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20th June, Tuesday

OK - Waited to last day to study - so now time-binging. YUK

Need, support, a meeting.

Test is in 11 hrs. Then have one tomorrow also.

Pro's Tuesday bookending (hi tl)

Hi tl,

Don't know if you are still online (or still awake). Your test is in 3 hours now, I think. Your message brings back chilling memories of my own time in school. I always waited until the last moment to write papers, study for tests, etc. It's an awful feeling. Next class, you could try bookending here in advance - try to get yourself to start early.

I just got up. I have a mountain of clean laundry in the middle of the floor that I need to put away, and some dirty dishes that I seriously need to wash (just saw a water bug crawling around in there). Someone is coming to fix my cable TV problems today, so I have to get dressed in a timely manner.

I'm drifting away - how do I stop it?

I picked up my mail - got a couple of packages for stuff I ordered on the internet. My ability to stay on task is fading. I have a slight headache, and I feel like I want some down time (not that I've worked so hard today). I'd take a break, but my breaks usually turn into "no more work for today".

I'm not quite sure what to do at this juncture. Maybe take a headache pill, look at my new purchases, and read a little from my procrastination book.

scheduling according to alertness

One thing that I think will help is if I start doing clean-up tasks and other things that don't require my best mental energy at the end of the day rather than the beginning. If I woke up and the dishes were washed, the apartment was neat, and my work area was organized, I could get right to work. Instead I save dish washing for the morning of the following day, and don't straighten up before bed. I'll try that tonight - do all the clean-up before I turn in.

One of the things I received in the mail is a computer accessory, so I think I'll try that out. I don't think I can work anymore today.

drifting strategy

I had promised to get back to a consulting client today and I know that's not going to happen. I don't have the concentration anymore. So instead of waiting until I'd broken my promise, I wrote to the client and said I'd respond in the morning.

I think I also have to admit that I cannot do the bills right now because I absolutely hate bills and by the end of the day I don't have it in me to do that. So I'll pile them neatly and put those off until morning, too.

Then I'll think about what maybe I can do, or if I would like to stop for today, which really is okay, too, because it's almost 5pm. The problem is that I only did housework today, but I don't have a "wife" so the only one around here who will ever do housework is me and it has to get done sometime.


Pro - good to clean house - but was that your goal for the day? I just ask b/c that's exactly what I do. I avoid big pay-off activities for household chores. But give yourself credit (Endorse yourself) for every single chore! It's an accomplishment!

I hate doing bills too and keeping a check register. maybe it's a form of passive aggressiveness. but anyway - i used to always get worked up, so I only allow 30 min to look at money stuff.

I try implementing GTD w/bills - so I break the whole bill paying/recording into little bitty next steps. Very elementary, but works. I shoot to do one at a time, see how I handled it - if ok then do one more. But have learned to not binge on bill stuff. Makes me a mean person. So to take care of myself (keep sanity) - I break it down.

doing what you hate

"Pro - good to clean house - but was that your goal for the day?"

Well... Not exactly. ::sigh:: I did want to clean up, but I didn't except it to take all day. I had wanted to do my consulting work today, but somehow never got around to that.

I like GTD, too. I have the book (both print and audio versions), and also bought his ebook on adapting Outlook for use with his system (which I do).

pro's check-in (6)

The cable guy finally got here around 3pm, and the cable reception was perfect when we turned on the TV. THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY. It always happens. I swear that last night at 12:30 when I went to bed the audio and video were so noisy I couldn't even watch TV. Then the repair guy comes and it works, making me feel like a jerk. The cable company must have fixed something centrally - or maybe the work in the street that was just completed was disturbing something.

I'm opening mail from the last week, and I'm feeling myself starting to drift. Maybe I'll go out and get today's mail. I haven't been out yet today because I was waiting for the cable guy.

I need to pay some bills and do some filing. Then onto the consulting stuff. If I let it get too late before I start that, it will be bad - it's hard enough for me to do when my mind is fresh - and it's already after 4pm.

TL bookend

Thanks - it was OK.
I'm actually starting hw that's due thurs. And when I finish typing - I'm going to prof office to ask question
Have test tomorrow - starting that in couple hrs.

Glad you ate, did dishes, took meds, put away clothes and other important items. It's nice to enjoy the feeling of small chores done. Seems trivial, but progress begets progress!

great you're getting started, tl!

Hi tl,

Great you're getting started on stuff for later in the week. Keep checking in with it!!

Here's a way you can have your own section of bookending check-ins in the thread for this day. Post your first check-in as a response to the initial post (your post), then post your subsequent check-ins as a response to your first response. Then you'll have all your check-ins together - easier to track your progress.

How did your test go today?


OK - got the bookend protocol
test was OK - i know I could have Aced it if started studying earlier.
but it motivated me - I went to profs office and went over the 4 hw problems due Thurs
syudying now for mngt test (thinking of doing MBA w/environmental engr)

procrastination in studying

I think it's great that you went over to the prof's office - very proactive!

My study habits were so dreadful that I'm afraid to go back to school. I've been thinking about going back to finish my PhD. I remember those awful feelings when I had to cram for tests and papers. I never want to go through that again, and I don't trust myself to study regularly.

pro's check-in (5)

I did this:

- Made and ate lunch (nice healthy lunch).
- Washed all the lunch dishes.

I'm making some tea now, and need to go through the pile on my desk (fairly small pile - I've been keeping up with it).

After that I have to do some consulting work (I have a few clients).

I wish the cable guy would get here already. I'd like to go out and get the mail.

pro's check-in (4)

Here's what I've done:

- Folded and put away clean laundry.
- Put away clean dishes in dish drain.
- Watered plants.
- Refilled salt shakers.
- Took my pills.
- Picked up around the apartment.

Now I need to make some chicken for lunch (before it goes back), clean the microwave bacon thingie (and maybe cook the rest of the bacon before THAT goes bad), go through my mail and the other miscellaneous papers stacked on my desk.

I have some important work to do today, once I get organized here.

pro's check-in (3)

I'm fully dressed. Now I need to do something about the mess in here - particularly the mountain of clean laundry. That's next.

pro's check-in (2)

I'm done with breakfast, and I answered all the work messages. I need to get dressed now and get that pile of clean laundry out of the middle of the floor.

pro's check-in (1)

I washed all the dishes - all except for the microwave bacon cooker thingie. I'll do that after I have breakfast.

I sprayed the water bug with poison then flushed it down the toilet. (Eeewww!!!!)

Next steps:

- Make and eat breakfast.
- Answer work messages.
- Get dressed.
- Put away the giant pile of clean laundry in the middle of the floor.