Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

I'm a newbie with a school tale (and I'm only 42)

I'm whipped. I was dropped from a biology class today for not making up an absence assignment. Thirteen weeks gone up in smoke. I could give you the details but I'd only end up making some excuse for my being withdrawn.
I have been in community college for two years and have just skated along. The procrastination and organization problems are staring me in the face now. I know what I want but sabatoge myself. I can't blame anyone but myself.

My 17-year-old students procrastinate less than I do (I'm 30+)

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I completed two graduate degrees without ever handing in a paper on time (ok, maybe once).  Now I teach undergraduates and am amazed at how few students ask for extensions, miss deadlines, etc.  Seriously, I'm stunned at how responsible most students are.  Further proof that what most of us on this site have is something outside the norm.

Bottom line--age is meaningless in this addiction.      

38 and tired of skating

School wasn't what brought me here, but it's the same problem -- I've skated by and done "enough" for long enough that I'm tired of it. I want to do well and be proud of my excellence... but years of procrastination and other problems have helped me forget how to do it.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Sometimes it's hard to fight the good fight and still be supportive of ourselves, but it can be done. Hang in there...


I am 48 and noticed this

I am 48 and noticed this starting to get to me five years ago. Do you think it might be our age? I have always had these tendencies but it is getting harder and harder and I feel more overwhelemed by things these days. I just found this site looking for a support forum while I get these changes made.
Lets hang in there together and offer each other encouragment.

Its definitely not our age..That's an excuse.

I have decided to do a persuasion speech on procrastination...In researching it I can tell you it is a personality trait that is learned and re-enforced. There's anxiety, perfectionism, fear of success/failure and many other issues involved.

I've actually joined this site not just to help myself, but am interested to see how often people come back here, train themselves, etc..because obviously this problem lends itself to NOT going to a "PA" meeting. I'll post MY progress/lack of it if you post yours..thanks

Well I have this as my

Well I have this as my homepage, every time my browser opens up it reminds me what I'm fighting. I feel that as I'm progressing I make two steps forward. Then one and half back.

I've caught up in all of my classes except for one which I'm completely behind on, with all the usual issues of anxiety as you've mentioned. The hard part about posting here is of course that it requires that we confront all of these components head-on. It's a hard task but the more we do it the easier it will get.

Again and again I must remind myself to maintain realistic images of what I'm capable of doing in the amount of time I have. Instead of planning to do a huge amount of work I must simply start to work! Easier said then done of course...

I have trained myself to

I have trained myself to keep my studio clean because my work is so important to me. My personal life is not so great. Money worries, No boyfriend. Worried about my family. Taxes. So I am guessing my house reflexs that.
Should we start an "OUR progress" thread? I like that idea. Or use this thread? Doing your own check in just feels like talking to your self. Personally, I need other people in my life.

Ding Ding Ding!!

My personal life is not so great.

Money worries, No boyfriend.

Worried about my family.

Personally, I need other people in my life.

These are thoughts that lead to procrastination!! Man I'm glad I came in here...I've bought a day planner and am using it...I'm working on keeping my thoughts simple; Non-procrastinators I respect seem to simplify without thinking about it.

So what's my excuse?

I like my personal life

I'm OK for money (could use more, but I'm frugal!)

I've got a wonderful DSO

No major family issues

I have a few good IRL-friends, and many supportive cyber-friends

So why do I procrastinate? I think these issues may be factors, but are not the full story. I ~have~ had issues with all of these in the past, and procrastination contributed to my problems. I've been consistently addressing procrastination and lateness issues this year, and it's been working so well, I can't believe I didn't do this before. But, I reckon I just wasn't ready before. I had to get to the point where I was so fed up with it that I was really motivated to do something about it, and where I'd sorted out some of the other issues so I wasn't too overwhelmed by it all.

So I would say having the support group has definitely been helpful, but I've had to join more than one group because there's hasn't been enough support here for me (new website/not many members, and I need daily support!).


i just realize that

some of these issues dominate people's lives. Boyfriend's, money, the point that, as I'm learning with the persuasion speech, the measuring up becomes stressful( or more important),leading to dealing or...wanting these things more than what you really need (to concentrate on)...the reply above kind of made me see it through someone else, but another thing I do realize is that all our situations are different..This shit's pretty weird, it's actually quite individualistic.
I get along with this woman at school, so what do I do? Hang out with her instead of finishing a little essay until it's 1pm today. I know the quality isn't as good, but I also know it's my strong subject, so I defeat myself. Thanks!

Procrastination is individualistic

I agree, and I think that's one of the reasons why there are no simple answers. Some of the books address some of the issues, but each of us has our own unique combination of factors. Some of these factors conspire together and are harder to crack than each one on its own would be.

I think that's why I find it useful to come back to the same techniques over and over, because what didn't work a year ago might work now as the situation's changed.


I'm 42 too

Forgot to say I'm 42 too. I don't think it's so much our age, as how long it takes us to get to the point of being fed up of our procrastination. I guess for procrastinators that can take a long time, because we're used to living, possibly uncomfortably, with things not done.


For me, things have just

For me, things have just gotten more difficult as I have gotten older. It is harder to make a living at the same time the cost of living has gone up. I live alone, work alone. Its getting harder to meet men. I use to have freinds come over and hang out while I did tasks but they all have their own lives. I feel very isolated at times.
If I spend time with people I am not ruminating on money, lack of company, work presures. But if I am around people, it means I am not at work or at home.
I am happy when I work but it is difficult to stop those thought processes and get to work.