't know what happened...Just confused I guess...I'll come around. I'm on it....

"Fall down seven times, get up eight."

D: Thanks for the reminder.

D: Thanks for the reminder.

Procrastinated on posting



Ugh, I'm so tired today. ):

Ugh, I'm so tired today. ): I don't get it. I slept 9 hours (which is usually the sweet spot for me) I haven't eaten much and I've eaten decently, bran for breakfast, veggie chorizo for a snack, and a large espresso (with soy milk) for lunch. Haven't eaten anything else. I took an hour walk after eating and spent the morning before lunch cleaning the kitchen. My mood is decent, not sad, but I feel more irritable and unmotivated. I should have loads of energy, but I don't. 

I'd talk to the doctor but my mom's short on cash. :/ 

Doing well on praying.

I'm just sick of feeling sleepy.

You're sleepy coz your body needs energy...

You did great...The espresso for lunch might be the reason you're feeling tired. Have something else for lunch, something more filling... And after you exercise, have a lemonade or something, after 15-20 mins, to refresh yourself...

TC. :)

Thanks Valimd. I think it

Thanks Valimd. :D

I think it might've been a malnutrition thing because I ate some carrots and felt 1000 times better. 

GUH, I'm essentially trapped

GUH, I'm essentially trapped in my house as I have no key to lock up the place with.

Doing well on the habits except haven't exercised. :(

And bored out of my mind. @_@  

Ate like crap, but

Ate like crap, but exercised. 

Prayed earlier. Not sure if

Prayed earlier. Not sure if I'll be able to exercise given how long the celebration is gonna last. T_T Though I'll try.

If I get a chance to use the comp later, I'll post again.

Prayed and exercised quite a

Prayed and exercised quite a bit today. ^^

Did well on all the above and didn't eat any dairy products so feeling pretty energetic. Ate quite a bit of fruits and veggies. :D Though I wanna try and remember to eat only whole grains.

Called the church and they told me I could fill out a card when I go to the service to volunteer which i when I will also donate some stuff too. (GOTTA REMEMBER THAT)

Gotta implement my life list. I'll work on that tomorrow.



Prayed earlier today. Gonna

Prayed earlier today.

Gonna exercise when mom gets home. Gotta get flower from aunt.

Will post tomorrow and tonight if bro gets off. 

Couldn't find Pet Co.

Couldn't find Pet Co. thing.

Fail. T_T

I'm gonna pray now.  

Got back from volunteering.

Got back from volunteering. :D 

Anyways, I'm gonna try to apply to Pet Co. now and will post later with details. 

Tomorrow, I'm gonna call the church and ask where they have the greatest need for volunteers.

I'm glad I came back so early. :D I still have time to pray, which I'll do after I try to apply.

The cleanse is going well. I feel almost no hunger and not really any food cravings. I definitely have more energy and I think my mood has improved. O.o

I think I'm going to break my fast for Thanksgiving and resume afterwards.

On a random note, for some reason I feel super introverted lately, haven't really wanted to talk with anyone.

So, will post later. 

Exercised earlier. Gonna

Exercised earlier. Gonna pray after this Office episode.

Haven't applied to Pet Co. 

Ugh, I slacked off a lot today. I have to volunteer at 5. :/  

So I've exercised. Haven't

So I've exercised. Haven't prayed much. :/ Spent most of today reading The Jesus I Never Knew which is an AWESOME book.

And it's sooo much easier to remember to post now that I have this page as my home page. Thanks Valimd! :D

I'm starting the master cleanse today and it's going well so far. The beverages taste GREAT! I love lemons! 

So some stuff I wanna do before the end of the day: Apply to Pet Co. Brush my teeth. >.O I've forgotten to do that the past few days. Pray. 

Hope I'm not forgetting anything. I'll post tomorrow and maybe later tonight. 

Seeking work buddy group

Hi, Vali, Loi;

Ii live in the US and found this thread. Never been to India but I am a big lover of the Indian culture, and rituals. I have been thinking of conforming a 3-people group for a while. (i tried 2 before, but it is not always reliable, 4 seems too much). the mechanics i used with my previous work-buddy was similar: post short list of goals for next day, and then post result. Provide mutual support along the process.

Question is; Do you know where i can find procrastinators for any such group and do you have any suggestions for the mechanics?


JP Boogle 


Hi JP!

You are welcome to join Loi & me. BTW, "Finally" also asked to be here and I invited her as well. If she comes in, it'll be the 4 of us...Don't worry, 'Something is better than nothing'...We will work it out...And since you have previous experience of a work-buddy group, you'll be an asset to us...

Nov 20

Just came home. Very Sleepy...


Morning recitals- done

Prayers- 4/5. Cause: Was at my aunt's and delayed going for prayers. So, I missed 1. Remedy: Go for prayers as soon as it's time.

Read while travelling.



Today's lecture and assignment, since I was out.



Nov 19th


Morning Recitals-done

Prayes- 5/5 What helped: I woke up early- @6. I went to pray in the evening before I left work. While coming home I came across the mosque and went for it-I had eaten before i left from work, so I wasn't feeling hungry, the way I usually do after coming back.

Brought a few good books from the library on the 18th. Reading while travelling.



Reading a page. Ditto for the 18th, except with 2/5 on prayers.


Did well on all goals today

Did well on all goals today and yesterday. :) 

Except posting on PA.

Except posting on PA. :p

Hey guys, 'supsupsup?  I

Hey guys, 'supsupsup? 

