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MASSIVE spam email on this domain - do not write to postmaster anymore!!

I'm getting hundreds and hundreds of spam email messages a day on my account. Until today I hadn't set up true mailboxes (was using catchall) so you could send email to postmaster and I'd get it. Messages to postmaster will be dumped now, so only send email to pro.

spam nightmare

I don't know what a**hole decided to spoof the domain for sending millions of spam messages, but the bounces are killing me. I've gotten over 1000 of them in just the last day or two, and they're still coming.

I set up mailboxes today which cut it down a little, but in just a couple hours (I just got home) there were another 150 bounces. I just turned on Spam Assassin on the server to stem the flow, and I'll keep cranking it up until it's under control. Hopefully I won't start missing legitimate mail, but this is unbearable.

Reminder: don't use the name "postmaster" to send email to me anymore. That used to work, but now it goes straight into the trash. If you want to write me, only the username pro will get to me.

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Spam -- yikes!

Yikes, pro!  I'm sorry that happened to you!  You do so much good by maintaining this site; it's a shame that spammers would use it to cause you so much hassle.

Phooey on spammers!