Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Spam Patrol

Updates on the ongoing war against spammers.

registrations will be moderated

A spammer wasted an hour of my time this morning bombing the forum, so registrations will now be moderated. No one gets in without telling me why they want access - in a convincing way that sounds like a sincere human. In English.

spammer got thru - pls email me when you see spam!!

I just deleted about a dozen posts from a now-banned member named "davinox", who was bombing the forum with links to two crap for-pay sites that I won't repeat here. I've already deleted all his fake posts posing as one of us. The only link to his sites remaining is a scathing review in the book review area by someone who got taken in by him about how terrible his very expensive product is.


I just saw that someone responded to a spam message saying "this is spam". C'mon y'all - if I were in the forum, I'd have seen the original spam.


2. PLEASE SEND ME THE LINK TO THE SPAM - don't just say "there is spam" and make me go hunting.

If you don't know how to send links, then at least send me the username of the spammer and I can look it up that way.

Thanks Pro!

Really appreciate your service w/website.  It sounds like a lot of upkeep re: spammers.


automated spam (what are those thingies called?)

I'm getting a ton of spam from the contact form. It's written in a way that it can't be used for mass mailings - everything comes to me - but it's very annoying for me! I'm going to look into adding one of those "type what you see in the picture" thingies (can't remember what those are called).

It would help in googling if I could remember what those controls are called. Does anyone recall?

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.


I may have inadvertantly admitted some spammers. It's not always easy to tell who is legitimate. If you see any spam on the board, please email me immediately. You can use the contact form at the top of the page, or click on my name and use the form there.


To the spammer from China who is pretending to be from the UK: 

Would you PLEASE stop submitting membership registrations? I will never let you into the forum. We do not want your spam. Go away. You are wasting my time.


spammers knocking but not getting in

We had a lot of nasty spammers trying to get into the site this week. I probably banned half a dozen of them.

I let in several new members, too.

I can't remember now who urged me to start approving memberships - Lark, I think. Good call! We'd be flooded with trash if I hadn't done that. It's tedious to assess new membership requests, but deleting the garbage takes even longer and it's so unpleasant.

to our MANY new members

There were 14 membership applications in the last day - way more than usual. One was clearly a spammer, one was a duplicate (someone registered twice), and one had an invalid email address (so I deleted that one), but the rest look like legitimate membership requests. I sure hope I didn't just let in a 11 spammers, but I don't think so.

I'm wondering if there was a link to the Procrastinators Anonymous Web site somewhere recently. If you joined in the last day or so, how did you hear about us?

link to us from a Russian blog

Generally our Eastern Europeans visitors are here only to post porn spam, but not all! There was an article posted on April 17 on a popular blog in Russia that brought us a lot of traffic - no new members, though.

 People from all over the world can relate to this problem!


MASSIVE spam email on this domain - do not write to postmaster anymore!!

I'm getting hundreds and hundreds of spam email messages a day on my account. Until today I hadn't set up true mailboxes (was using catchall) so you could send email to postmaster and I'd get it. Messages to postmaster will be dumped now, so only send email to pro.

no spamming in this forum

Anybody who posts spam in this forum will be permanently banned, and the spam messages will be deleted.

Furthermore, I will post the email address of anyone who does this, in hopes that they themselves get what they gave. (The best way to get spammed to death is to put your email address on the Web where a spambot can harvest it.)

If anyone sees a spam message on this site that I have missed, please use the Contact form to notify me of it (include a link to the message) so I can take appropriate action.


We just had our first flamer on the site. He's been blocked and banned.

If you get any abusive messages from people on the forum - whether in forum posts or in email - please let me know immediately so I can block and ban them. I have zero tolerance for that here. Send me the person's username and/or email address via the site's Contact form. If the abusive message was in email, please forward that, too. If it's on the forum, please give me a link to the message.

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