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Sunday May 30 2010

Welcome to Sunday people! Sorry about the mistake before was in a rush! :-)

potential energy


Better late than never.  I am checking in and feeling both the benefits and the consequences of my procrastination today.

I have been working on my back porch and it is something I put off forever.  But, as I write this I am enjoying being surrounded by flowers, candles burning and fresh night air,...  I am so happy that buckled down and transformed my storage nightmare porch into something that can be enjoyed by the family and something that I am proud of... it really turned out nice.

On another note, I feel terrible about not submitting my insurance info. to work in time.  Now the boss feels that I took so long that he doesn't want to pay up-eventhough he did say that the reburs. would be retroactive.  While I know that it is a pain for him to have a late request-I am entitled to it.  I am used to being self employed, and prob. will go more in that direction, but I don't like the feeling of being a "bad" employee during the time that I am an employee.  Ah boy, if only I could strike it rich and not have to deal with the whole work hassle. 

Good night!


I just want to mention that the most inspiring thing for me on this site is seeing a bunch of "DONE" or crossouts on people's check ins - keep it up and thanks


Progress not porfection

Do It Now

Vic 5/30

 Show up (done)

My friend talks about finding her "new normal". At first I really liked the phrase, of course, it implys being self sufficient, which has always taken me back to my knees.

For me I need to stick with the AA BB:

A review of Chapter Three of the basic text illustrates how one alcoholic knew what he knew about alcoholism. He had made a beginning improving his life and then found himself drunk again. The potentially fatal error was in the belief that he had acquired sufficient knowledge to maintain sobriety. The flaw was that he failed to enlarge his spiritual life.The idea that what is now known is enough to deal with any new situation is an egotistically attractive but "erroneous false belief in personal omniscience". Wanting life to be a certain way is not always the way reality is.

For me today, reality is:taking the "shoulds" out of my life and redirect from self criticism to thanking my HP and offer myself to be of service to do his will.(And his will is not being some shameful martyr pushover) Read/write/talk listen to material that can enlarge my spiritual life.When I accept this as my reality good things happen. Praying for the willingness to be willing. Thanks for letting me share.


Thanks vic

Thanks vic what you write speaks to me


thanks vic

very encouraging to me today.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

last minute CI

the day is almost over but nevertheless, i thought a ci might help me get done what's on my list (which i made up my mind about VERY late :) )


wu c2

- review  DONE

- su1 [0.75h]

- p1/2 (r+m) [1h] DONE h [0.5h], p2/2 [0.5h]

- su [0.75h]

get m stuff sorted [15m] DONE

- a , t , m

call A (by 8pm) [15m]

text DONE / email R

email S [20m]

tidying (by 8pm) [20m]

prepare b [10m] (3 books to return)

call E DONE

e's sleepy one thing at a time plan for May 30, 2010

I fell off my food plan yesterday and am getting to feel how tired I get when I don't do what works. Sluggish today, and only able to do one little next right thing before I get stuck again.
Accomplished: bed is made. meds are taken. half of last nights dishes are done. breakfast is complete. couch partially cleared off.

for right now I am going to allow myself to feel tired. MIT scan receipt and email it in. tell G about trip. meeting tonight at 7:30. I would like to have dinner complete and the dishes done before I go to the meeting: I am seeing how meetings in the evening set me up for failure when I get home late.

so... if I have to be at the meeting at 7:30 I need to leave by 7:15. If I need to have the dishes done by 7:15 I need to start them by 6:45. If I need to have dinner eaten by 6:45 I need to start dinner by 5:30. Which means i need to plan my food early this afternoon in case I don't have all the ingredients. As a plus for me, I would like to spend a little time outside in what appears to be gorgeous weather. Clearing off the tables of papers would also make me feel good.

so. one task at a time.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal


Hi. Some of us learn the hard way. Thinking how "good I would feel" if I did not pick up never stopped me from picking up. Only remembering how bad I feel after I pick up helped me.

Did not walk yesterday, always feel great after I do, You would think after 30 years I would know better. Only by feeling lazy, tired, sleepy, depressed  today, knowing I will feel worse tommorrow, gets me out the door.

Nothing is wasted, we all have different learning styles. it' ok, to we get another chance to choose to start over.

