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Friday 13 July 2007

Demi's 9:45 CI

Once again, I need to put aside an hour or so for solid thesis time. Time is up at 11:00 p.m.

Goal: 2-3 pages of writing on next section of thesis.


Demi's CI end time 11:00

My goals was: 2-3 pages of writing on next section of thesis.

I did two complete pages on the new section of the chapter I am on and revised a bit of the last one too, so wrote closer to three pages really. Am liking this CI thing! 


tasks for the next 24 hours (4:20 PM EST)

  • emacs RJ re Firefox issue in remote search
  • merge N case views
  • bugzilla item 682
  • item 685
  • confirm that 924 was cleared
  • thumbnails submitted for test
  • Fuji code -- add whitespace trim and email Henry
  • download and use tool for generating IHE TCE cases
  • finish fix for 955
  • fix 923
  • test case counts (786)
  • clean office
  • read 1 ch Ruby book
  • deposit check

Gmarie - can't do the long lists; new plan....

test demographics
draft to Catherine
look Scantron scores for geom. and alg 2 students
call Misty
bring in g. cans
prep materials for FedEx
compose "In A Nutshell"
finish Gains link
modify other links in report section
email finished product to C
CHECK IN at 5:30

8:15 CI for Julie--and SOOOOO Tired

I have been getting up by 8 or 8:15 all week and still can't seem to get to bed before 1:30 or 2 am. It's just not quite enough sleep for me and I'm dragging. Usually I stay up until around 2 or a little later and then sleep until 10 (when i don't have to be at work earlier) but I hate that feeling of the day being half over when I get up. I've gotten so much more accomplished getting up a little earlier, so I won't give up. Tonight I will try setting an alarm for bedtime like Lark suggested.

My list for this morning:

Morning routine
Look up students names/addresses
Email students re: course plans/introduction
Work on course content 15 minutes
Email Michelle re: syllabus for theory course
Plan supplies for bag
Call Jan re registration status
Thank you note for Susan

Decide focus for dissertation article- 15 min
Outline for article 15 minutes
Clean office (15 min.)
Clean spare bedroom downstairs (15 min)
Walk Zoe

Call Mitzi for lunch

Schedule massage

I'll start on all this and check back in at 11:30

I hope everyone has a good, productive day!


Way off track but hanging in there...

My morning went way off track because Zoe, my dog, is sick and I spent half of the morning cleaning up after her. She's not quite housebroken yet and an upset stomach didn't help with that (: I went to the vet over lunch and got her some medicine and she is now shut in my office with me where I can rush her out if need be. spite of the craziness I got a few (very few!) things done.

Morning routine
Looked up student names/addresses-about half-way done
Emailed Michelle
Called Jan about med. supplies
Walked Zoe-numerous times (:

I'm going to try to focus now and get to work again. I will check back in at 4 pm.

Julie's 4:40 CI

Finished looking up students' addresses
Worked on couse content/updated syllabus
Emailed students about fall class

Will check back in at 5:30 and then probably take a break to eat.

Julie's 5:40 CI

Took a short walk with my dog to rest my brain a little and then got through a few more items on the list.
Called Mitzi to have lunch next week
Cleaned office for a few minutes and then got interrupted by doorbel, so will get back to that for a little bit.

Will check back in before I stop to eat dinner.

Julie's 6:30 CI

Picked up my office a little more. Going to take a break and eat dinner. I'm planning to work a little more after that. I'll check back in after dinner.

Probably time to think about going to bed...

I've finished walking with my daughter and thought about picking up my office a little more, but I think I'l just clear off my desk and try to get to bed earlier. I'll check in tomorrow at 8 am.

Hi Julie. I'm kinda tired also.

It does work to have my little battery alarm clock go off at midnight. BUT, I need to turn in before I get a "second wind". I try to set aside a little meditation period in the afternoon, and I fall asleep often if I'm tired. Oh well. I see you have alot of things on your list, and I think it's a good idea to have some small "to do's" like you did. It feels really good the cross them off. Good luck.

Hi Lark

I'll try the alarm tonight and see how it works. Meditating is something I enjoy and always think I'm going to make time for but never do. I probably need to add it to my check in list.

I think you'll find it works

Even if you don't wish to use your regular alarm clock, get a cheapie one and set it just for bedtime or when it's time to begin or FINISH a task or project.

As for meditation, one doesn't have to be a holy or spiritual person to do it, and it works too--if merely for an escape. I've found a local Meeting of Friends (Quakers) who just sit and meditate for their services. They aren't "pushy", yet accept or tolerate me well. The structure (or routine) has become a great plus for me. On our daily PA CI lists, I can only see positive effects from adding a bit of meditation and reflection

Take care.

deep in a hole

I am struggling badly with motivation today. I find myself sleeping more than I should, taking much too long to begin or make progress on my major projects, and reading to escape. I am bottoming out, or so I hope. So, for the first time in about two weeks I am back on my knees here again.

For today (for tonight)
make bed
sweep porch
prioritize projects
plan dinner
check in again

Hi Elisaveth

Elisaveth, hi. I am new here, but am not new to making changes in my life and I know it's hard work. But I also know it is possible. I am throwing you a rope. Grab it and climb out. You can do it!


7:am CI for Lark(and 2:35 pm)

While I have some new things already pre-scheduled for today, my main goal is to finish yesterday's CI list.
To Do:
 (X)morning things
 (X)get price quotes for client
 (X)finish small project A
 wash dishes
 fix kitchen electrical plug
 sort laundry
 put finished papers in file cabinet (more unfinished than finished, so it won't take long!)
 touch up house door
 run vacuum
 clean up car
 (X)help neighbor

There are more things, but this will do for now. It's a start for sure. Thanks everyone.

Rexroth 07.51 BST

Just about better and still very tired so todo today:

post this
prayer reflection meditation
deal with phone messages emails post
wash up and tidy up - place is a mess
walk and exercise
review where i'm at and plan next steps prioritise and in particular:
plan trip abroad (I leave in 6-7 weeks)
phone charity re above
review progress with psychologist
phone landlord re water leak

take it easy

thats it for now

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 15.30 BST

Still in the middle of and getting on well with todos. Charity who I've worked for in the UK does not want to tell their people abroad that I'm coming out and am interested in working there. I should 'just turn up and ask'. Suddenly I'm not at all interested in working with them. Anyway its good to know before I go.


Rexroth 21.30 BST

Well I've done a bit but not much cleaning up and I haven't exercised or gone out for a walk. I do feel a bit unwell but a short walk would have been good. Anyway it's progress not perfection and I've made progress today. In particular I've gone right through my file of notes made regarding my psychological treatment which is helpful but I want to change more and more quickly.

It's early but I'll pray then I'm going to bed to try to sleep.

Night Rexroth