Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 24 March 2010

'I like who I'll be tomorrow and
I'll believe in myself
Because I want to believe'

Song lyric from 'Utena' (Japanese animation)

Vic 3/24

  One year 1 week anniversary in PA- a humbling privilage to be here

Last year working on an annual task I found this site. I wrote: March 16, 2009

I am sitting here-FROZEN.I came accross this site.I am in other 12 step programs and no one I tried to talk to really hears me.

They don't undrstand and quite frankly, neither do I.Instead, I feel sick inside, ready to cry, stomach ache, self loathing that is off the charts, waiting and hating myself and FROZEN. Ii NEED TO START PAPERWORK AND I AM POWERLESS- STRANGE AS IT SEEMS, I DID NOT PRAY.I GUESS I FEEL LIKE MY HP WOULD SAY YOU ARE JUST TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PATHETIC.

This year after completing the same annual task, I wrote yesterdayMarch 23, 2010:

Wow. Done, I want to go out and clebrate!!!But first I want to give thanks to this group. This is the only place I could say how busy I was and how drained I became by all day procratinating and doing nothing that I needed to do and have people understand. Thank you. Now I can go back to doing my regular stuff.


Definite improvement from last year. I feel hopeful. My sponsor in other 12 step programs had me say out loud Step 2.


Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity

I would add, "and he wants to". I am starting to believe step 2 for my PA issues.

happy anniversary vic

I am so glad you are part of PA; I really enjoy your shares and this one was particularly encouraging! Thanks for sharing the recovery path.

tiptree 4:50 PM CI

to do in the next 24 hours:

x 1908 implemented
- rest of 1889 implemented
- begin work on 1901 - set up db from backup and compare w/ archived data
- 1691 - read thru code
x meeting
- work 1 hour on 1884
x read 50 pp.
- practice guitar
- get at least 7 hrs of sleep
x file 50 documents
- exercise

Rexroth Check In

It is just gone 6.00pm and this is my first check in.

Out and walked and bath and tidied a bit and done almost nothing else. I'm tired and a bit confused.

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Night Folks

Helen's CI

It's 5pm and I forgot my morning checkin which feels strange. So here it is allbeit belatedly


Project workSmile

Washing up

Evening routine


Journey 11:45

*whew* busy morning!  I had a dentist appointment at 8 am, what a great way to start the day huh?  But it can only get better after that.  Late start due to the dentist and I've been in meetings, on phone calls and IM convos about stuff ever since I got back.   I did make my todo list and schedule and now working on Item #1.

"Bless the present. Trust yourself. Expect the best." --Steve Nobel

Agnus checking in

Seems no matter how seriously I intend to get started earlier, my check-ins - which signal the start of actually working - are all around 11-12 midday, which is a lousy way to work.  Just acknowledging that this is something I'm noticing. Can't commit yet to looking at it any deeper yet.

MITs today -

  • EM subcontract
  • EM report
  • outline next steps on EM
  • read brg stuff
  • pick up J meds (or ask him to if he's up to it today)
  • be on time for 4:30 chiro appt
  • Other stuff:

    • identify one action I can take toward annulment
    • read case study stuff
    • sched J med appts
    • chk receipts for tax deductible items
    • identify ONE action I can take about 2008 late tax return


    I was like that too until I sorted out my morning routine. It was far too complicated and now it is simple. 

    1. Wash

    2. Dress

    3. Eat

    4. Groom (Brush hair, teeth).

    5. Checkin

    I have found it much easier to start early using that simple routine. Having said that I am a morning person, a lark and work best in the AM. It may be you are  an owl and do your best work later.


    Q for Helen

    thanks for the feedback. Can you tell me more about the lark-owl thing?

    Body clock

    We all have a 'body clock' which is is a tiny cluster of nerve cells in the center of your brain.  Your body clock makes your body temperature and blood pressure rise before you usually awaken in the morning. It triggers the release of "get up and go" hormones you need to start the day. Your body clock makes you predictably alert in the daytime, sleepy at night, and hungry when you habitually eat. 

    Different people have different types of body clock 

    One in ten of us is an up-at-dawn, raring-to-go early bird, or lark. (an early morning bird)

    About two in ten are owls, who enjoy staying up long past midnight. The rest of us, those in the middle, whom we call hummingbirds, may be ready for action both early and late. Some hummingbirds are more larkish, and others, more owlish.

    Are you a lark or an owl ?


    Hope-Faith CI 10:30

    Hi My Name is Hope-Faith and I am a Procrastinator. I have spent all of my adult life Procrastinting. Over the past year I have learned to develop routines that keep me from procrastings on my everyday daily activities and things that need to be done to maintain a somewhat oraganized lifestyle. It has been a awesome.

    Today I have realized that while my routines have brought much peace and comfort into my life I have also used them to allow me to Procrastinat. So for today I will only complete rotuine items that are necessary to keep me sane tomorrow.

    When I update tonight I will use this smiley  to post on my routine for items that I did not accomplish. I will forgive myself and not hold it against myself.

