Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday 12 July 2007

Good night everyone

Going to get ready for bed. Will check-in at 8 am.

Demi CI #1

Hi all,

This newbie is going to try out the Check In technique...

Starting at 9:45 I will work on my thesis. Time is up at 11:00

Goal: 2 pages of coherent writing


Demi CI result 11:00

Goal: 2 pages of coherent writing

It's 11:00 and my time is up. Results:

Got my pages done. They are not perfect, but they are done. I'll take it!


Hi Demi

Congratulations on meeting your goal! A thesis is such a huge project that it can really be intimidating. I tried to remind myself that I had written a lot of papers and that it was just another paper. Sometimes that helped (: Keep working at it and it will get done.

Thanks Julie!

Julie, I appreciate the words of encouragement! It's good to hear from someone who has been through it. :) I like the CI idea. I will try that again today.


Edge's CI - 5:20PM

X Get A to check router
- Finish H channel changes proposal
- Finish travel policy and send to M
- Update CV and send to I
- Call D and schedule hangout date
- Do dishes
- Prep tomorrow's to-do
- In bed by 12AM

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Never mistake motion for action – Ernest Hemingway

Edge's CI – 8:00PM

** Finish H channel changes proposal
** Finish travel policy and send to M
** Update CV and send to I

X Get A to check router
X Call D and schedule hangout date
X Prep tomorrow's to-do
X Do dishes
X In bed by 12AM

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Never mistake motion for action – Ernest Hemingway

8 am CI for Julie

Yay, I made it up by 8 am today. Okay so I'm tired, but I'm up (:
To complete by 10:30:

Shower/morning routine
Walk Zoe
Call CSTL to schedule appointment
Plan outline of website 15 minutes
Look up student's names/addresses 15 minutes
Write two thank you notes

I"m happy because today didn't start with "doggy clean-up" duty!

10:30 CI for Julie

I made it through my list except for looking up student's names. I will work on that when I get back from Pet Pals and lunch.  I'll check back in then.

Julie's CI at 8:22

I thought I checked in at 5 but maybe I forgot to hit "post". I got a couple more things done on my list. I've got 20 minutes or so before I go walk so I'm going to try to work until then.

I'll keep working on these and check in again at 5 pm.

Completed since lunch: got mail, mailed thank you notes, Wal-mart, returned books to library

To do:
  1. Look up students's names/addresses
  2. Update CH syllabus
X3. Work on week one content for website
X4. Call or email med. supply to see if I am approved to order
  5. Find  paperwork for theory class
X6. Fill out traineeship form 
  7. Outline for article 15 minutes
X8. Clean office 15 minutes
  9. Work on order for trip 15 minutes
 10 wash windows-15 minutes
X11. Find P & T folder 

Long list! I'll work on these and check back in at 4 pm.

8:40am CI for Lark Catch up Day

Hi everyone. I've decided to make today "catch up day", as I've made progress on things lately, but it's often been "good enough", etc. I've verbally committed to some things for today, but have heard nothing from any clients about it. There are a couple of favors to repay, some finishing touches to do, and it's starting to bother me.
To do:
 morning routine
 get price quotes for client
 finish small project A
 finish project B
 fix carpets
 visit hospital
 wash dishes
 fix kitchen electrical plug
 sort laundry
 lunch with brother
 visit friend tonight
 put finished papers in file cabinet (more unfinished than finished, so it won't take long!)
 touch up house door
 run vacuum
 clean up car
 check in here

Big list of small things. Please think positive thoughts for me. Good luck everyone.

Didn't get much crossed off today.

Today didn't turn out as I'd planned this morning. Things came up beyond my control, but several things were accomplished, and they were the most important (Usually it's the other way around.). I need to make a hard copy of my list, and keep it posted tomorrow. I came to the conclusion that I have too much "stuff", and I need to get rid of as much as I can, and organize the rest. Starting on the "get rid of" list tonight should put me to sleep right quickly.


I"ll keep the positive thoughts going for you and I hope you have a good day!

Rexroth 07.32 BST

Todo today

Up prayer reflection meditation
post this
check phone messages emails post
get ready to to out to see psychologist
possibly museum or shops
psychologist appointment
home food shop on way
travel health clinic for jab ...ouch!
home and rest
Then it depends on how well I feel. At the moment I feel better than I have for the last two weeks.

Thanks for being here.

Regards Rexroth


Glad you're feeling better!

Rexroth 21.02 BST

Thank's Julie and I still feel better though very tired and I'm going to bed and to sleep if I can tear myself away from the internet.

I've done everything on my list and the travel clinic was particularly successful as I needed only two jabs and I had them there and then. I had thought I needed a course of three. Also I've got the rest of medical stuff I need so that is sorted. I received the travel insurance in the post today and I've checked it and it's fine too.

So now prayer reflection journal and bed and sleep.

Night folks