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Wednesday July 11, 2007

Julie's check-in 11:30

I'm going to work on my website for 15 minutes and get ready for bed. I'll check in at 8 am tomorrow.

CI at 7:30 pm

I completed my list for this afternoon finally. Before I leave to walk I want to:

1. scan and email registration form
2. work on course website for 15 minutes

Will check in before I go around 8 pm

CI at 8:10

Underestimated how long the scanning and emailing would take. I got that done but didn't get to my website work. Will check back in when I get back from walking and try to get some work done on that.

Edge's CI – 10:40PM

** Get A to check router (postponed till tomorrow)
** Finish H channel changes proposal (tomorrow)
** Call D and schedule hangout date (tomorrow)
** Update CV and send to I
** Do dishes

X Oxy
X Clean room
X Call L and tell her to dust and vacuum
X Dust and vacuum room
X In bed by 12:30AM

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Never mistake motion for action – Ernest Hemingway

Way off schedule ):

My plans for a very productive morning got side tracked but I'm trying not to be discouraged.

Cleaned dog's kennel
Gave dog a bath
Took a bath myself (:
Picked up house
Called bookstore about software

To do before I leave for lunch in a few minutes:
Write check for trip
Bring registration form to fill out while I'm waiting on my daughter

I'll check back after lunch and get to work.

Check in at 1:50

Still haven't accomplished much but will work on getting these things done before I leave for an appointment at 2:45

To do:
Get check ready to mail for trip
Fill out registration form
Email Isaac about check
Load Front page on computer

Christa's CI - 10:00, 1:50, 3:10

This morning it took me a while to get started (3 hours to be exact)  Now, I have decided that I need to get some things done.  I want to get a lot accomplished before I visit my family tomorrow.

To Do:
1.  Clean the kitchen
2.  Clean the living room (put away school stuff and clothes)

I will check in again after lunch.

Well, I have been having a bit of trouble getting my self to do anything.  I took too many breaks before lunch and haven't done anything since lunch.  I got the kitchen cleaned, but I haven't finished the living room.

I am going to work for the next hour.

To do:
1.  Finish straightening up the living room (put away school stuff)
2.  Clean up recyclables
3.  Begin laundry
4.  Clean kitty litter

I will either check in at 3:00 or when the above tasks are completed, whichever comes first.

Yeah! Smile  I am feeling much better after doing the things on the list that I made about an hour ago.  I got everything done in 45 minutes.  I spent the rest of the time reading as a reward.  I even did a few extra things such as wipe down the washer and dryer and sweep the floor in the laundry room.

Now, I am ready to tackle a new list.

1. Hang up clothes on bedroom floor
2.  Hang up clothes in bathroom
3.  Clean off bathroom vanity
4.  Sweep bathroom floor

I will check back in an hour (4:15) or when these tasks are completed, whichever comes first.

CI for Lark @ 9:00am(and 11:00pm)

It's rainy and sticky here this morning, and I'm greatful I completed some outside work yesterday. Despite some interruptions yesterday, I did rather well--sort of like deadlines appearing, rather than having an entire day to do something.
 (X)morning routine
 (X)order supplies
 do another section of project A
 clean out and scrub tree sap (or whatever it is) from car
 (X)spend half an hour of project B
 (X)do something to project C
 tend to carpet (not a great day to do that, but...)
 call client A
 (X)visit hospital
 (X)return call to Dick
 sort clothing (that could take a while)
 check in around lunch

Check in (not quite by 8 but close!)

Had planned to get up at 8 but didn't quite make it. Our new dog has had an accident in her kennel, so I need to deal with that- bad way to start the morning- and then I will post my list.

Hi Julie

Hope you're well. Gee, I'll trade you my clothing sorting for your doggie's mess up! I hope you do well today.


It's a deal! Hope your day goes well too.

Rexroth 08.20 BST

Todo today

I'm not well so shall be staying in bed trying to get better with the laptop on my lap.

post this
prayer reflection meditation
deal with phone messages emails post
prepare stuff for psychologist tomorrow (this take me about 2 hours when I'm well so I don't know how long this will take today)
split task of court preparation into todo bits
read info on claims procedure to remind me on web and from printed info I have.
send card and letter to friend
tidy up a bit
and rest
post from time to time
prayer and reflection
bed and sleep

Regards Rexroth

Hope you feel better soon,

Hope you feel better soon, Rex :-)
Welcome back ;-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Never mistake motion for action – Ernest Hemingway

Rexroth 17.15 BST

Thanks Edge,

I've done OK today and got a fair bit done I've more to do and I feel a bit better now.

Regards Rexroth

Glad to hear you're feeling

Glad to hear you're feeling better, Rex :-) Take good care of yourself and keep ticking off those to-dos ^_^

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Never mistake motion for action – Ernest Hemingway

Rexroth 22.20 BST

Worked well very tired.

Good night Rexroth

Edge's CI – 9:42AM

* Wake up at 7:00AM (turned off alarm by mistake and oveslept)
* Prep lunch (no time)
X Oxy
- FH
X Clean room
- Call L and tell her to dust and vacuume
* Leave by 8:50AM (ha ha, riight :p)
- Get A to check router (during lunch break?)
- Finish H channel changes proposal
- Call D and schedule hangout date
- In bed by 12AM

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Never mistake motion for action – Ernest Hemingway

Good Night!

I'm getting ready for bed and will check in at 8 am.

tasks to complete by the end of the day

  • clean up remote search code and submit for testing
  • merge n case view and submit for testing
  • transparent div hack to deal with browser quirk
  • check in re Fuji integration
  • thumbnails submitted for testing
  • test remote search against full data set
  • case rating - 1 hr of development
  • clear out unused installations
  • drink 5+ glasses of H2O
  • finish reading Machen novel
  • cardio
  • pick up prescription and diapers
  • clean office (file papers)
  • review bugs and pick 5 small ones to clear out ASAP
  • bake banana bread
  • finish Chabrol film
  • clean kitchen and tidy in living room
  • practice guitar -- ligado/scales/arpeggios/Bach
  • read one chapter of programming book