I haven't really prayed much today. :/ I tried to look for a job but kinda failed at that. :/ I did exercise. :D And post on PA thanks to my good bud Valimd. 

(No subject)


16th November


Morning Recitals-done

Prayers - 2/5



Reading a page a day.

The namaaz after coming home.

Valimd's Recap- Last four days

Prayers- Been missing out a lot.

When I'm at work, I miss one coz I'm travelling back home. When I'm back home, I watch TV while eating and surf the net afterwards. I'm sleeping late coz of this, as I would usually be in bed by 10:30.

When I am at home on a holiday or the weekends, I watch TV a bit, but mostly I watch Lie to Me or Castle on the internet, or I surf the web a bit, and I listen to some songs I like(for an hour or so).

Time passes, and there is a time period in which you can pray, Eg: afternoon prayer before 4:15pm, and I usually get about doing it around 10 mins before, and then I think that there's not enough time. At times when i am not doing any of this, I lie down for a while.

Morning recitals- coming along good.

Lecture/Assignment/Reading -  Read 1 page in the past four days; No lectures or assignments. I watch Castle or Lie to Me.



The main problem with my prayers(and also my Learning routine) seems to be my wanting to be entertained and being hooked on Lie to Me(for the moment) .


Stop to consider for a moment what is time limited and what is not - Prayers are, Internet isn't.

Do prayers first.



1 page of reading on weekdays.

1 assignment to be started on Saturday, after I return from my doctor's, i.e. by 12 - 12:30. To be finished by Sunday.Plan it out.

1 lecture to be attended, early Sunday morning.


Note to self: Use the method of breaking down what to do and how to go about it.



Did well on not snacking and

Did well on not snacking and exercised today. :) Not so well on prayers. :/

Today was a good day. I went to the library, finally bough a library card, and checked out some books. I emailed some people about a class in faith healing. :) 

I feel super stressed though. ><' There's so much I want to do and so little time to do it in. I checked out 3 books that I want to read. I might read them after I'm done talking with my friends but I'm so sleepy.

Thanks for reminding me to post Valimd. :D 

Not doing so well on the not

Not doing so well on the not snacking thing. <.> 

Catching up on my prayers now.

No exercise. :/ Was busy with friend and it's too late to leave the house.

I'm adding "post to PA forums" as one of my new daily goals. 

I made my life list. :D Now I just need to start implementing it.

Anyways, I'll be back tomorrow. Ttyl. :)

10th Nov

I'm posting this on the 11th.

I was in a bad mood yesterday, and my body was paining & head was heavy and hurting. 


Morning recitals - done

Prayers- 2/5. I did the 2 at work. The others I missed.

I'm improving on these values: Temperance in eating - Eat not to dullness, and Frugality. Also, Silence - avoid trifling conversation.


Didn't do the lecture/assignment/related reading. Cause above.

THat sucks. :/ yeh, sickness

THat sucks. :/ yeh, sickness makes everything more difficult.

9th November


Morning recitals - done.

Prayers - 3/5 done. Missed the ones before dawn & sunset.

Made some progress at work. I am to formally recieve my own share of work tomorrow, now that I have started out. :)

Read while travelling and looked up a few words.

Read one of many pages that I need to use while learning

Good day.

Thanks, God! :)


I did well on all the habits

I did well on all the habits yesterday. :D

The only thing I muffed on was the life list. :/

I'm trying to make it now but it's a little difficult. I'm starting with listing life areas. I'm not sure how to make a list that's both comprehensive and not too lengthy.

Here's some other stuff I want to do today: (1) Find a document with my SSN on it today. (2) Buy lighter.   

And I'm making a baby

And I'm making a baby sitting ad. :p 

lol at "making a baby"

I know that's not what you meant but the subject line turned out in an interesting manner!  :D

'You become what you think about most of the time.' - Brian Tracy

<.> Yeh, I just noticed

<.> Yeh, I just noticed that.

Feel free to join us journey. :) The more the merrier. 

8th November


Morning recitals - done.

Prayed in the morning, afternoon, evening, and at night.That's 4/5. I missed 1 as I was travelling.

Started some new work.

Read while travelling, and carried a dictionary, so I also checked words I didn't know or have forgotten. :) Practised saying a few words aloud, just 2 or 3, to improve my speech.



Starting on the Life Plan that I promised Loi I'll do yesterday. I was out yesterday and today I fell sick coz of what I ate yesterday. Excuses or reasons? Reasons used as excuses...

Doing today's lect/assignment. Cause: Watched TV while eating and got hooked; argued with mom and thus listened to soft music to stop from bursting out.


 On a positive note, the movie was National treasure (I watched the first 30 mins or so). In that I heard about the Declaration of Independence, and I looked it up and downloaded it. I've read a few lines, and intend to read more later....

Heh, I missed the Life Plan

Heh, I missed the Life Plan too. :p

XD That movie National Treasure is crazy.

It's good you didn't burst out at your mom though. :)

And you can always make up the lecture later.  

I'm gonna make my life list

I'm gonna make my life list today. :D

I'll update tonight.

And exercise and not snack.

And exercise and not snack. :p

What happened about the update?

Did you make any progress?


I am starting to add whatever positive things I did, and I keep track of our daily list.Cool


7th November

Morning recitals- done

Thanks to Loi. :)

Thanks. I'm glad I could

Thanks. :D I'm glad I could help.