Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Hello - New Member

Hey Everybody,

I'm so glad to have found this site.  And I have to agree with 100% of everything I have read so far.   Chronic procrastination is not 1) a joke, 2) a choice, or 3) something one can simply talk oneself out of.  As everyone on this site know too well, chronic prastination is serious disorder that lies outside of one's control.    Finally there are people who understand what I'm experiencing!!!!!  I'm so happy to see an addiction paradigm applied to procrastination.   That's what this is.  We are alcoholics without the alcohol, crack addicts without the crack, etc.

About me.  For the last 30+ years, procrastination/low self-control has severely limited my professional, financial, and social accomplishments.  I have had to quit high paying jobs (or face termination) due to procrastination-related performance issues.  I almost sabotaged a masters degree due to a "overdue" paper (that could have been written in a matter of hours).  I have lied, deceived, and evaded to cover up my addiction (and then lied to myself about my behavior).  Like most people on this site, I was able to coast though life on my intelligence (and creative excuse-making).  It's always amazing how we seem to fool ourselves into thinking that everything is fine becuase we were able to "pull it off."  We buy into such lies as "I work best under pressure."  What bull sh*t!.  No, we don't work BEST under pressure, we ONLY work under pressure. 

Imagine what we'll be able to achieve when we recover from this affliction!  I look forward to working with, sharing with, and helping all of you to fullfill our full potential by finally getting this monkey off our backs.


Thanks for telling It like it is....

Welcome, MSS....

I'm relatively new here myself.  You'll find that there are many interesting articles & threads posted here....

Thanks for telling it like it is....

It certainly couldn't hurt for us to get tough with ourselves now & then.  At some point we need to grow up & get serious about the things that are important & that we want to achieve.  It's true you know ... you snooze, you lose!

Meantime ...

Since it's now 12:35 am CST & you probably won't see this til morning ....

Have a great day! :-)


Me three

I am the queen of excuses. One of the reasons I'm here, though, is that many of my friends are tired of my excuses, and I myself am tired of them as well.

Glad to meet you, MSS. I look forward to working with you.

I couldn't have said it any better

You have brought up a good point MSS that I seem to have forgotten about.  I am such a ridiculously good excuse maker, and on top of it, I always make myself feel bad about lying about my problem to cover for missing deadlines (sometimes "conveniently forgetting" etc.).  And it's not like I lie to other people, but I lie to myself as well.  I can totally relate to almost everything you've said!  And you're right, it is absolutely amazing the things we tell ourselves and other people just to cover it up for whatever reason.  I'd like to welcome you whole heartedly to this group because even though I've only been here for a few days, it's already made me feel 10 fold better about myself and my problem, and I'm sure it will do the same for you!

I look forward to contributing to helping you help yourself!


Hello, and welcome!

Sounds like you're ready to make big changes in your life. We're glad to have you here with us. Hope to see you on the check in boards! 

p.s. I am a master of excuses, too!