Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

I'm a chronic procrastinator with no idea what to do

Hi all, I got a link to this site through one of your members on

I'm ADD and a chronic procrastinator, and I've searched for tips and help a few times before but nothing seems to work. Most of what I get is advice for people with fairly minor procrastination problems that can be fixed by changing a few case needs significant more help than that. I'm very much an escapist-I will do anything to run away if I'm not sure I can handle something. I'm recovering from a gaming addiction I used to run away, but it seems I also need to fix my procrastination problems too before I can get very far.

Bottom line is I would like to know what other people with similar problems think and whats helped you. I use being ADD as an excuse, but fact is my procrastination is out of control and I can't find anything to help. Suggestions?

Hang in there

You've come to the right place.  Just finding other people who have experienced what you are experience will be highly therapeutic.  The folks here know that this is a real problem that requires more than simple advise or cliches.  Nobody here is going to give you the standard bullshit that you should be able to just snap out of it.  Instead, you will have to admit that you have a problem that is out of control and will likely be a permanent aspect of your personality.  Then, you can deal with life's issues "one day at a time" using an arsenal of strategies while always being alert to the risk of a relaps.  I find it best to think of this as similiar to addiction recovery--you can learn to stay sober but will never be "cured."

Best of luck to you.  This is something you can learn to manage!

P.S.  Be careful, as I'm finding this website to be a tempting way to delay working on a dreaded project.

how to avoid using PA as a procrastination spot

 Many of us go through periods of time where we do too much reading on the site, but it often helps. When it gets to be clear you are avoiding things by being here enter the Chatbox. Once there, you are staring at a blank wall of chat, or if  you are lucky, a bunch of other people also working out loud.  I find it is a great motivator, because I am up against my mind there: and I find the willingness to do the next right thing. Check it out!

Welcome picklednoodles!

So glad you're here :)

I use the checkin board every day, and the chatbox when I'm stuck. And I've found microbursting super helpful.

Hope to see you around! 

Hi Noodles (waving)

I'm new here too but I wanted to say hi. I'm still reading through the materials but I think this forum will help me a lot, and I hope you'll give it a chance to help you too. :)

Welcome picklednoodles

I have not posted here very much yet since I am still reading through the posts and learning a lot more about procrastination first.  Although I have not been doing that now for a while, I will get back to that shortly.  I suggest that you also read some of the other people's posts since you will also likely learn a few things as well.

In addition, I have read a few people recommending to use the Daily Check-ins forum (the thread for the next day is already given by clement).  Although I have not yet tried using that feature myself since I am trying a few other things first instead, it seems like a good idea and I will someday soon try it as well.

- John O.

Carpe Diem! (Seize the Day!)

Hey noodles

People here have serious procrastination which causes them to fail out of school lose jobs and relationships. Not everyone has had it that bad (thank god i havent), but we all report a lously quality of life, not being able to do what we know we should be able to do (this is me!)

So, you've found a fellowship of people who share your problem. We share our experiences and trust that they may be useful to others. So your sharing here has already helped this fellowship. I can share that i looked for 25 years for some "answer" that would help me. Never found it. What i found was a day to day slogging it in recovery from my affliction. I'm still a procrastinator, but i take steps each to act as i know i should.

In fact, i came here today to get myself out of a funk and not waste the rest of my night.

I wish you well. We all hang out in the daily thread, eg, tomorrow's is already started: Sunday 14 December 2008. Love to see u there. You can always find the current daily thread on the right pane.

Welcome here--may I call

Welcome here--may I call you Noodles for short?

Posting is a big first step. You've come to the right place! The microburst advice here has also been very helpful to me(and others) at the start. Hope you'll stick around.