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Sunday, 3rd January 2010

(Oh boy, I've just found the 'Graphics you can use in Forum Posts' thread...)

better late than never

checking in late .did  finish run yesterday and today.get organized for tomorrow morning back to work.have rent money ready.

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MC Check-in for tonight

Yo fellow Procrastinators!

Mama_Cat in the house! Wink



* Post about PC

* Write rent check

* Make dinner

* Eat dinner

* Spend an hour cleaning including fixing drawer!

* Work on paper for 1 hour

Thanks for listening!


tiptree 5:43 PM CI

stuff I've been putting off:

- dcm anon: all fields taken care of (+ aliases)
- dcm anon: create zip from a case
- dcm anon: integrate with case exporter as a new option
- dcm anon: integrate w/ case creation/publish page
-- checkbox to enable
-- support for importing the dcm files and associating w/ a case
-- 2009 weekly data parsed
-- clean office
-- review doc.
-- email g. and l.
-- fix quiz bug

other stuff:
-- laundry
-- practice guitar
-- finish reading novel
-- read/purge some magazines
-- exercise
-- pay bills
-- review all bugzilla items

tiptree ci

oh well, didn't do any of the above items. Time to reboot for Monday.

Rexroth check in

This is a late check in and I have had a bad day and am tmepted not to check in

Woke late with tum trouble and did not go to church as I had intended. Could not find a file and was very angry, drank a lot of wine with lunch and eventually found file.

Sorted what to do for this week and did not write it down so now I don't know what it is.

I've put the rubbish out!

So now its late and Im tired

Write todo list for week
Write journal
Go to bed and sleep

Regards Rexroth

julesk CI

Hi Guys

Thanks for being here!  It helps to know that I am not alone!



You're welcome, and thank

You're welcome, and thank you for being here too!







troymac's day

Managed to finish task 1 of 7. Hope to finish task 2, 3 and 4 before dinner.

Well done!

Well done!

Vic 1/3

Show up (done)

Don't "feel" like doing anything, like today is the "last day of the holiday" and tommorrow is business as usual.

I have made real lifestyle changes this past year, by showing up every day, I have had many meger productive days but since coming here and getting the consistency of showing up, have not had those "lost days"(esp. after some of the disasters), I have kept the kitchen clean, waking up every day to a clean sink and kitchen,I have kept downstairs reaosonably tidy, I have maintained my walking, I am more involved in CLA and service, and most important, I have stayed clear of the black hole of resentment (lots going on to suck me in), have one son in cyber school, have him situated and he is doing well,  and now ready to put other in, have worked on being reaosnably pleasant every day.

Wow, I need to remember all the positives.

This year my motto for 2010 is "Rolling With the Punches". Also, I believe I need to adjust my schedule and get on the computer in the evening instead of the morning.

If I could get consistent with that next baby step, I will inherently have a more productive day.

Thanks for being here and a Productive New Year to All.

Vic, that's fantastic, well

Vic, that's fantastic, well done!

It does feel good when you remember to list the positives, doesn't it? :)

gratz vic!

That's a lot of progress!

How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Journey 9:30 & update

Good morning!  I have to buy groceries today and it's freezing out there!   I live in the south and I really don't like cold weather, but it is what it is. 

I've been on vacation and sleeping late every day so my #1 goal today is to get to bed VERY EARLY so I can get up and make it to the gym in the morning.  If I stay busy today that will help me fall asleep early right? 

my brief todo list for today:

  • qt (done)
  • pa (done)
  • journaling (done!)
  • grocery list  (done!)
  • buy groceries
  • put away groceries
  • bathe the big stinky dog
  • clean bathroom after dog bath
  • nice bubble bath for myself
  • dinner
  • dishes
  • 1 load laundry
  • balance ckbook  (done!  and paid the rest of  bills for the 1st!)
  • prepare for work/gym tomorrow

UPDATE 11:30 Now, off to the grocery store.  well, I'll eat some brunch and then off to the GS.  If I'm on track I'll probably not check in when I get back, I'll just avoid the computer for the rest of the day.   If I'm having trouble staying on track I will check in.


How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

kromer 9:45 CI

Lots to do today!

Go to church
Go to target
Go to PA mtg
Harambee planning
Financial planning

If time, deal w/ emails, make a schedule for the week, and prepare packages for mailing.

Heading to church now. Right after that I'll go to target and then head home for PA mtg.  

kromer 4:15 CI

Done the 1st 3 things on the list

Now I'm feeling kind of adrift, so I think I'll adjust my plan a bit and make a schedule for the week...that usually makes me feel a little more together. Then I'll do some cleaning and the financial planning. 

kromer 11:10 CO

Had a pretty decent day.

I did the financial planning

Harambee event has been postponed by a few weeks, so I decided I could do planning later.

So I made a schedule for the week and dealt with a bunch of email. Also took some PLANNED breaks :)

See you all tomorrow!

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Lucky CI

On the home straight here! 

Before collecting C:
Up by 6amSmile
Check in Smile
Prayer/bible reading time on  Smile
Prayer & visualisation over my tasklist Smile
Decorate cake Smile
Finish kitchen Smile
Bathroom Smile
Floors (including C's carpet) Smile
Last-minute tidy Smile
Make sure there is no post left in post box! Smile
Make self presentable! Smile

Edit 10:38 am: Waiting for lift to airport. EVERYTHING done that I wanted to do before picking C up. Thank you all - couldn't have done it without you! This is the first time I've been 'home alone' and not felt alone :)

Creative writing - work on Fantasmic post Smile 37m
Buy job lot of screw-fitting light bulbs from corner shop Smile
Replace  blown bulbs Smile
Find gloves and hand warmers Smile
Wash gloves Smile
Email/LJ/facebook/forum Smile
Put financial/paperpile project in Google calendar Smile
Put laundry in drier for C Smile
Pack cycling clothes, Smile gloves, hand warmers, Smile lock, Smile lights, Smile hi-visibility vest Smile (+waterproof?)  - waterproof and gloves are still wet, pack tomorrow
AQ Review Smile 30m, tired!
Tomorrow's list Smile 17m
Wash face/brush teeth Smile 6m
Email report Smile
Check in Smile
BED straight after check in! Smile