    Today I need to get paper work turned in for

    1. 3/11/10 Done
    2. 3/25/10 -Intent Done
    3. 3/25/10 - GR IP
    4. EEO Done
    5. WS Done
    6. 3/26/10 SB and SB Done
    7. 3/29/10 
    8. 4/1/10 80/70

    I need to make appointments for

    1. R/C
    2. Bx2
    3. Fx3
    4. 1x2
    5. 1x1
    6. Cx3


    1. Conservation
    2. Computer Learning

    Planning for tomorrow

    1. Plan 1 and 2 Done
    2. Plan 4
    3. Enter Grs
    4. Instructions
    5. Lock up
    6. Sheets for Mrs. M
    7. Papers for Mrs. W




    cl daily overcoming

    :) 15min rdy
    :) 10min ci
    :) 10min emerg email only / ck mtgs
    30-60ish work connect
    30min quiet time
    10min dailies
    10min work plan
    work hard.
    .cmd file

    60min wko

    the touch of the master's hand:

    "fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

    kromer 9:05 CI

    Today is a nice short day (I'm leaving work at 4 to spend time w/ a's spring break week, so I figure I'll take a bit of a break :) )

    That  means that I need to use my time in lab efficiently.

    MITs are:
    *Track down data, do comparison if I can find data (did my best for this, but still waiting for labmate to look through his drawer for data)
    *Quickly finish up a few tasks from yesterday: NTD reading (will do this soon), looking at biosensor struct., harambee prep
    *Figure out plan for Stra8 expt, list of expts I want to do before May committee mtg (working on this now)
    *Work 2 hrs on gonial proliferation project

    If I have more time I'll:
    *Work on state taxes
    *Go over Avo lect. 1
    *Work on list of conferences.

    huma CI

    Hi everyone! Have a productive day! :)

    Crap night last night. Looking to rebound today.

    • gateway
    • call Mike re site
    • PA invite
    • RF - finalize package
    • clean bedroom
    • call c a
    • find 15 biz w/o sites
    • send AC proposal to Dennis
    • call 3 golf
    • web ads
    • wash dishes
    • phone rebate

    "It is never too late to be who you might have been" - George Eliot

    "Fall seven times. Stand up eight." - Japanese proverb

    Rachel/ProNagger Day at a Glance

    Like the idea of liking who I'll be tomorrow, Lucky. If I am who I want to be today, it only follows that I'll like who I'll be tomorrow.


    Wednesday General Plan:

    Client calls until 8:30


    shower-dress-make up

    prep breakfast

    client calls

    breakfast: make, eat, clean-up after (the clean-up after is the new habit)

    client calls until noon

    write today's BE post

    Work on book: When I get to this point in the day. I will come back here and break down, into small steps what I will do so I don't run into trouble.

    Client emails in the evening

    Dinner at friends house maybe 


    Spin class 

    strike check-in 9.11 am

    Nice starter Lucky, I dig anime.

    Goal for today: send ≥ 1 job application goal reached yay!

    • company work (2h)
    • call company b
    • edit job app. b
    • mail job application b
    • check route to hospital
    • prepare lunch
    • dress/prepare for hospital meeting
    • leave early 11.35 am (be-on-time training)
    • hospital meeting 1 pm



    update 4.41 pm

    • dress/prepare for hospital meeting
    • leave early 11.35 am (be-on-time training) I arrived 20m early, a success for me!
    • hospital meeting 1 pm/
    • 5 min decluttering
    • take a bath
    • company work 2h
    • write to-do

    strike check-out 6.40 pm

    I check out early today. I had a good flow this morning but I became very tired after I took my bath. I need to do that after my work day is over. But all in all, I finished my MIT (send job application b) and that is what counts in the long run. Have a nice evening everyone.

    re: Strike's breakthrough

    Yay!, double yay, thrice yay! Well done you broke through, the next job applications will be much easier now!

    Re: Strike - Being on time

    Very well done for being on time!

    I notice you wrote 'be-on-time training'. You may find the procrastinator's clock useful. It is  free download. 

    The Procrastinator's Clock is set ahead for a random amount of time from 0 to 15 minutes - which means you don't know if and how much it's set ahead, so you treat the possibly later time as if it's actual. 



    Thanks Helen

    Good to know you've got my back :)

    Lucky CI

    I fell off the procrastination wagon yesterday and I'm a bit rattled! Before work:
    Up by 7 :) 
    Check in :) 
    Prayer & visualisation over tasklist 
    Make bed 
    Pack calendar for R 
    Dress smartly :)
    Straighten hair 
    Clear kitchen 
    Got Everything Check: phone, keys, contacts, makeup, wash stuff, book, diary 

    Full makeup :)
    Prayer time :) 
    Read some of book :) 
    Do some of creative writing book 

    Backlog - Part done
    Email - Part done 
    Paper - Part done 
    Tasks  - Part done
    Tidy desk 
    Got Everything Check: phone 

    30m writing 
    Buy dog food :)
    Get some fresh air 
    Contact R re writing :) 

    After work: 
    To E's.- cancelled   

    Email/facebook/lj/forum :)
    Charge phone :) 
    Vitamins :) 
    Clear kitchen 
    Tomorrow's list 
    Wash face/brush teeth - floss - clean contacts properly 
    Email report 
    Check in 
    Bed straight after check in!