Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Saturday 14 July 2007

Julie's 8 am CI

I tried setting the alarm for bedtime and it seemed to help I layed down just a little after 1 am although I still didn't go to sleep until 1:30 or so. I"ll keep working on it. I"m going to go shower,walk Zoe, and eat breakfast. then I may run around with my daughter for awhile. These are the things I want to work on today:

Work on course content 15 minutes
Look over plan of study re: Kathleen’s email
Thank you note for Susan
Decide focus for dissertation article 15 min
Work on outline for article 15 minutes
Clean office (15 min.)
Clean closet (15 min.)
Clean spare bedroom downstairs (15 min)
Walk Zoe
Wash windows
Mail Zoe’s rabies form to shelter
Twila’s report-15 minutes
Schedule massage
Pick up stuff in garage

Best wishes to everyone on working on their lists today. Have a great Saturday!

Julie's 12:40 CI

I didn't get too much done today but I was gone most of the day between eating out with my kids, shopping a little, and going to church. Without my list and posting here I wouldn't have accomplished anything today. Typically I don't do anything productive on the weekends. Sometimes that's okay, but I've got to get a lot done before I go on my trip in August so I need to be as productive as possible these next couple of weeks. It helps to know that other people are struggling with the same issues and to get encouragement from people that you know understand what you're dealing with. I'm going to get ready for bed and will check in at 8 am.

CI for Lark @ 8:00am(and 12:30am tonight)

I'm suffering from an acute case of demand resistance this morning. I promised someone I'd help them with something, and  I've gotten quite a bad feeling about them every since. I want to hold true to my word, and while I have other things to do today, this is the best time to get it done.

To do:
(X)morning routine
(X)promised tasks
(X)visit hospital
(X)visit friend this evening
(working on it now) make my workplan for next week
(X)check in later here

As always, please direct any spare positive thoughts my way.

Gmarie 8:00 P.M.; wasted time and feel upset and angry

sort through papers and lists
call Dad & Lynda
pull information from CELDT manual
compare Scantron and CST scores for top students
CHECK BACK IN 9:00 OK, it's 8:45 already and I've wasted my time doing NOTHING but looking at clips of old Carol Burnett and Laugh-In shows and Jon Stewart skits. I just want to laugh because I feel so depressed, so hopeless; I'm trying to work my way out of it but I can feel myself going down. Why can't I have more than one day of success at a time? What the hell is wrong with me, anyway? Sorry, major pity-party here. Will check in around ten...


Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and hoping things were going better. I've felt the same frustration with myself before. It's probably doesn't hurt a thing to feel sorry for yourself for awhile. Then get ticked off and get back to work (:

Rexroth 07.46 BST

Todo today

post this
up prayer reflection meditation
check emails, phone messages, post
food shopping
tidy up
plan travels
plan prioritise and think

then rest as it's Saturday
and then ?

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth 12.10 BST

Going well. Thanks be.


Rexroth 17.37 BST

Still going well. It's hot and humid where I live and I'm tired.

Regards Rexroth