Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

registrations will be moderated

A spammer wasted an hour of my time this morning bombing the forum, so registrations will now be moderated. No one gets in without telling me why they want access - in a convincing way that sounds like a sincere human. In English.

Thank you for all you do, pro.

I found switching from the earlier site to the moderated registration a very easy process, no different from other secure registrations on other sites. So grateful for this site and it's members, thank you so much.

want to register? EMAIL ME.

It's not even moderated registrations anymore. Yesterday I had to completely turn off the ability for users to register because modules that stop bots from registering weren't working, and I was getting a spam registration every minute or two. That means it wasn't a bot. Some idiot human was sitting there sending hundreds - over a thousand - registrations by hand. These morons have a lot of time on their hands - more than I have.

Unfortunately, I've already gotten messages saying that people "can't get into the site". I've posted information and announcements in 3 different places on this site, and also on the PA Facebook page. People don't take the time to read. It's very frustrating. But I have to accept it. Those who really want help will read the instructions, send me an email about why they want to join, and I will create an account for them.

Yes, thank you ...

Very much.

thank you for all you do

thank you for all you do pro!!

moderated registration links

I hope the moderated registration links work. If I get messages that they don't, I'll look into it. There was a problem when I first reopened the site. 

I've wasted so much time deleting spam and spam registrations that right now I need to move onto something else.