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Sunday, March 07, 2010

huma CI

Today I was off visiting family, so I wasn't expecting to get a lot done. However I got even less done than I planned. I'm not going to stress about it. Monday will be a great day.

Falcon CI Sun.

Stuff to do tonight:

  • Eat dinner DONE
  • Get brownies ready DONE
  • Run through music DONE
  • Work project (bleah!) DONE
  • Check in on work project thread DONE
  • Pin pants for tailor - won't get to tailor tomorrow night - o.k. to leave till Tuesday


hope4meandu (1:36PM)

Thank you Jo, this starter is perfect for me today & so funny!!

Last night I had a food slip (1st in over 2 years). Scary. Will go to a meeting today and HP willing every day this week. Now I have the self-hatred, feeling fat, etc., that goes along with it.

Am feeling very lazy today, overwhelmed by the fact that my girl isn't getting better after all of this homepathic treatment. I'm losing hope that she will ever recovera and I fight so hard to believe that she will.

Finances are a real issue, but I keep reminding myself that HP will be here for me/us. It can be hard to believe because he already provided me with a job, so I feel like it's over..he won't help anymore (if that makes any sense?)

I have so much to do and feeling overwhelmed. We are having family and friends at our house at the end of the month, and after 6 months of living here, we still don't have anything on the windows. In preparation of this gathering I have so, so much to do - but not the willingness. Here's my stupid list for today.

I already took my girl for a long, long walk and a backyard relaxing, so that's good!!

I still haven't been able to incorporate going to work and cleaning the house. I guess I feel like I deserve not to have to clean if I'm working. The house is gross after a week of not doing anything.

-OA meeting
-DA meeting
-go through emails
-clean fridge
-food shopping
-do dog care flyer?

Think that's all I'll put on today, so I don't kill myself with a huge list and pray to continue after work tomorrow night.

Sorry so long-winded!! Success and peace to y'all today!!

♥"You don't count how many times you are on the floor, you count how many times you get up." (by Jaime Escalante)♥

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kromer 9:40 CI

Didn't get through a lot of my work from yesterday, so I need to do that today, plus a bit of new stuff:

Scheduled: church 10-12:30ish, OH 7-8:30

*Find + pre-proc relevant datasets, choose sets for comp (found datasets, but didn't pre-proc)
*Reply to student emails
*Get/order books related to long-term goals
*Do post-party cleanup (did about 15-20 min of work on this)
*Finish meiosis slides

*Email PR. email about HPLC, email about phenome sets
*Go through exam

Other tasks
*Do some basic bike maintenance
*Post GSEA data
*Schedule for next week

OK, finishing up transfections + taking care of some emails now, then I'll go to church. After church, I'll finish meiosis slides, do emails, order books and go through exam. 

Update 1:50--back from church, had a healthy lunch, now I'm going to finish meiosis slides and order books. Heading to chatbox now

kromer next morning CO

I did pretty well.

I didn't quite get through my task list...mainly b/c I realized there was another important/urgent task to get done (RA prep), so I did that instead.

It was a bit of a late night, but I was on task and got a lot done. 

Vic 3/7

 Show up (done)

It helps me to remember if Plan A doesn't work look for plan B. Hope my Hp helps me find a plan B today and I have the willingness to go for it. Thanks for the reminder with the starter.. Thanks for being here.

Finally fixed my husband's computer after reading the manual and a bit of help from my HP.!! so happy I did not give up, took over a week, actually when I was ready to give up, it happened.

Story of my life, just day at a time. Now to walk, I guess it is boring going alone, I have some stuff to listen to so will surrender to going with cell phone, mp3 player, HP and go walk.

Lucky CI

Journey, that threadstarter is so cute! And true :)

Check in  Smile
Prayer & visualisation over my tasklist Smile
To E's for prayer meeting Cancelled, did a bit of solo prayer instead
£29 to C Smile
Post DVD/put in bag for posting Smile
Put eBay stuff up for sale - Part done
Dog face wash Smile
Clear table Smile
Hang clothes up Smile
Laundry Smile
Fill bird feeder Smile
Walk dog Smile
To town - try to return hair product (so BRING IT!!) & get purple Smile
Do some of creative writing book Smile
Exercise Smile
Vitamins Smile
Email/facebook/lj/forum Smile
Clear kitchen Smile
Tomorrow's list Smile
Wash face/brush teeth -  floss - clean contacts properly Smile
Email report Smile
Check in Smile
BED straight after check in!Smile

Helen's Check-in

Today is my day off. I am going to a Inner Power workshop. :) It should be fun. They are really good. I went to an inner child one a few months ago. It gave me a lot of insights..


Rexroth Check In

Todo today
Emails and postings
Weigh myself - I won't be any lighter or any heavier if I know how much I weigh
Up and get ready for church
Go to service
See if I can sort out reference for indentity card after service
Some food shopping on way back
Work on hospital letter
Plan week

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check In

Double clicked sorry

Seems to be a day for doing things twice.


oops two thread starters!

Now that's the first time I've had that happen at 3 am lol 

Every time you get up and get back in the race, one more little piece of you starts to fall into place - (from "Stand" by Rascal Flatts)

I deleted so it is sorted! 

I deleted so it is sorted! I am in the UK so it is 8am here.