Your doing great. Hugs, Vic

Scribbler May 29 check-in

I did reasonably well yesterday on a not-very-ambitious to-do list. I've noticed a tendency to embrace non-essential taxks while avoiding important and pressing ones. Anybody else have that? Anyway, today:

  • Get up reasonably early, read paper, drink coffee, water plant
  • Post to check-ins -- BRIEFLY
  • Water grass
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Feed kids
  • Pack to go to waterpark
  • Have fun at waterpark
  • Meet CW for BBQ dinner
  • Plan activities with kids for tomorrow
  • Water grass again
  • Get to bed by 11 p.m.

OK. YThat's all doable. Won't advance income-generating work, but it will be fun. I'd like to add a to-do that says something like maintain a relaxed, happy, kindly tolerant attitude. Maybe that will be an umbrella to-do for today. Hope all are well and getting their stuff done and enjoying it as much as possible. Scribbler


Scribbler-way to go!

WOW-you really know how to plan a to do list!!  Surely the children's most essential tasks were completed today!  Hope you had fun



hey Scribbler,


I know exactly what you're talking about. I figure for me it's got to do something with fear. If something is very important it feels like it's a big thing and I have to be successful in doing it, whatever it is - which then triggers my fear of failure... Much easier to do something less important instead. I'm trying to trick myself by not giving "official" priorities to my tasks while knowing perfectly well what's most important and what isn't. I'm not sure if it really works but at least I feel like it takes some
pressure off me if I don't label something as "very important - MUST do
this" because I feel that if I do that it increases my fear of/
resistance to/ avoidance of that particular task. I also try to "reward" myself with doing easy tasks when I've managed to get something important done. But still, it's a permanent struggle.

Rexroth Check In

Up prayer reflection
Phoned two friends
Lay on bed hopefully getting better

Not much today

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Washed up and cleared up
Spent hours reading through all old psychology CBT notes and learning reflection and praying. Also gave thanks for the distance I have travelled.
Time on phone with DA member and invited to give a chair and spent some time prepring that and it is not due for over a week!

Bed and sleep

Night Folks Rexroth

Stefinle CI

Shower/brush teeth

get dressed

eat yogurt

take vitamins

buy bannanas

put verification form in mail

off to work

take cardboard today

come home

that's all I can handle for now.

run at some point

Journey 9 am

I want to do a lot of stuff today so here's my list:

UPDATE 9:30  two things already marked off woot!

UPDATE 10:00 off to a great start, now to get ready to go to Mall-wart

UPDATE 3 pm - 2 more things checked off, prolly won't go swimming because of thunderstorms but I'll take a walk instead or do a video . . .

UPDATED 7:30 pm 

  • Balance checkbook 
  • Count yesterday's calories
  • Walmart
  • Plant tomatoes
  • Swimming postponed due to rain
  • added one more load of laundry
  • added clean the guest bathroom
  • Kitchen counter
  • Finish junk drawer, at which time it will no longer be a junk drawer!
  • 1 load laundry
  • Dinner
  • Dishes
  • GO TO BED EARLY, shouldn't be a problem if I go swimming I'll be tired!


Well, I didn't get the bathroom done, didn't exercise, and didn't go to bed early! Still a pretty good day but didn't reach the excellence of the last two.  


I have finished my list for the past two days, yay, let's see if I can keep that up once I go back to work on Tuesday :grin:

'Today you have the opportunity to handle those old situations in a completely new way.' -  Michael J. Emery

movingalong checks in: releasing frustration with laughter

Hello all.

Last week, I got very frustrated and stuck.

When I asked for Higher Power guidance, I received laughter. Laughter that helped me to release worries, and then clear my head

I have regained equilibrium, and am making progress again. Very slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

It occurs to me ... that I have some major fear barriers within my thinking, through which I prevent myself from doing what is HP's will.

I shall try laughter with those fear barriers. Why not?

-- movingalong


Just the observation I need to hear: laughter definitely is a powerful healer in my life. And yes, why not!

Success is not final, failure is not fatal

Procrastinated yesterday.

Procrastinated yesterday. Today is therefore a battle.

To do:

Market research

Accounting HW

Research all material for History essay and start.




GSD check in


Read (2)

Think positive 

Eat healthy, don't skip meals







Exercise (45 mins)

Work on writing

Work on other stuff 

 Sleep on time


(oops, duplicate post)

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