Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

to our MANY new members

There were 14 membership applications in the last day - way more than usual. One was clearly a spammer, one was a duplicate (someone registered twice), and one had an invalid email address (so I deleted that one), but the rest look like legitimate membership requests. I sure hope I didn't just let in a 11 spammers, but I don't think so.

I'm wondering if there was a link to the Procrastinators Anonymous Web site somewhere recently. If you joined in the last day or so, how did you hear about us?

hi all new here

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how I heard about "procrastin. anonymous"

I heard about this group by my therapist Jackie who was in this group and she told me I needed to join if it would help me.  She said I had a very big problem of procrastination and thought it would help me a lot.  So that is how I heard of this group and I done what she suggested and I think it will really help me to make myself check in with somone daily, at least deaily. 


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Slate Article

I read Emily's article and bookmarked the site to go back and read the other articles later - on a designated break!

I recognize the quotes from this site that she put in her article!  They were kinda funny, but yeah, she didn't really point out the good work that is done by, and on, this site.  But if it brings you guys in to our community, then it's all good. 

Welcome to the new folks!  We'll work on this together.


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Slate reminded me...

I'd been to this web-site before, read some articles, but never joined. Slate's series of articles on procrastination reminded me about this site, and that reading Slate is one of my favorite ways to start my mornings (read: procrastinate). So, I'm going to make coming here my new morning habit (along with an ex-smoker's forum) and just want to say 'Hi!' to the community and thanks for being here!

-Delicious Wolf

wolf quit smoking

Congratulations on quitting smoking!  I quit 3 years ago and it was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. 


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I just applied a few days ago myself

I am not sure if I am one of the people that are being referred to since I actually applied this past Sunday but I did not get approved until yesterday, i.e., the day that pro started this thread.  As for "how did you hear about us?", I did a Google search for "procrastination support group".  The first link was to  Their home page says that they are not an official 12-step program or group.  They then provided a link to this site for anybody interested in that.  They also said to "tell them that I sent you", so this post is fulfilling that request.  Since I suspect that they have had that link there for a while, I don't think that it would cause a sudden increase in applications to this site.

This past week, I have been reading through some of the threads here to learn more about this procrastination problem and how this site may possibly help me.  I will post more details about myself and start using some of the tools of this site soon.  Also, please rest assured that I am not a spammer so that means that pro let in at most 10 spammers yesterday :-) .

- John O.

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interesting - thanks, John

It's interesting to hear how people find the site. It's very high in the search engine ranking, and is getting lots of links back. I haven't been playing close attention so I didn't realize it.

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Slate article

I'm not sure how the other many new members arrived to this point but I came across a rather interesting article on  Actually, they seem to have a whole section on procrastination.  The specific article I read can be found at: - which does have a link to this very site.  




Great article

It was an interesting read. And it was one of a series of articles on procrastination. Very timely I would say. Smile

Slate article about Procrastinators Anonymous

That's awesome! Thanks for posting the link. I'm sure that's where our mini-flood of new members came from.

 The article mentions that the phone meetings are advertised on the front page but no longer take place. I should update that to mention the online meeting instead.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

article author's PA experience

It's a shame that the author didnt find the site helpful. I must admit that first time i came to this site i figured it was a bunch of procrastinators who came to be cured, but really wasted time chatting w/ each other.

But, obviously, that idea was rapidly dispelled. It's hard to avoid the bookending/check-in activity here. That's the main activity on the site. And the posts are filled with procrastination recovery.

I guess i wish emily had tried bookending for a day. I bet if she did, she would have found the site more helpful.

Pro, what's your take? As a site owner, do you care *what* she said about the site, or are you just grateful for the reference and link? Because, as we can see, it certainly did generate new accounts!

Well, i better go bookend myself or i'll be hypocrite. Reading that article and posting here are really procrastination for me this morning. Oh the Irony!

meeting notice on front page

It wasn't until I read the Slate article that I realized I'd forgotten to update the meeting notice on the front page from the defunct phone meeting to the very-much-active online meeting on Sundays. I did that right after. I think that was one reason for her bad impression.

But this is a very active site, and if she'd read more of the posts she'd have seen how many people here have been helped.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Slate article

Yeah, that's where you got me from too.

I think I clicked on the link from the msn. I've been up and down for years trying to get my life handled and I've come to the point where I'm willing to do anything to sort it out so I'm sure this will help.